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  1. Remember also the Carnival/ Cunards UK head office is in Southampton
  2. Absurd - no one forced the passengers to walk up the gangway. They had access to the news and made their own decision to sail. It is nonsense to blame the cruiseline.
  3. I think that Costa, HAL, Cunard and Princess are the vulnerable lines. P&O Australia may also be sacrificed. Personally, I would not consider setting foot on a cruise ship until a vaccine is available and even then would be concerned that I was protected against any variants of Covid 19 that may be down the line. That would seem to be a year away. I think that it is questionable if all the big 3 survive and Carnival because of its size and it’s recent problems must be more vulnerable. Incidentally, I saw the Saudis bought 8% today and they may be able to pump in more cash.
  4. We have completed 17 cruises over the last 20 or so years. (4 with HAL). We are now in our 70s and will not contemplate cruising again. It has been great fun and we have enjoyed every cruise we made - some were better than others - but it is land based vacations for us now and probably not too far from home!
  5. I think there will be a long hangover from this virus and it will be around for a long time. I think ‘seniors’ will think twice about cruising, particularly long cruises and they make up a sizeable majority of HALs passenger demographic. There are 3 lines which have suffered considerable negative publicity out of this crisis - HAL, Princess and Costa - all of which are Carnival brands. It may well be that if there is to be rationalisation/ brand mergers/ disposals - these are the brands which might be in the firing line.
  6. Hi Bill and Mary Ann So glad you got home safely. Thank you once again for taking us with you on your ‘half world’ cruise. Your reporting has been factual, measured and balanced, without any of the dramatic approach of some other blogs. I look forward to reading your follow on posts when you get your feet back on the ground. Has this experience put you off world cruising? Stay safe and well
  7. I think Celebrity Eclipse was denied disembarking in South America - Chile I think
  8. From midnight tonight the UK went into lock down - no one allowed to leave their homes unless essential workers. You can go out for exercise once a day alone. You can go shopping once a week. i don’t think the US is far behind. The UK has had 377 deaths to date. Kindergirl, so glad they’ve got to Atlanta - nearly there!
  9. Copper10-8 & Kindergirl. Have been sitting in social distancing at home in the UK following this breathtaking saga! Copper - what you did defines the basic human tenet of ‘ do unto others as you would have done unto you - it was a truly selfless act! Bravo to you! Kindergirl, we are all so glad that they are nearly home - looking surprisingly spritely after such a long and gruelling journey. even in this very dark time - there is true goodness in the world!
  10. I am sure that you wouldn’t have it end like this but all congratulations to you for bringIng Amsterdam safely into port. Thank you also for your posts which were always fascinating as well as being instructive. May you enjoy your well earned retirement - when you finally get there!
  11. Glad you and Anne Marie are safely home. Thank you for taking us with you on your voyage. Whether by luck or judgement, I think you got home just in time. Reading these pages shows how stressful it is for people disembarking now in Freemantle. Who knows what the next few months will bring? - I suspect it will be even more difficult that we all anticipate but we will all get through it. i look forward to reading about your future Crystal voyages. Stay safe and well
  12. This crisis surely brings out the worst -...........and THE BEST in people. Kudos to you Copper 10-8 Kindergirl - we are all biting our nails to know how this ends - but you have surely done everything you could.
  13. It’s called Covid19 not the Chinese Virus or the Italian Virus or anything else other than Covid19.
  14. The European season for 2020 will not happen.
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