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  1. We have 10 cruises under our belt on various cruise lines, but next week's out of Port Canaveral will be our first on Norwegian. Wondering what we should expect? I know the ship is older/smaller and won't have some of the amenities that the larger ships would. We enjoy comedy shows in the evening so are hoping there will be some available. Are there quiet, windy spots where I can enjoy the sunshine? Am I able to bring water when we board the ship? Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. We could get the ship transfers but are wondering if there may be a more cost effective option? Our flight leaves at 12:20. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Edit, there are just 2 of us. Either from Airport Hotel or MCO. THanks
  4. We have quite a few cruises under our belts and are going to book a last minute cruise on the Sun on October 5. For the first time we are considering a Midship balcony guarantee. We were just about ready to pull the trigger when I got cold feet about being on top of the casino or under the pool deck areas. I am wondering if anyone can speak to how the sound travels into cabins in these areas? We don't mind some sound as we can put in earplugs. When are guarantee cabins assigned? If it was right after booking we could potentially upgrade the cabin afterwards but if not until cruise day, we might be in a bind. Any input would be greatly appreciated. On another note, is there a comedy club/shows on the Sun? If so, how often would they occur? Thanks
  5. I am just wondering if anyone might have an idea when the reduced deposit might be back? Haven't cruised in a bit so have not been keeping track. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. I believe it's actually a civil servant discount. I am a teacher and received 10% off my last MSC cruise.
  7. It really is ridiculous! I've been looking at cruises for next year and in addition to the crazy pricing differences the Canadian website is just cumbersome.
  8. Honestly, we have been on a number of cruiseline private islands. Each has had a lunch buffet/bbq included. Yes going back to the ship is a possibility but I do not think that is what people are going to want to do. I am very disappointed with this.
  9. Perhaps the one we are looking at is an anomaly. Seaside 14 night departing on Feb. 29. Fantastica Balcony US Site- $3616 converts to $4864 CDN Canadian Site- $6397 That is a huge difference even if paying the foreign currency transaction fee.
  10. I was just looking at the Canadian website for a spring cruise in 2020. It is very awkward and cumbersome. A few issues I have noticed... The dates available for itineraries don't show on the initial results screen after putting in the month. When trying to look at available cabins there is no way to see all available cabins on the deck plan. It showed only 2 cabins then I had to find them on the deck plan. The prices are much higher than on the US site. The one I looked at was roughly 1500CDN without Easy drink package and wifi. If you wanted those things included the price was almost $800 pp more. It would be less expensive to buy a better drink package onboard as we would want to upgrade anyway. We loved our Seaside cruise last year but if MSC would like to get some more of the Canadian market they need to figure out how to create a great website. While many have complained about the US site, the Canadian is far worse. I am thinking that if we book, it will not be on this new site sadly.
  11. Alternately, just hop in an Uber or Lyft. Less expensive than the other options. However if you have time to kill a rental car might be the way to go.
  12. I am not seeing this promotion on the US site as of yet.
  13. It really is a shame that the Aurea drink package benefit has been downgraded so much. This change will probably make us choose another cruise line for our next cruises. It's just too much more to pay for a private sundeck and anytime dining. We have massage covered under our medical plans and the thermal area is not where we want to spend out time while in the sunny south. Too bad as we really enjoyed our Seaside cruise last year.
  14. We are considering booking another MSC cruise but it seems that the drink package which is included is the very limited Easy package. Is this really the case? I have done a search and have read that Aurea receives the premium package while others have stated it is the easy package. The Aurea experience while lovely, seems to be quite downgraded without being able to have a wider variety of drinks included. Having to pay 400ish more to upgrade seems to make the pricing of the Aurea experience no longer worthwhile for us. Just wondering if any recent cruisers can speak to this?
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