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  1. Sounds familiar...buy high, sell low, but make it up on volume!!
  2. You will be one of many (thousands? millions?) that are going to have to go thru this. If I was a betting man, I would bet on your trip not happening...at least as you have planned. You might be able to do something similar without the cruise itself (using train or just using rental car and making the whole trip a land based one), or do it at a future time (year later??) Good luck and hope it all works out.
  3. and my point is you might not have been to asia, but you still could be infected by someone that was. it wouldn't keep me home, but I don't have underlying medical issues.
  4. Stamping isn't 100%, and what about the person that sat next to them on the plane that might be a carrier. It doesn't apply to me, but if I had an underlying health issue that made getting infection potentially deadly I wouldn't be traveling right now.
  5. I wonder which employees have to collect the passengers/crew members stool samples? (from the usa today article) That has to be about the worse job assignment they have?
  6. how is carrying a card any different than just carrying the medallion?
  7. We just completed our first cruise with Princess (elite on Celebrity and MSC)...The priority tendering (or whatever Princess calls it) was the one perk we really missed! We had 2 tender ports (NE/Canada), and the first day was a MESS. Second port we went down early and got right on the first tender(before the madness).
  8. must have been a bad October...we also cruised with them (for the first time) on a NE/Canada cruise in October and we missed 1 port because of high winds.
  9. Just off the Regal and we received 2 free bud lights...delivered just in time for sail away from NYC. Didn't order anything after that...just happened to see that app showed "first drink" free.
  10. yes that was the mall...We went to NYC for Xmas and flew out on Dec 30th...I couldn't believe how warm it was on New Years eve/eve...The walking weather was beautiful. There was also a Nordstrom Rack.
  11. thanks...i did do that...they said no problem...It is Hyatt Place hotel...Last year we stayed at Springhill Suites night before early flight...hotel area seemed fine to me...we walked over to a shopping mall (past Mets stadium)...and lived to tell our story...seemed safe enough...maybe we were just lucky?
  12. We are flying into LGA this Friday for a Saturday cruise departure...We don't get in until midnight, so we found a hotel (there are many) that have free airport shuttle...and then we will just take uber to the ship on Saturday. At least we only will have to pay for 1 ride, vs. 2.
  13. On Celebrity, you can order dinner from the Main Dining Room and have it delivered to your room. If in a suite they can serve it to you course by course...if in any other type room, they just bring it all at once. You can order anything on the MDR menu. Does Princess offer something similar? Thanks for help.
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