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  1. I wasn't speaking about about that and You totally missed my point. But that is okay, I was talking about ALL reward programs currently and in the past of all travel related programs, not just X in the '90's , which i never sailed. But it is ok you keep sailing X for the perks. They are grateful for your loyalty, maybe.
  2. Interesting topic. I have never been brand loyal. I book airfare, hotels, cruises and car rentals solely on price, itinerary, and convenience. I use my AAA and AARP cards to gain discounts with those entities that I have a rewards card with. If they are unequal, I go with the best deal. So many of the perks offered are useless to me, i will take the cash savings over perks every time.
  3. I with agree you. about 41/2 years ago sitting at a beach bar at HHV in Honolulu, a guy bought "Shots" for his friends about a dozen, of Don Julio 1942. That is sippin' tequila and expensive. I asked did the bartender did they just shots of DJ 1942, he said yep. More money than taste that is for sure.
  4. 221 days, just booked my air fare, found a decent deal on AA to FLL
  5. On the Solstice 2015 Vancouver to Hawaii cruise. We had a pre-cruise m&g with people from the roll call. At least 50 people showed up and was a great time. Then almost every evening some of us met at the Martini Bar for drinks before dinner where we formed friendships that still last today. we have cruised together again, some more than others some several times since. Morning Irish coffee on our balcony every morning.
  6. My 1st cruise on CCL in 1983 on the TSS Festivale holds great memories. Although aging now I love the Valor on CCL. But currently I like the Solstice on X. Have sailed Solstice and will sail Refection in November. Not a fan of NCL ships.
  7. I will let the many comments afterwords answer your questions. typical Media response trying to make this into a super pandemic to suit their agenda.
  8. Uh my favorite hooker??? But seriously folk, it's not what I brought, does the ship have enough vodka, gin, bourbon and tequila. and well of course burgers and hot dogs for lunch. Eggs and bacon for breakfast. and for dinner steaks and seafood. I can do my laundry in the sink. Meds I always pack extra.
  9. First few cruise , flew in day of. Not now after nearly missing our ship in Vancouver because of a flight delay in Seattle. Luckily due to bad weather out east, more then 50 passengers were late arriving. They held ship for the late arriving passengers, plus customs was a nightmare. This was on HAL. Princess also delayed departure for the same reason. We can not fly any where to a cruise port without a connection. Unless we want to drive 3 hours to Chicago. UH no Now i only fly 1-2 days ahead, and the day after on the return trip.
  10. If he is wearing underwear , then he is wearing a skirt, NOT a kilt.Ask any Scotsman.!!! lol
  11. We are doing an 11 day in Nov. on the Reflection to the ABC's and Cartegena. Also Grand Cayman which we have been to twice before. May get off in GC for lunch, but then back on the ship because we have done what we want to in GC.
  12. I know I an the odd man out here. But since I wear jeans and t-shirts for work everyday, I like to dress up. Always have. On a cruise I dress for dinner, meaning slacks, long sleeved shirt, a jacket, and maybe a tie; not because those are the requirements, but because I want to. I get times have changed, and people don't care to dress up anymore. However, I Was so disappointed on my last cruise on NCL (1 and only) where people showed up in the MDR wearing t-shirts, basketball shorts, flip flops, and ball caps. To each their own. Did it or will it affect my in long run, hell no. just not my style in MDR dining.
  13. No, sailing regardless. I am to old to be frighten by the hysterics of the masses.
  14. I am not or never have been brand loyal. I choose our cruises based on where I want to go (itinerary), when I want to go (time of year), with a cabin choice I prefer(mid ship balcony), at a price that is acceptable to me. All things that my T/A knows. I have cruised CCL 4 times, RCI once, Princess once, HAL once, NCL one and done, and X once with 1 coming in November, I love the X brand. And once on the defunct Premier. I have never had a bad cruise, some were better than others. Would cruise all but NCL again. I would rather cruise CCL than NCL. For some reason CCL gets a bad rap, always had a great time on CCL.
  15. Well looks I'm good on the premium. Belvedere Vodka Gimlet and Bombay Sapphire Martini. Life is good. Throw in some sippin tequila like Don Julio 1942 then will be like heaven.
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