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  1. This is the offer I just got (or, rather, I'm getting... this is from the USPS Informed Delivery email notice): "Take a Spin on the House" Complimentary Junior. Suite for Two Plus $350 Freeplay (21RCL401) 21RCL401.pdf
  2. I have the Odyssey offers, too. For me, they're offering a junior suite on nine different off-peak sailings. I did just book a comp junior suite upgraded to a grand suite on Symphony of the Seas for spring break 2022. Net price for the upgrade was $3,900 total, which is higher than expected, but grand suites are in short supply on that sailing. Beats the full $7,100 price!
  3. I'm surprised to see this offer being available to me after having just recently booked two other comped JS 7-night sailings on Oasis of the Seas for this September.
  4. I don't intend to speak for @RFerrington, but in my case, what killed my offers from being sent was that my email address had gotten put onto friends' and families' Crown & Anchor accounts. One time, my email address had gotten onto the profile of a complete stranger who lives in Australia, pretty far away from Pittsburgh, PA. Twice I was able to work with someone on the phone with Royal Caribbean (once, Club Royale; the other time, Crown & Anchor) and ensuring that my email address was only on my own C&A profile fixed it.
  5. Hi there! I'm happy to run into you, as always. I'll send you a private note elsewhere with more of an update.
  6. Oh, NCL has joined Royal Caribbean in the always-on-sale game?
  7. Same here. I used two offers for free junior suite cruises on Oasis of the Seas out of New York in September. The offers arrived separately, and I noticed that the second offer happened to have the following week listed, so we booked it. Each offer was upgraded to a grand suite, and we're in the same cabin both sailings. I was most surprised about the first offer. It's sailing over Labor Day.
  8. Well, after replying to the host within an hour of receiving the email... crickets, just like before.
  9. I'll be cynical and say that that $100 is your Crown & Anchor balcony discount being applied since your comped cabin didn't already have it. The math works if it is a 3-5 night cruise, you're Diamond with C&A, and the cruise is within the next six months. If any of those three points are wrong, then I couldn't even hazard a guess knowing Club Royale.
  10. I got the same card in the mail. I was surprised that, since I subscribe USPS's free "Informed Delivery" service that the email I received that morning to let me know that the ad from Casino Royale was coming included a link so I could see the offer before the mail even arrived. Now, I just received email from my host (the first time I think I've ever heard from him). They've upped the offer (I had been offered a junior suite on shorter cruises or a balcony on longer ones), and now I can select a junior suite on even a week-long Symphony of the Seas, depending on availability, of c
  11. Oh... duh! I completely misread the post I quoted. Thank you for the gentle tap on the head with your Hammer of Obviousness. 😄
  12. Someone else may have already pointed this out, but that's only for Star Class suites on ships that offer Royal Suite Class amenities. Sky Class (e.g., Grand Suite, Owner's Suite, Crown Loft Suite, etc.) don't get that perk. They do get free internet for everyone in the cabin, but that's about it from the Cruise Planner offerings.
  13. Great timing! I just got a reply. Given the current nature of Royal Caribbean's sailings, these seem just a bit aspirational. 🙂
  14. I have two offers that showed up, one of which has been discussed here and in the main Royal Caribbean forum. The 20RBO101 is good for any Caribbean cruise on any ship (except Odyssey of the Seas) for any sailing (except those including Christmas or New Year's Day). I don't yet know what the 20EUR101 is yet. I've got a Mediterranean cruise booked for October, so I wonder whether it would work for that.
  15. Thanks for the reply, @mariemacdonald! Yeah, I know about the ClubRoyaleOffers.com site, but it's not terribly useful since they don't say which sailings they apply to. Fortunately, I have been getting the emailed offers regularly these days, so I'm able to take advantage of the offers when I can.
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