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  1. heading to the airport, absolutely can't wait to get to this lovely hotel - your posts are awesome. B
  2. Jacqui, loved hearing about the hotel, can't wait - I didn't realize they served Belem pastries - my favorite!
  3. Now that I'm packed, I have found time for studying up on some of the areas we'll be visiting and came across an interesting article on Bordeaux wine industry. So for the history buffs out there, here's the link: https://www.thewinecellarinsider.com/wine-topics/bordeaux-wine-history-description-wines/ And a double echo to Helen's comments regarding Jacqui's amazing and comprehensive work on organizing this tour - truly the best ever. (And the doggies are pretty darn cute too!)
  4. I too am starting to pack, but I must admit the weather forecast has thrown me a curve, I was expecting it to be at least 10 degrees warmer than the weather people say it will be!
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