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  1. Just spoke with RCCL. I have the Allure booked for 6/13 with a combo of FFC and $$, and was hoping to transfer the booking over to the Adventure for sometime in June, but was told my Allure cruise hasn’t been canceled yet (I guess I thought it had been, or would be shortly). So, until it is, I can’t transfer any FFC to the Adventure and I’m not sure I want to pay full price in dollars for the new cruise, since flights and pre-cruise stay will be higher. So, I guess I’ll wait and see . . . maybe another land vacation is in store this summer, but I really do miss cruising.
  2. Hello - I have a June 13 cruise booked, with final payment due next week. Now that cruises have been canceled through the end of May, and I just saw that Princess has canceled some Caribbean cruises further out, is it possible to lift and shift a June cruise even though Royal Caribbean hasn’t officially canceled them [yet]? Their policy on the website seems to indicate it’s only possible if your booked itinerary has been canceled by the cruise line.
  3. So, the Harmony is now sailing the Western Caribbean this week due to the storm changing its itinerary. Is it feasible it might return to Tampa on Sunday instead of PC, with the 9/1 sailing leaving from there? Just curious, and I know pure speculation at this point — but that would be an easier scenario for us than switching to FLL or Miami (considering we could still fly into MCO on Saturday). [sigh] This hurry up and wait is a little tough on the nerves. I’ve sailed during hurricane season before but never in September - always mid-October and later, and have been incredibly lucky.
  4. So excited to follow this thread this week. We’ll be doing this a week from today!
  5. Great, thank you for the info. Just out of curiosity, has this policy cut down on people wanting to leave these towels on chairs for hours to save them while they are away from the pool?
  6. Hello - in reading some recent posts, it seems RCCL has changed their policy on pool/beach towels since I last sailed with them (or, I’ve just forgotten), so I’m wondering if we should bring along our own just in case. So, did I read correctly these are in your stateroom and you are to take them with you to the pool, and then take back to your stateroom? So they aren’t on deck for you to use and discard when done? And for port days, do you take them off the ship with you to the beach if you don’t have one of your own? And, I’ve read where you are charged for them if you lose th
  7. Hello - just booked Bernard’s Tours to take us to Pinel Island in a couple of weeks during a port day on the Harmony of the Seas. I’ve been there once before while on a land-based vacation 3 years ago. I’ve seen posts from earlier in the summer. Anyone have any more recent experiences there to share? Also, we dock at 7:00, but our Bernard’s meet time is 10:00. I thought for ships that come in that early, his tours start earlier? (I’ve done his Orient-Maho tour before.) Could it be his earlier time slot(s) were filled? I just wondered how long we’d actually have on the island i
  8. I think she does both, but she does have songs that she has purchased through iTunes and has created playlists with those, so she will be good.
  9. Great, thanks so much for all the responses! I’m still learning all the different functions of these aids and will definitely test them out. Of course, I feel I’m too young to need them but it’s always the people around you who disagree, yes? Like my daughter who told me she wasn’t traveling with me anymore unless I got them! 🙄
  10. Hi - a couple of questions; one for my daughter: will she be able to listen to music on her iPhone via air buds while walking the track on board? Does she need to be “online” (WiFi) for this? For some reason, I don’t think so for her downloaded playlists, but I’m also somewhat tech challenged, so I wanted to be sure. Now, for me; I recently had to start wearing hearing aids and they are Bluetooth-enabled so I can adjust the volume, filter background noise, check battery level, etc., through an app on my phone. I’m thinking I will need to be online for this? Also, they serve as my “air buds”
  11. It says it is included in the 3, 4, and 5 night dining plan, so I would think so? We have the Chops+1, so if we do this, I’ll have to see if it makes more sense to cancel and do the 3-night plan.
  12. Has anyone done this on the Harmony? If so, how was it?
  13. Hello - first time on Oasis class ship, with many more choices for lunch when first getting on the ship. We’ve usually just headed to the Windjammer along with the masses, although getting on early helps some. We will have our under-seater-sized carry-on rollers with us. What alternatives would you recommend on the Harmony? Dinner will be at Chops that night.
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