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  1. I wouldn’t book a cruise right now unless it was tied to flight reservation that was also refundable with cruise cancellation by the cruise company.
  2. They can issue everyone chess timers...they can reprogram them to flash a red light every 30 seconds if not tapped. Every time you take a bite you press the button and as long as the red light doesn't come on you don't have to put the mask back on. (there is no way a cruise company is going to sail under these rules...even if only letting fully vaccinated passengers on board requiring masks almost 100% of time aboard ship in public and not letting passengers go shopping or to beach in port...they will have hard time selling that as a luxury getaway)
  3. But the problem is even having been vaccinated you can still get and transmit (I haven't checked the news today...they could have changed their minds on that!), so if you did have it, got tested, you (I assume) would be quarantined on the ship or upon arrival into the us? And, at least for now, have to get tested upon arrival back in the US (at least by plane...not sure about ship). So my point is, even with 100% vaccinated on ship, could still have to quarantine.
  4. not just to pick on you (meaning there are more people saying same thing, but I just picked yours as first one I saw to quote), but for this argument I'm curious what else people that think this way won't do going forward, fly, eat at restaurant, movies, sporting events?? My 2 cents...I'm getting 2nd dose later today, 2 weeks from now, I'm good to go (in my mind)...i really don't care if those I come into contact with have been vaccinated or not. I know I'm not 100% covered, but high enough to take that chance. I'm very interested in others opinions.
  5. Why does cruise ship company need to protect passengers? I will be vaccinated and willing to take small chance my vaccine won’t protect me.
  6. Just received the email for watching the taped version: Recently, we hosted a Captain’s Club webinar all about Alaska. Due to overwhelming demand, we were unable to accommodate all members that wanted to attend. So, we recorded the webinar for you to view now. Just click the video link below and enter your name, email address and Captain’s Club ID. Watch the presentation in its entirety by February 5th and you’ll receive 50 Power Up Points.*I look forward to seeing you on board soon.
  7. Just received email...they are letting everyone watch recorded session and earn 50 points!
  8. Sounds familiar...buy high, sell low, but make it up on volume!!
  9. You will be one of many (thousands? millions?) that are going to have to go thru this. If I was a betting man, I would bet on your trip not happening...at least as you have planned. You might be able to do something similar without the cruise itself (using train or just using rental car and making the whole trip a land based one), or do it at a future time (year later??) Good luck and hope it all works out.
  10. and my point is you might not have been to asia, but you still could be infected by someone that was. it wouldn't keep me home, but I don't have underlying medical issues.
  11. Stamping isn't 100%, and what about the person that sat next to them on the plane that might be a carrier. It doesn't apply to me, but if I had an underlying health issue that made getting infection potentially deadly I wouldn't be traveling right now.
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