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  1. canadaman111

    Nice Khaki shorts in the dining room?

    What do you wear as footwear with your shorts?
  2. I are planning what we are going to do on our upcoming cruise which stops in St. Maarten. We are thinking the water taxi to great bay beach sounds good and easy. I can't find much info online about the water taxi, except that it is $7US per person. How may stops does at make, and where? Any other info on the water taxi be be appreciated
  3. canadaman111

    Parking for a cruise out of Miami

    We are planning a cruise from Miami next February. From what I can tell you should just use the lot at the port even though it is quite costly. It is safe and secure which apparently isn't the case at many other lots in Miami
  4. canadaman111

    Fuel surcharge

    I have been hearing on the cruise radio podcast which is a pretty trustworthy source that fuel surcharges are becoming a possibility as oil prices keep on moving up. They said last time the cruise lines did this was back in the 2008 time frame. We have a cruise coming up in February and it is fully paid. If a fuel surcharge is put in place before our cruise does anyone know if it will be applied to me who is already paid in full or if it would just apply to new bookings? Sent from my EML-L09 using Forums mobile app
  5. canadaman111

    kids and VIFP numbers

    How did yo add it? Did you find away to do it online? Or did you call?
  6. canadaman111

    Cheers Included?

    they should allow you to prepay for it at time of booking like they do with gratuities. That way people can use easypay and not have to pay it all at once
  7. canadaman111

    VIFP red level

    THis coming winer will will be taking our second carnival cruise so therefore will be red. There will be 6 of us, 2 adults 4 kids sharing 2 connecting rooms. Being red we get the 1.5L bottle of water. My question is will we get one bottle per cabin, or 1 bottle per person?
  8. canadaman111

    Camp Ocean

    Our 4 year old would have stayed there all day and night had we let her. Every kid is different though, so you won't know for sure until the time
  9. canadaman111

    kids and VIFP numbers

    Last February my family of 6 (4 kids) went on our first cruise. Obviously we were all blue cards. We booked our second cruise for this coming February and in our cruise manager it shows my wife and I as red cards now. But the 4 kids not having a carnival account show as "none" for VIFP number. Will they get red cards or do they need a carnival account so their cruises can be tracked. THis isn't really a big deal, I was just curious
  10. canadaman111

    Camp Ocean

    Our 4 year old absolutely loved camp ocean on the breeze this past February. She wanted to stay there all day long but we only allowed her a few hours a day. I can't really think of any cons. If you have any more specific questions please ask.
  11. canadaman111

    POM - Hotels for 6

    Cambria suites blue lagoon has some rooms for 6
  12. canadaman111

    staying in fort pierce area night before Miami cruise

    Thanks everyone. I guess we need to decide if saving $100 is worth the 2 hour drive the morning of the cruise. But with the price of parking in Miami at the port it may just be worth it
  13. canadaman111

    staying in fort pierce area night before Miami cruise

    Will traffic be thatuch of an issue on a Saturday morning?
  14. We are considering staying in the Fort Pierce area the night before our Miami cruise in February. Google maps says it is just short of 2 hours to the port. We can save $100 a night on a hotel by not staying closer to Miami. Is there any reason to consider that i haven't thought of?
  15. canadaman111

    DO you go off the grid?

    I really enjoyed not having my phone on me on our first cruise this past February. We did use it to take pictures a bit, but otherwise we didn't touch our phones for a week. It is really nice, to bad we don't have the strength to do it while we are home lol