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  1. I just created a second VIFP account because I thought I did not already have one. I cannot remember any credentials since the original one was made so long ago. Sigh.... Does anyone know of a direct # for them? I tried the general number but there is no specific option.
  2. We spent 3 nights in New Orleans then did a 5 night cruise. Our carry on bags were more than enough. Our small suitcases are a good size and we each took a backpack. Certainly doable. It was the only time we didn't overpack.
  3. If the "powers that be" listened to the science in the first place and not listened to people without any understanding or idea about what needed to be done, (ie drinking bleach, not wearing a mask etc.) so many illnesses and deaths would have been prevented. Senators and higher not following CDC orders are doing it for their own political gain. Do you think covid would have been downplayed if it were not an election year? Nope, not like that. It should not have been about politics it should have been about health. Am I tired of covid? Absolutely!!! But am I doing what has been asked of me to help keep myself safe AND others safe? Absolutely!! This is something which far too many people are not understanding. The "It's all about me" mentality is detrimental to society in many ways, not just covid related. I wear an N95 mask all day everyday at work to protect severely immunocompromised individuals in my life. A 3 layer cloth or disposable mask is much easier to wear. Just wear the darn masks, social distance, get a vaccine and go about daily business. Life is SO much more important than that. The sooner people "suck it up buttercup" the earlier we will gain a semblance of normalcy again.
  4. I understand that to receive the shareholder benefit you need to own 100 shares. Do the shares need to be in once person's name or can the total 100 come from both partners? ie 60 shares/40 shares?
  5. That's all I did. It took a few weeks to process I think.
  6. Just because the case numbers are dropping doesn't mean there is still not a big issue. Dropping from a very, very high number to a number of daily cases that is still very high, is still not good by any means. Bottom line is cruising or not, people need to wear masks until this is contained. I cannot fathom why people feel that doing so is such a huge deal. This is not about "rights" it's about not getting sick/making others sick, and living. I have worn n95 masks all day since last March and will continue to do so without complaint for the health and safety of my fellow humans.
  7. I have noticed that some other cruise lines have policies which state that cruises cancelled due to covid may be cancelled close to sailing date, or rebooked with no issue. I have searched but have been unable to find anything recent about what Carnival's plan is. Considering booking for next spring, but would like to do so with flexibility should travel not be advised for us at that point. Anyone have any knowledge about this?
  8. We typically book with a big box store, but they do not book MSC. Wondering if anyone has found a Canadian Agency that gives some perks? Thanks
  9. Umm, our Canadian government has recommended that Canadians DO NOT travel internationally. Self serving, yes because that is what is helping our country and citizens remain as safe as possible. It is not at all biased toward the cruise industry. Covid requires everyone to do their part. As much as I love to cruise, we are doing what is right. If it is not essential, stay home. Those that choose to travel despite being advised not to, do so at their own peril. That is self-serving.
  10. All of our Caribbean cruises have had the confiscation table just after the bag scanner when you come onboard. Is this a "thing" on European cruises? Do they even check for booze when we return?
  11. Curious about if we are able to bring wine/beer back on board at European ports?
  12. We just booked this cruise for September 2022. Hoping that we will feel comfortable traveling at all, let alone on a cruise ship, by this time. Nice to have something to look forward to.
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