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  1. Yes, we did this last week. Kind of ridiculous that this has to happen.
  2. I just sent a pic of my teaching license and there was no issue at all.
  3. I assume we go through the shop area after getting off the ship, but where do we actually go to get a cab to go to a beach club?
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. I wouldn't mind paying for the solarium if that is indeed an option. Deck 16 sounds promising as well.
  5. Thanks. We just want to be able to walk on sandy bottom to get deep enough for a full dip. Don't mind a little seaweed but don't want to walk on it.
  6. We are considering going here for the day. However,in the photos, it looks like the water in seaweed free areas is very shallow. Are there deeper areas which are good for swimming?
  7. Wondering where I might find a relatively quiet, sunny spot on deck, to spend the days? A good breeze would be even better. Thanks for your input.
  8. No, as in the Aurea Sundeck.
  9. I am wondering if day passes to the Top 18 are available to purchase? I thought I had read somewhere that you were able to do so.
  10. We recently returned from our first cruise on Norwegian and are looking for another one. I have seen that some cruises offer Lattitudes members a 20% discount right now but the ones we are interested in are not included in this. Is there a standard discount, upgrade or perk of some sort for all of the other cruises? Thanks
  11. We have 10 cruises under our belt on various cruise lines, but next week's out of Port Canaveral will be our first on Norwegian. Wondering what we should expect? I know the ship is older/smaller and won't have some of the amenities that the larger ships would. We enjoy comedy shows in the evening so are hoping there will be some available. Are there quiet, windy spots where I can enjoy the sunshine? Am I able to bring water when we board the ship? Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. We could get the ship transfers but are wondering if there may be a more cost effective option? Our flight leaves at 12:20. Thanks for your suggestions.
  13. We have quite a few cruises under our belts and are going to book a last minute cruise on the Sun on October 5. For the first time we are considering a Midship balcony guarantee. We were just about ready to pull the trigger when I got cold feet about being on top of the casino or under the pool deck areas. I am wondering if anyone can speak to how the sound travels into cabins in these areas? We don't mind some sound as we can put in earplugs. When are guarantee cabins assigned? If it was right after booking we could potentially upgrade the cabin afterwards but if not until cruise day, we might be in a bind. Any input would be greatly appreciated. On another note, is there a comedy club/shows on the Sun? If so, how often would they occur? Thanks
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