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  1. Hello there, Could someone please tell me who is (email address) the suite and diamond concierge on the Freedom of the Seas Many thanks
  2. Hello everyone, Can someone please direct me where I can find the email for the Concierge for the Vision of the Seas. Last yr was MJ, I believe he is on another ship. Many thanks
  3. Thank you- My ports are: Ushuaia, Argentina Puerto Madryn, Argentina Port Stanley, Falkland Is
  4. Hello there, Can someone please recommend a Ship excursion to see the Penguins up close. Will be on the Celebrity Eclipse. Many thanks
  5. Hello Everyone, Could someone please tell me the email address for the Michael's Club concierge on the Eclipse. My understanding is that her name is Bianca, Many Thanks
  6. Thank you, does anyone have the current email for the concierge? I have an excursion question for her.
  7. Thank you, I think it was a different name. I was on that ship, trying to email her for a future cruise.
  8. Hello there, Does anyone know the name of the lady that is the concierge at the Michaels Cub on the Eclipse? Many Thanks
  9. Thank you all for your replies, I will book the dinning when I get on the ship.
  10. Thank you for the responses, I paid for the unlimited dinning package. I don't. believe I can book those online for every night.
  11. If your traveling in a Owners or a Grand suite, does the Concierge contact you a head of time? I leave on Sunday on Navigator and I have tried to email the concierge with NO luck. I am trying to book dinner reservations at specialty dinning. Many thanks
  12. Thank you, I saw that link in a previous thread, I emailed with the info on the spread sheet, but have not gotten a response.
  13. Leaving the Navigator of Seas next Sunday 8/25, in an Owners Suite. Trying to book dinner reservations. Does any one know the email address to the Concierge that is currently on the NOS? Many Thanks
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