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  1. It’s just a computer error caused by the change in final payment date, doesn’t need paying and will vanish off your account eventually, mine did.
  2. My cruise was in June, yesterday I got an email direct from Princess (I book direct) telling me my cruise was cancelled, OP have you not received this email? Presumably your TA has it and should forward it to you.
  3. More likely to be an error knowing Celebrity.
  4. These restrictions won’t last forever, at the moment, Covid 19 is new and there’s no vaccine but they will develop one and people will also start to build up immunity to it like they have with the flu. In time it will become another “type” of flu. At the moment a very large number of people have it all at once, medical services are over stretched and these measures are brought in to stop it spreading too quickly, it’s all very new territory. The article that was linked says "The President's objective is for us to make cruise lines safer, even as we work with the cruise
  5. When does the Norway only one go? If it’s June then you will have a couple of days when you have no sunset, which is really interesting. If you aren’t likely to be able to do this type of cruise again then I would say do the Iceland and Norway one because both are amazing to see. In Iceland do the golden circle tour, the waterfalls and geysers combined with the beautiful Norwegian fjords makes for a great cruise. Bergen has lovely markets old houses and a great view from the funicular. Olden is very pretty and it’s possible to do a gentle hike to see a glacier, you see
  6. I’ve done both, could you tell me the itinerary for each one you are considering? Thanks
  7. Yes I agree but the person said we had “left Europe” which we have not, he/she was clearly confusing the European Union with the land mass.
  8. Princess cruises just cancelled all cruises until May 11th, Viking also cancelled until May as well, I wonder if others will follow.
  9. Oslo and Alesund as well 😢
  10. The UK is part of Europe😳it’s just not a member of the European Union, a very different thing, geographically it’s not changed.
  11. Oslo and Alesun have stopped them as well since this was written. Not much good for a 14 night Norway cruise we are booked on but understandable in the circumstances. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidnikel/2020/03/11/cruise-ship-passengers-banned-from-bergen-as-coronavirus-cases-rise-in-norway/#77687ef348a5
  12. When I booked for my June cruise the deposit was only £50 per person. My final payment date was March 15th and this was them extended to April 14th under the new terms. Today I noticed my planner has in red a notice that I need to pay £200 more deposit TODAY or my booking will be cancelled! Has anyone else had this? I’m not sure if I will be able to go (underlying health issues) and so I don’t want to pay more money as I’m in the UK and my deposit is non refundable.
  13. Maybe you should name them so we can avoid giving them business in the future! How do you know this is the case, hasn’t the ship just docked? How would they even know if a guest is from the regal, unless the hotel was booked via Princess.
  14. I think the point is you are guaranteed a lounger, whereas on Celebrity loungers in the solarium can be like hens teeth. We’ve booked a cabana for our first HAL cruise on 1st Dec because we could only get an inside accessible cabin, so the money we saved paid for a cabana and it will be our “balcony”
  15. I’ve done a few cruises in Europe in November and it’s usually better than it has been this past week or so. I don’t know about the TA itself but for Europe certainly.
  16. Thank you for your kindness, it means so much when people do help. On our last Regal Princess cruise our cabin was forward but we were allocated late seating in the dining room at the aft on deck six, the one that’s really difficult to get to, so we had to take the elevator down to 7 and walk/wheel across the ship to the next elevator and then take another elevator down, it was taking me about 45 minutes to get from the cabin to the dining room because we had to wait so long for those two lifts and in the end I changed to anytime dining that was in one of the dining rooms near th
  17. Yes you can, I just checked for a cruise I have which disembarks on 1st December and I can book a flight until the 12th January.
  18. They are most likely used so the staff can see the available seating.
  19. I use a wheelchair so have no choice, I wish I did as I can wait a long long time for there to be enough room in an elevator. I obviously don’t have any issue with anyone using elevators who can manage stairs, but sometimes when the 8th elevator has just closed it’s doors and I’m still waiting I do wish more would. The most annoying time for me it’s when it’s one deck or floor and the stairs are right there, I just want to run up them!
  20. Since I haven’t booked with them before that’s the whole point of my question. Thanks to you and everyone else for your replies, now I know it’s not something others receive there’s no need to worry.
  21. I’ve booked using EZ air for the first time for my flight in December from Miami to Inverness, the flight is business class with AA from Miami to Heathrow and a code share with BA from Heathrow to Inverness Scotland. I was able to select the seats on AA when I booked and I rang BA and got my seats assigned for free with them. I’m now 36 days from my flight, the flight was ticketed a while back and although I’ve had emails from HAL I’ve had nothing from AA, I can see my booking online on the AA website but haven’t received an email or anything from them, is this normal? I can’t che
  22. Lithum Ion batteries are dry cell, zinc carbon batteries are also dry cell. Not to be rude but to be honest I think you are over complicating things, I personally have never had any cruise line look at a battery on my wheelchair, ever, the people who are interested are airlines who do pay attention to make sure they are safe for flying. I’ve flown many times with my chair and can assure you that Lithum ion is a type of dry cell battery. I need to know exactly what it is for the safety of the aircraft and it has to be stored in hand luggage above us and where the crew and pilot kno
  23. Lithium ion batteries are dry cell. I don’t use a scooter but do use a powered wheelchair with a 10ah Li ion battery, this is also known as a Dry cell.. I’ve never had a problem onboard but if flying the battery must not exceed 300w I’ve never had a problem charging it on a ship either and mine has a UK plug so needs an plug adapter, but will charge in US or European sockets. Hope this helps.
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