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  1. Does the royal princess currently have any happy hours on the 7 day mexican cruise? If they do, can anyone provide the details?
  2. The koningsdam starting putting their decorations out today as I was getting off. People were requesting some Christmas songs with billboard piano players and they did a few.
  3. They went from 3 shows last year to 2 this year. Last cruise was 7pm and 9pm. This cruise it changed to 630pm and 830pm. With the 2 shows, plan to get there early for a seat. There were shows that were 100% full and numerous people standing around the theater trying to watch.
  4. Check the per price text message for on the cruise ship is that would be adequate communication for you. Mine is 75 cents to send a text and free to receive. If you don't need everyday access, I would do the 10$/day and use the phone while in port. The other option is to buy the ship wifi to use email, messenger or other communication apps.
  5. I transferred from the veendam to the koningsdam a few weeks ago. A porter brought my bags with me and I gave a generous tip. The other option is to plan on going out in between ships. Get a taxi or uber and tell them you need to drop off your luggage at the next ship before going shopping, to the beach, etc. It could be quite a wait in the terminal depending on what time your 1st ship forces you off and the 2nd ship will allow you to board. The koningsdam had just begun disembarking when I dropped my bags off.
  6. They announced the propulsion issue as said above and then the 2nd announcement mentioned the power failure. Toilets and a/c were not working. We were told not to take the elevators but many people were still using them. Lighting in cabin was fine. The dining room was only serving cold items and scrambled eggs during the outage. All was restored in less than 2 hrs and tendering was up and running as soon as the main systems came back online. Crew did an excellent job and staff cabin kept everyone up to date.
  7. There has been good service there for years. I am canadian and it is one of my international destinations that I pay 12$ for the day to use service on my existing plan
  8. We traveled with my 6 month old niece in the carribean...we rented the family cabana and it worked great at this age. We pushed the 2 big lounge chairs together and she rolled around and crawled in between us and played with her toys. It provided the shade we needed. We brought a tiny inflatable pool for her to play in. We did purchase the unlimited laundry so we could send dirty clothes and blankets out. I would definitely get a room with a balcony. We would put her to bed and then hang out on the balcony or take turns leaving the room...
  9. Sorry you are disappointed but if you book through a TA, Holland will not contact you directly. They won't even answer questions if you call them. The TA has to call. In the future if you want direct contact with them, you must book directly. Make sure you know the positives and negatives of booking with various sources before making a choice.
  10. On the koningsdam, I would do everything I could to be sandwiched between 2 floors with guestrooms. I have been on it multiple times and it has horrible soundproofing issues. I hope that they addressed some soundproofing during dry dock (there were rumors they were going to) but I haven't been on since.
  11. Please bring your own supplies to wash the bottle in your room. It is unreasonable to expect or ask crew to wash your personal belongings.
  12. I was on an Alaska cruise when my room steward offered me a larger robe. I was so excited to get one that fit and wrapped around me. I asked the front desk if I could buy one. They told me they were not for sale. I asked what would happen if I took the one I already had. They said I would be charged for it (around $50) I repeatedly told the front desk that I was taking the robe home and to charge me. I even went down the last day to remind them I was "stealing" it and to charge my account. They laughed at me and nodded. I never saw the charge for the robe.
  13. On the koningsdam they are available. Ask your room steward
  14. No. Drink packages must be purchased for the entire cruise. I think the last day to buy them is day 2.
  15. I have been on the koningsdam (sister ship) multiple times and have always found the food to be very good. Without pre arranging, the dining room was happy to bring me vegetables steamed with no salt and modify many of the dishes without sauces etc. So I could control what I was eating. Many people ordered their dishes the day before so they could customize even further. I don't think you will have any issues.
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