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  1. On 1/13/2020 at 5:13 AM, ighten said:

    our 14th to 28th June sailing has also been given the credit and the final pay isnt till april, no mention of refunding though - personally I cant see that the times are gonna make much differance  tbh as I dont think it even goes dark at that time of year on this itin

    Final pay on my 6/14-6/28 cruise is feb 15th, NOT April!!!!

  2. On 11/9/2019 at 10:12 PM, The Wanderer_112358 said:


    Well, sooner or later the ship will have to come out of service to replace the dead engine and I believe from what I have read that means cutting the hull to remove and replace that bad engine. No quick turn around.


    The question is, do you do it now while in Europe or later while in the U.S.


    will be out of service for 60 days starting April 2020.


  3. I had booked a 14 day Norway cruise out of Southhampton for Jun 2020 last month.


    A week later had a general email solicitation from  NCL with additional included options.


    I rebooked with the next door cabin for the additional savings on excursions and called and cancelled my original reservation.


    Had another general email this morning so investigated.  Got a quote with the same perks as my 2nd reservation for $800 less.


    Called NCL and asked if I had to cancel and rebook,  The person applied the new lower price to my existing reservation.


    Will now keep checking every time I get an email!!!

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