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  1. sorry to hear the that bowmn54 the cruises i have in mind are from july 21 onwards, i have allways been able to cruise at less than 3 months notice,which is when the last cabins,GTD status- are put up for sale,at last minute prices- i am so itching to get back onboard-But dont want the stress of having to double check my booking on a weekly basis to ensure its still there. the On line TAs are great,until you need help with bookings,then you seperate the good @ others being 6 months plus out from Hopefull cruise-yes i will wait it
  2. I did a online booking through my long time cruise T.A..Ozxxxxg But the people posting online re. Extended delayed response to refund owing has me asking myself if it's a gamble. I like them because I don't get hit with credit card surcharge that the cruise lines charge But if payment made by card would give you charge back in worst case scenarios. Anyone thinking I'm over cautious? Have 24 hours to pay
  3. imagine buying the old pacific eden ,anchoring it permantly off mystery island daily flights direct syd-mystry island on jetstar. a special jet that can land on grass..!!! 5 nights from $1000 ,inclusive of airfare,inside cabin .aloha...
  4. yes so very unexpected heard on the radio this covid-19 is a 1 in 50 year event, i m sure cruise lines have insurance for just such black swan events keep calm and carry on...
  5. well... i booked a friends flight via fly365.com -singapore air- who departed a month ago ticket purchased in nov.19 and is due back in 2 weeks.thankfully,on the airline website the ticket is confirmed and obviously paid in full for the return . fly365 was aprox.$150 cheaper than booking direct with airline website $950 vs $1100 i thought thats a good saving,and have booked with 365.com previously found them via skyscanner But this news,another reason to not cut corners with tickets. its like walking through a minefield- note to self...
  6. do they recognise sitmar cruises,? went on the fairstar to fiji ect when i was a kid we went in 1976... i still have the Pax booklet were everyone on board was written down, they gave every cabin a copy..weres yours... good luck either way
  7. big difference to overnight in cairns dock versus yorkys knob i was interested when i seen cairns O.night,but its a long shuttle bus from the knob to cairns downtown.not worth the effort for me
  8. i am now drinking my own homemade margarita made from a 1 ltr bottle of 1800 reposado tequila bought from the ruby princess after my 8 nighter to the islands last week,another lovelly cruise on the ruby princess... all for the grand price of $29,99..will make say 20 good sized margaRITAS this particular tequila served on princess tastes smoother than a good scotch to my taste... .buy 2 bottles and you get 10% off too... yummm
  9. i wanted to see a full hour on the ship,not a rushed east coast backpacker trip thrown in i never been to nimbin,and dont want to go,would,nt go if you paid me she did,nt do justice to any of the segments,why buy a wet suit??? just go for a swim in your bathers the balcony cabins are small.. she should have been in a mini suite
  10. just off princess cruise .i had a half used ,undated ,payed for in my own Cash coffee card from 2011 after a little tooing and frowing from the main desk,we agreed if i purchased a full card i would get a 50% credit in my account for my previous paid for -unredeemed coffees.win -win the front desk showed more common sense than the coffee nazis here who said otherwise here ..!!!
  11. i ve searched most online OZ agents,cannot find the 5 dec avaliabilty i could get used to a sky suite for that price,any more clues as to agent miccanberra. im just off a ruby princess mini suite cruise today-affordable luxury ...
  12. Rang TA who promptly added $100 OBC to account. Considering I booked balcony GTY I am happy. The TA could have said no.and I would have understood.so a win.win_______ Until some one tells us they got a better deal.. 😂😃😄😁😊😅😂😂😂!!!
  13. hmmm i thought i got a good deal,and i am savvy to bag a 8 night princess 5 dec cruise $1200 balcony p/p. 2 weeks ago.$150 per night .today same cabin is $981at OZ website. $123 per night.if you ring princess , do they give OBC for difference?i,m seeing quite a few marked down cruises this end of year.economy must be hard.celebrity is going very cheap to nz and pacific too.hard to get bums on seats..make the most of it book say 4 weeks out for ripper deals...
  14. you people sure Waffle on about anything other than the Post topic !! i dont care about your funny money yankee bills!!! i want the coffee i payed for,and princess is withholding. somethings wrong with this company,if it cannot Honour its pre purchased drink cards! Enron .berny maddoff .ring a bell...XXX
  15. okay princess sells a undated 15 premium coffee card for you to enjoy at your leisure banks the cash $$$ then changes the rules to say your card is now worthless.thanks suckers... remind me how much princess spends on advertising its premium brand each year someone !!! as its up there with recent Thomas cook travel group collapse for brand destruction... how safe are we as Pax.depositing money for future cruises with princess..?
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