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  1. We are booked for late September, can’t wait either as this is our third attempt to cruise this itinerary. Original was meant to be on Grandiosa so hopefully we will still get the ‘new’ ship experience. Everything possible crossed and had both vaccinations!
  2. Can you explain why there may be no benefit?
  3. Asking this as I have a rearranged cruise on the Seashore in September and we are booked into a YC Deluxe as per our original booking. I Have noticed that Seashore has YC Deluxe Grand cabins on Deck 19. They seem to be deeper with a walk-in wardrobe or dressing area. The price difference is around £150 pp and wondering if this is worth it, especially as I have extra OBC. Also interested what the pros and cons of being on Deck 19 are?
  4. Am I therefore correct in assuming that it would be €13 to upgrade from YC package to premium plus once on board?
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I will have to wait until we get onboard. Hoping this will actually happen as this is the third attempt to to sail this Western Mediterranean itinerary, original booking was made 2 years ago!
  6. Due to COVID cancellations I now have shipboard credit for my next cruise, Seashore late September. Can I use this to buy excursions, beverage packages etc before I sail?
  7. AprilF, sorry but he did not tell me the details, just that it was highly unlikely we would visit Naples as scheduled on 6 April. As the main reason for choosing this cruise was to visit Pompeii from Naples that was the deciding factor.
  8. An update on my situation with regards to my 4 April sailing from Marseille. My TA confirmed that the itinerary would change so much that it would be a completely different cruise. Have moved the booking to the 3 October sailing, plus is that the difference is only £230, minus is I had to pay now! This means I am fully paid up months before the normal final payment would be due.
  9. The reason I booked the Grandiosa was because it was to meant call at Naples so we can visit Pompeii. If it does not call there then I will cancel. Does anyone have any news about itinerary alterations?
  10. Italian population has higher proportion of elderly people compared to most other countries so this is reflected in the higher death rate.
  11. Hi all, we are on the Grandiosa in YC early April and I’ve just installed the MSC for Me app. When checking the details have just noticed that the Premium Internet package is included. Is this correct? I thought it was going to be introduced later this year?
  12. Riana, really enjoyed your review, thanks. We are on Grandiosa in April when it visits Naples and are looking forward to it very much. With regards to your dinner package I am tempted but, like you, do not fancy the sushi! Would it be better to just pay to visit Butchers Cut and the Bistro? Where there any offers once you were on board?
  13. Very interesting menus, some items seem to appear frequently but I’m on a 7 day so don’t expect that to happen. i have two questions: 1 can you order extra vegetables? 2 I like to have some cheese then dessert, is this allowed?
  14. Thanks for the replies. As to Brexit(*#*#*) I think roaming will still be allowed. As to T-Mobile I’m on 3 and it has a good selection of countries, 71, that are included so I will be fine in the Western Med.
  15. We are on a 7 day cruise in April, port intensive - Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Messina, Valletta and Barcelona with only one sea day. I have unlimited data roaming on my phone and wondering whether the connection will be good enough whilst in port to use it instead of paying for internet access on the ship. I like to use it as a hotspot for my iPad to check email, download newspaper etc. Advice welcome.
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