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  1. Hi friends! Hubs and I are having to rebook our cancelled May 9th Princess Alaska cruise for our anniversary. When we booked the first time, we went the cheapest balcony itinerary. But now that we will have the additional FCC we want to book our best itinerary option. Which itinerary below is your favorite/must do/will do again and why? We will be booking either June or July 2020 with Princess.
  2. I’ve always booked all of our trips myself. Never had an issue. But we live in FL and air fare has never been something we’ve needed to use. So I reached out to this recommended TA. Now that I’ve kind of learned the ropes, I think I’ll book myself. This TA has saved me absolutely nothing and I’ve earned no incentives for going through them vs just booking myself.
  3. This is what I figured. I hate my first experience with a TA was bad. Makes me Leary if future trips😢
  4. Yes...Saturday as in almost a week from today!
  5. The TA doesn’t want to do anything. The price has changed several times, different promotions, etc. I won’t be using a TA again. I’m very disappointed. The TA stayed they will try to call on Saturday.....
  6. I didn’t know there were TA cancellation fees. I’ll look into that. Would that be a question for the TA or for Princess? I don’t feel we have gotten ANY perks from using a TA other than just someone having the headache of booking it all🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. We paid in full from the beginning. So I’m not sure.
  8. Our May Alaska trip is now down to $969 which is significantly less than what we paid. I called Princess, who wouldn’t even acknowledge me because I used a TA (1st time and won’t be doing that again..). Contacted my TA and she says there’s nothing to be done. Now, I’ve never sailed with Princess, so it’s new to me. But back when we did our last cruise with Royal Caribbean they just refunded the price difference every time the price dropped. Super nice and helpful. So my questions are: a. Did I just get a bad TA? (Same TA assures us that flying in day of would be just fine arriving literal
  9. Can you share the link to it? I’m not able to find it.
  10. Do you recommend any of them? Or will the lanyard be sufficient?
  11. New to Princess and the Medallion. We are sailing the Ruby Princess in May. How do I know which pieces are needed to order for the medallion? It gives an option for bracelet, clip, lanyard insert, pendant and sports band?
  12. We’ve booked a Jayleen’s Whale Watch at 12 and Coastal Heli at 4:35❤️🙌🏻
  13. What is one (or more) items that you’ve forgotten, wished you had had, or pack every.single.time for Alaska? Any unique items that a Florida girl would never consider? I’m getting (Purchasing) items a little at a time second hand or thrift store or borrowing.
  14. Davis2010

    Boots? Shoes?

    I've been looking for a pair of boots/shoes to take with me on our cruise to Alaska. I'm a Florida girl and mostly own flip-flops, ballet flats, heels, anything open toe. I don't want to spend a fortune on something for one trip, but also want something I can wear every day with comfort and waterproof protection. Nothing of which I own lol. We are going on a glacier, whale watching, and fisherman tour.
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