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  1. As Ponant seems to sell to groups, can one book independently? ( i’m Uk based) Also if ship is booked by groups will this affect the dynamics with certain rooms closed off for private functions? This is ok on a large ship but not such good news on a small ship.
  2. Mickb

    Notes from Queen Victoria to the Mediterranean

    Thanks Hattie We were originally booked on this cruise but had to cancel for medical reasons. Your Reporting style is very readable and has made me feel as though I was there with you.
  3. Mickb

    Queen Victoria or P&O Oceana

    Like the posters above, I have sailed both ships. IMO there is no comparison Oceana was old and scruffy with few facilities & with exception of our waiters, a disinterested crew, QV was classy with excellent service.
  4. Mickb

    Soton Transit on a Hamburg-NY Westbound

    This is a bit of an unknown as technically we will have exited the EU by then. It could be simple or complicated.
  5. Mickb

    What's your preferred table size ?

    Table for 2 When I go to a good restaurant ashore I would not expect to share a table. For me same applies on a ship.
  6. Mickb

    Grand Harbour Hotel and Marco Pierre White.

    The Grand Harbour Hotel has steadily deteriorated over the last few years. The rooms are now tired and the staff disinterested. Like the previous poster, we have stayed at the Hilton Rosebowl, and the new Southampton Harbour Hotel is very good. IMO there is no comparison.
  7. Try considering the afternoon ferry to Ouistraham near Caen. Would give you the morning in Portsmouth to see the historic dockyard - HMS Victory etc. Brittany Ferries operate this service
  8. Mickb

    Thank You to all 2018 World Cruise Bloggers

    Thank you to you all. You’ve made a very long English winter more bearable!
  9. Mickb

    Cunard Queens Grille v Celebrity Suite Class

    We have experienced Royal and Sky suites on Celebrity and PG on QM2 & QV. Being more traditionalist, we enjoyed the dressing for dinner and the atmosphere of the Cunard ships more although the Eclipse is a beautiful ship. We thought that Laminae did not match the Princess Grill either in terms of service of taste of the food, which we found very bland. Maybe the Cunard menus are more designed for English tastes? We loved the Grills sundeck on QV. Our butler on Eclipse was totally outstanding. For us - it is Cunard but Celebrity was pretty good!
  10. Mickb

    Southampton Hilton Double Tree hotel

    We also stayed at the Ageas Hilton, we used to stay at the ‘old’ Hilton which we always that dark and gloomy. Service was inconsistent and the beds very hard (personal taste). The Ageas Hilton was terrific - spacious rooms, good food and friendly service - way better (imo) than the old Hilton
  11. Mickb

    Slightly OT: Restaurants in Southampton

    I would agree the Jetty at the new Southampton Harbour Hotel is pretty good. There is also Oxfords in Oxford St, Ennios (Italian), or if you like Indian - Katie’s in Oxford St is good as well.
  12. Mickb

    Post your Pooch picture

    We have a beautiful liver& white English Springer Spaniel called Fudge.she is so named because when she was a puppy, her nose liked like a piece of fudge. She is much loved!
  13. Mickb

    QM2 Have you every joined the guest choir

    I joined the choir on a QV cruise last year. I have never sung with a choir before and don’t read music. I think we had 5 x 1 hour rehearsals and then performed on the stairs in the lobby. It was great and I would certainly do it again.
  14. This is a very interesting thread. I am struck by (a) how many people will sail on various lines rather than sticking with one (b) how many people ( me included) do not want to repeat an NCL cruise
  15. We have sailed HAL ( 4 times) Cunard (6 times) Celebrity (2 times) , Regent SS ( 2 times), P&O and NCL. We loved the first 4 but would not sail P&O or NCL again. Their offering does not suit us. HALs product has changed in recent years and it does not appeal to us as much as it once did - but variety is the spice of life and every cruise line has its own plus and minus points. Don’t be afraid to try - you might be delightfully surprised!