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  1. Got email from Princess Cruises and they canceled our September European Octoberfest cruise on the Island Princess September 25th because of the UK restriction for foreign visitors, Second time for us on this cruise and our 7th cruise they have canceled in the last year. I see they have booked us for the same cabin on the same cruise next year if we want to try 3 is a charm. What kills me is this is the third time we will have to pay cancellation fees on our air fare on these cancelled flights. Also with all these cruise we booked they were paid in full so sorting out the FCC,what we
  2. Last year at this time they cancelled are B2B on the Diamond Princess for April. California instituted a shelter in place order on March 19, 2020. We figured by Easter this would all have blown over and things would be back to normal. Almost a year later we had 6 cruises cancelled with 3 on the horizon with the first in September 25th on the Island Princess out of Southampton. California daily cases have dropped 90% since the mid-January peak. I think the storm came out of nowhere and hit us hard but the sun is going to come out and warm us quicker than anyone expected. April is lo
  3. We had 8 cancelled and I think they may cancel our September 25th cruise on the Island. All but 2 were paid in full cash advanced and still trying to figure out what FCC we have and what was returned on CC. Very confusing
  4. Yes it does rarely snow in Santa Clarita...and our Sun cruise to Alaska was cancelled as they sold the ship! Hope to see you on baord!!
  5. We had that cruise also cancelled. Hopefully we will be on board! Thanks for all the opinions!
  6. Since the pandemic Princess has cancelled 6 cruises on us. We pay cash for our cruises and get a better deal. We got our cash back on a couple of the cruises but rest we got FCC and credit to a future cruise. We booked a mini on the Island for September 25th 2021 European Capitals Oktoberfest itinerary and paid nothing except port fees. Got a killers deal on business class from LAX to London on American Airlines. We both have received the Moderna Vaccine. Honestly do you think there is a chance do this cruise? I know it’s like asking who will win the Super Bowel but your thought w
  7. We are booked on it also. They canceled the same cruise 2020 for us.
  8. Pam, Are these the actual prices? We were booked on the Sun in a mini suite so it's a let down to get a mini suite on the Crown.
  9. Been trying to get through to Princess for a couple of days to check on refunds and put on hold forever and give up. Are other experiencing the same problem?
  10. Princess canceled our September 21 European Capitals Cruise on May 6th. We opted for return of the money paid. I have $12,750 on deposit and have not yet received anything back
  11. Princess canceled our September 21 European Capitals Cruise on May 6th. We opted for return of the money paid. I have $12,750 on deposit and have not yet received anything back
  12. No Way..this whole thing will blow thru in a couple of weeks. Believe!
  13. On February 5th we cancelled our Diamond Princess B2B April 2020 cruises. We received a partial credit card refund on the first one, minus the cancellation fee that they said they would refund by check which we never got, and as of Friday still no refund at all on the second cruise. I have called and they said it would take time. Some how we got the 25% future cruise credit for both which we applied to our 2 future cruises. Very confusing.
  14. Do you think Princess has insurance to cover their losses from the Diamond Princess or are they self-insured?
  15. Guess we have been lucky having done 33 cruises. We will consider it with our 4 upcoming cruises
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