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  1. I read that you are saving your $$$ for San Juan that you have never been to...the forts are very little and my family enjoyed it just as much as the $$$ your that we paid. If you have not researched it, I would check them out! And $1 frozen water bottles were being sold on the street just off of the port. So much cheaper than the cool water that I had bought on board. 😩
  2. I would like to know how you contacted them. I sent an email as their rsvp system was down. I have yet to hear back from them. My cruise is in Jan. Possibly they wait until cruise is closer? I have heard so many positives that I do not want to miss my opportunity.
  3. ABC islands (8 nights) in Jan. Unless I am missing something I am seeing a Nov. cruise but nothing earlier.
  4. I would prefer to go earlier but only dining rsvps open after 7 and my friends could not get early dining as it was full.
  5. Only 4 of us but right now, they only have rsvps for after 7. So if we stuck to traditional times to watch the shows, we would need to eat at late dining, which is 8:8:30? I wish I knew the specific show times but I have not been able to hunt them down for this cruise ship/ports.
  6. Ugh, I was afraid of that...if shows are a priority, should we plan on keeping early dining and just eat at Wind Jammer or Specialty in port days?
  7. I am switching to MTD for Jan. cruise, so we can eat with our friends, who are joining us. What dining times do you recommend to be able to catch the shows?
  8. We popped into the pastry shop to grab a bite but I seem to remember just over an hour at the beach. It was lovely & just enough time to relax without worrying about continuously reapplying sunscreen. I did get in the water & took a walk on the beach, mostly dry for the ride. I have taken his tour twice, enjoyed it each time!
  9. I have no idea! ?????? These are not my photos & I did not add them. This board has had a lot of glitches!
  10. That actually is better for my nephew, who has never cruised!
  11. Do you need to make show rsvps on Adventure or Independence? If so, about when are they available online?
  12. Ovation of the Seas- when we booked, I mentioned obstructed to the agent & they said no obstructed available....hmmmmmm, ok, we booked a guarantee. We gambled and I think it was a positive this time, 7254
  13. Anyone on Ovation to Alaska try Solarium Bistro? I thought with all the glass & beautiful Alaskan scenery, it might make for a beautiful dinner. Any experience or recommendation of one day over another?
  14. Do they have decent water flow that makes them fun for adults? I enjoy slides, so I am curious. Harmony slides were a lot of fun but Liberty’s were not so much.
  15. Happy Anniversary! I would suggest looking on your cruise planner for specialty dining sales, if you would like to use it. Also, there is a coffee card that I enjoy using. 15 specialty coffees (mochas, lattes & ice coffees) for about $36. I have shared my card with my daughter, when she cruised with us, and I have also split my card usage over two cruises. But what I like BEST about Royal is their entertainment, their variety & professionalism is hard to beat! I like that I can be busy, flow rider/slides/pools or as sedentary as I want! 😉
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