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  1. If you are over 50 - Saga only charged us an extra £20 for an extra 20 days over our 60 day allowance.
  2. For max sun during the day - If you are travelling east - try a starboard cabin westbound - port
  3. How unfortunate. Maybe you could ask them to come you a private cabana for the time that they are working in the space you thought was yours? Worth a try!
  4. We did an Athens to Venice cruise in PG on the QV a couple of years ago and it was the best cruise we have ever had. Just one of those times when everything worked perfectly. The sail in to Venice in the pink washed dawn light is a memory that will stay with me for ever. The ports were Santorini, Kotakolon and Sarande. The first 2 were great but we didn’t get off in Sarande. I have had some very unmemorable experiences in Sarande during my career so was not anxious to revisit. QV for us was just the right level of luxury and informality. Would go again in a heartbeat. enjoy your cruise!
  5. Another vote for Southampton Harbour Hotel. Packages offers good secure parking and transfers. It’s like being on board a night early!
  6. If it is a southern TA, the chances are that the weather will be warm and fine - at least for most of the time. Go for it!
  7. We were in P Grill suite and needed this service. We asked our steward upon embarkation. Someone came to pick them up about 6pm that evening and they were delivered back ( beautifully done) after breakfast the next morning. Outstanding!
  8. Prinsendam from Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale. Pluses- wonderful long sunny sea days - good weather the whole way across. You feel relaxation washing over you. Great personal service Minuses - Rattle in the bathroom that they couldn’t fix. Thought the food was very bland. Celebrity Eclipse from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale. Pluses - excellent food, beautiful sky suite. minuses - poor rough weather for first 5 days. Thought ship was too big.
  9. Shame you didn’t get a chance to visit the Titanic Museum - it’s amazing!
  10. 1. Westbound Transatlantic on the QM2. We spurred on Grill Class and revelled in fine food and good service. A transatlantic on QM2 is a travel experience not a cruise! 2. Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale on Prinsendam. A wonderful relaxed sunshine filled cruise on a lovely ship with a great crew. The ship was beginning to show her age with rattles in the cabin etc, but it did not detract from a magical cruise.
  11. It also depends on the culture in your country. In the USA - I am always shocked when the bill comes I am given multi options to chose to tip from 17.5% - 22.5%. In the UK, if one tips at all no more than 10% is expected. in Australia tipping is not expected nor in rural France where the bill often comes with ‘service compris’. Personally, I would prefer that the fare included an element of service charge. The Carnival Group already do this in the UK where the the following email In an email sent to passengers, P&O Cruises said: “From May 2019 (cruises A911, B912, E911/A, J903, N910, R907, X907 and all thereafter), the discretionary daily Service Charge on board will be removed so you can relax knowing it's all taken care of. Tipping is not expected in the following countries China. French Polynesia. Japan. Tipping under any circumstance in Japan may seem rude, because good service is standard and expected. ... Korea. ... Hong Kong. ... Switzerland. ... Australia. ... Belgium.
  12. Have used Smiths and South Coast Chauffeurs. Both are excellent and have modern ,comfortable vehicles with courteous and helpful drivers.
  13. I think Maasdam will always have a special place in my heart because we took our first HAL cruise aboard her. I remember going on holiday to Fort Lauderdale and watching the parade of cruise liners out through the cut in the early evening light. Maasdam was one of the ships and I thought she looked lovely in comparison to all the other large ugly ships that passed that evening. I vowed that one day we would cruise aboard her - and 2 years later we did. The other ship was Prinsendam - we sailed a transatlantic aboard her and I thought she was the perfect size as well as being a very pretty ship. Walking round her promenade deck in the mid Atlantic on a beautiful fresh morning is a memory that will live with me for ever.
  14. Understandable but nevertheless a shame. Sailing into Venice at dawn is one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had. The vista of the stunning buildings washed in the early morning light will remain with me as long as I live. I consider myself blessed to have had that opportunity.
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