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  1. Can we use our OBC for gratuities? Our only other river cruise was with Crystal and we were able to use the OBC from our TA to tip the staff that had most impressed us. Since tips aren’t expected on Crystal, and are on AMA, I would assume using OBC for gratuities would be common practice, but thought I’d check to make sure we have whatever cash is needed. Thanks!
  2. Love this map! Thanks so much for posting it Notamermaid!
  3. Can you define cold? What’s the temperature? We leave in less than 2 weeks and are packing. I run really hot. I don’t own a heavy coat, not just because I don’t need one in Texas, but because I like the cold. I’m that person walking around ski towns in the winter without a coat, “soaking in the cold”. But when we did the Danube Christmas market cruise a few years ago there was a storm that came through Vienna that brought snow and bitter cold. So I’m totally torn on what to pack. The forecast seems to be in the 50s for most of our trip, which sounds perfect to me. But it’s hard to kno
  4. If it’s on your bucket list, then go for it! I recommend going to the start of the California line. Go earlier in the day as the afternoon gets crowded. Go and find one of the many employees who will be hanging out there and tell them what you want and that you want to get on the next car. They sit there for a while before they depart so you should be able to have some extra time to board. Don’t try to get on the touristy lines (Powell and Hyde) as it is super crowded and they really won’t have the time to help you. The downtown start of the line is on California near Drumm or Davis. Th
  5. Thanks for the info and ideas. We are considering just buying a data plan for our phone, but also like the idea of having all of our devices hooked up to a hotspot which is quick and easy. Excellent idea though. We do have SLOW data on our sprint plan. Fine for the occasional search, but we’ll be driving around Germany for a week and want to use our phone for GPS.
  6. Since you have done Venice before, and in case you in interested in day trips. Verona is a short train ride from Venice. Fabulous place to visit.
  7. We are thinking about renting from either SkyRoam or TepWireless for our upcoming trip. We rented a hotspot from the car rental agency for our trip around Italy a couple of months ago and loved it! We were thinking of getting the hotspot for both the diy portion of our Germany trip and the cruise. I know there is wifi on the ship, but having one dependable option for all of our travel needs is appealing. But I'm not sure how well the hotspot will work on the cruise since it still depends on towers for coverage. Has anyone used a wifi hotspot onboard a cruise in the area and how did it wor
  8. Please report back and let us now your thoughts on the ship and excursions. Have a great trip and travel safe!
  9. I'd also love to hear more about Ama excursions, especially for the Europes's Rivers and Castles itinerary. While it is nice to know there is no need to book excursions in advance, we might choose to go off on our own if the excursions don't get good reviews. That would require some advance planning. I'd love to be able hear reviews of the excursions that will be offered by Ama if anyone wants to share their experience, please. TIA
  10. I'd really love to hear more about your cruise, (and TwinCheryl and FourMiler also, please!) especially what ports you visited and excursions that you loved and hated. We depart a month from today to begin my big milestone birthday trip around Germany, which will include a trip on the AmaDante. I'm getting into "geek out on research" mode and need to hear more about the excursions. Thanks in advance for anything and everything you want to share! Suz
  11. Loco 2 also has a great app for iPhone. You can buy your tickets directly from loco2, and can even buy on the app and use an electronic ticket if the train company allows it. The app is super helpful when you are on a day trip to be able to see what your travel options are on the fly. We have used the site/app in several countries and found it very reliable.
  12. 2islandhoppers, I'm happy to share the info I have for excursions for our sailing, if we can figure out the easiest way to do so. As I said, there are some differences in the itinerary we booked and what is now showing up for our excursions, but I'm going to assume that is an error. It seems no cruise line can master technology, so I'll blame technology for this also. We "booked" some of the excursions we were interested in, but because of the inability to book bike tours and the weirdness with the itenerary/excursion info, we didn't book them all. Based on everything I've read
  13. We embark in Nuremberg on the 24th of October and our cruise ends in Luxemburg on Halloween. Is that the same cruise you are on? It looks like we will disembark close to the train station and there are regular trains into Luxembourg city, so travel should be fairly easy to handle on our own. After our Crystal river cruise there were lots of transportation options provided, so I thought this might be the case here as well. We can see the shore excursions on the Ama website now. Only issue is the itinerary seems to be a bit different than that stated for our cruise. I'm going
  14. Thanks to everyone for the replies about the Luxembourg docking location and excursion info. Very helpful and appreciated! I actually called Ama before I saw your reply, Aly, and they did confirm that Wasserbillig would be our disembarkation point and that there is no shuttle to Luxembourg. Looks like we can easily take a train from Wasserbillig into the city of Luxembourg. We are also now flying out of there the following day. I'll keep checking my account on line to see if the excursion info shows up. Thanks again all!
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