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    ABC island reviews

    Awesome, this is very helpful! Thank you, I enjoyed it!

    Beach lounger w/clamshell

    Thanks, that is great! When I tried to book it, I kept being asked for two names. But when I put two then it charged me double! Glad I kept at it & that it finally accepted just a single name!

    Beach lounger w/clamshell

    Wow, seriously?
  4. i have booked a clamshell lounger for one. If my husband wants to join me, how do I add him? Can that be done on the CC day? If so, where would he go to get the wrist band?

    ABC island reviews

    I have looked there but specifically enjoy reading the reviews. I wish they had a section just for “live” and detailed review w/photos post.
  6. I am having a hard time finding ABC island reviews. Are there any out there?

    Adventure of the Seas

    Thanks so much! First time I have heard of this!

    Adventure of the Seas

    Where is the peek a boo bridge?


    Thanks all, this is helpful info! I do not know if my nephew has ever tried it, so getting sushi to go is probably best for them. lol, if my nephew does not care for it, I know my son will happily polish it off in his own.


    My son likes Sushi. Last Cruise I booked the class, so he could enjoy it without the rest of us tolerating a sushi meal. Could he get Sushi from Izumi to go? If so, how is the pricing? Is it per roll/per person? I am just trying to figure out how he can get his sushi fix on his own.

    Best beach to spend the day at?

    That looks yummy! And yes, if you have the menus that would help!

    Extreme zip lining in St.Thomas

    They came up on my TA search & one of the reviews was just a couple weeks old, so back open! 🙂

    Best beach to spend the day at?

    Did you order food, taste & speed of service? I am trying to decide to eat lunch here or Sunset (Maho) Are credit cards accepted and what are the restrooms like? Friar’s Bay restroom condition last May was really surprising and they were not accepting cc at all.
  14. I know our time is limited at Maho Beach but we want to see the planes again. How is the food service at Sunset? Is it pretty quick or Island time? Any other shopping in the area other than the couple shops at Sunset? I do not remember seeing anything else other than the bar/grill.
  15. I know you get a balcony discount with C&A. I am currently emerald. Do they offer a bigger discount for JR Suites and up? Same line of thinking, I know you get more OBC in balcony vs ocean view/interior cabins, but do you get more OBC for Suites? I guess what I am wondering is if you do get more discount/OBC, how close are the prices between a balcony and jr Suite? Anyone have past experiences or knowledge about this way of looking for a cabin? Is it worth my time to start considering OBC/discount between the balcony cabins and suites?