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  1. I'd really love to hear more about your cruise, (and TwinCheryl and FourMiler also, please!) especially what ports you visited and excursions that you loved and hated. We depart a month from today to begin my big milestone birthday trip around Germany, which will include a trip on the AmaDante. I'm getting into "geek out on research" mode and need to hear more about the excursions. Thanks in advance for anything and everything you want to share! Suz
  2. Loco 2 also has a great app for iPhone. You can buy your tickets directly from loco2, and can even buy on the app and use an electronic ticket if the train company allows it. The app is super helpful when you are on a day trip to be able to see what your travel options are on the fly. We have used the site/app in several countries and found it very reliable.
  3. 2islandhoppers, I'm happy to share the info I have for excursions for our sailing, if we can figure out the easiest way to do so. As I said, there are some differences in the itinerary we booked and what is now showing up for our excursions, but I'm going to assume that is an error. It seems no cruise line can master technology, so I'll blame technology for this also. We "booked" some of the excursions we were interested in, but because of the inability to book bike tours and the weirdness with the itenerary/excursion info, we didn't book them all. Based on everything I've read I thought we didn't really need to choose excursions before sailing. We haven't received any documentation via mail, yet. But we recently booked and have a couple of months until sailing. We are going to take a train from Wasserbillig into Luxembourg where we will spend our last day and night and then we are flying from Luxembourg to Frankfurt and then on to Austin the day after the cruise. That worked better for us timing wise than taking the train back to Frankfurt.
  4. We embark in Nuremberg on the 24th of October and our cruise ends in Luxemburg on Halloween. Is that the same cruise you are on? It looks like we will disembark close to the train station and there are regular trains into Luxembourg city, so travel should be fairly easy to handle on our own. After our Crystal river cruise there were lots of transportation options provided, so I thought this might be the case here as well. We can see the shore excursions on the Ama website now. Only issue is the itinerary seems to be a bit different than that stated for our cruise. I'm going to assume it is just a bit of a snafu and our itenerary isn't changing at this point. I would love to hear feedback on the excursions for the "Europe's Rivers and Castle's" itenerary from Nuremberg to Luxembourg if anyone has some to share.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the replies about the Luxembourg docking location and excursion info. Very helpful and appreciated! I actually called Ama before I saw your reply, Aly, and they did confirm that Wasserbillig would be our disembarkation point and that there is no shuttle to Luxembourg. Looks like we can easily take a train from Wasserbillig into the city of Luxembourg. We are also now flying out of there the following day. I'll keep checking my account on line to see if the excursion info shows up. Thanks again all!
  6. I have checked in for my cruise online. But there is no information about excursions, though it does say we will be getting an email saying registration for excursions is available approximately 60-90 days before the cruise. It's 70 days before our cruise, so I guess I need to be patient. Or is there some other place to find this info online that I am missing? I'm guessing we won't get our tickets until a couple of weeks before we embark? Not a Mermaid, as I said in my original post, our itinerary says we disembark in Luxembourg. My question is, will Ama provide a shuttle to get us in to town? I'm very familiar with Google maps, but that doesn't address my question. I'm hoping someone who has actually disembarked an Ama cruise in Luxembourg can help.
  7. We just booked our first Ama cruise from Nuremberg to Luxembourg in October. We've only done 1 other river cruise on Crystal, so we've got some newbie type questions. Our itinerary says we disembark in Luxembourg, but we'll actually be docked a ways outside of town, evidently. Will Ama shuttle us in to Luxembourg as we disembark? Is there a list or catalog of excursions that we see closer to our cruise or when we board? We've seen the brief description of excursions in the itinerary, of course. But if I recall correctly on Crystal there was a more detailed list of available excursions. I've looked for something similar on the Ama website but didn't find anything. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Thanks vino100. Were those excursions available in most ports? Do you know if they would be available for an October sailing?
  9. Boblerm, thanks so much for sharing your experience. Tauck does sound fabulous, and we will definitely be considering it for a later date. They don't have an itinerary that works for us for this occasion though. Your comment about how you would have liked Uniworld better if you hadn't experienced Tauck is exactly what we are concerned with coming from Crystal River Cruises. We are trying to focus on the itinerary and then just make sure that the line we choose has the elements that are key to us. Your insight is very helpful. Did Uniworld have bike tours or bikes available for use in port? We'll be cruising in October, so weather might affect the use of bikes, but Crystal kept them on board for our use on our cruise in November, though their were no organized tours. What time does breakfast end? We have had a problem with some ocean lines having super early breakfast hours, which doesn't work for us when on vacation. Thanks again for your help!
  10. I'm looking for the same info. Particularly for AmaWaterways. There are no refurbishement dates provided when you Google their ships (or any other line I've researched), which is what I want to know and which is very concerning. Surely Ama isn't working with so many old boats that haven't been refurbished. And when I called Uniworld to see what the refurbishement date was on a particular boat, they confirmed it had been over a decade since it had been refurbished. Wow! But Ama said they dry dock every boat, every year. Which also seems hard to believe. I would just like to see it in print on a reliable source.
  11. I'm giving my question a bit of a bump, to see if there are any new opinions and to add another question. On Crystal, dining was open, when and with whom you choose. Is it the same on Ama, Uniworld and Tauck? All have interesting itineraries, though age of ship and added land tours are concerning on some lines. Thanks in advance!
  12. We just got back from a diy land trip and loved Verona. Mantua was a day trip we really enjoyed and wished we had more time. We made a note in the travel journal to return if we ever do another cruise that stops in Venice. Also did day trips to Vicenza (skip it) and Padua (day trip is perfect). Bologna and all of Emilia Romagna was delicious. 😉.
  13. Look for an adapter with USB ports in it. No need to bring the plug for your devices, just the cord. My travel hair dryer is dual voltage, so we didn't need a converter.
  14. We just returned from 3 week diy land trip around northern Italy, including Liguria. Genoa was the only big disappointment of the trip. We were only there for a night, as we didn't think it was worth more than that, but we want that night back. Genoa is dirty, smelly and we often felt unsafe. I don't know that I've ever said that about any place we've been, and we have lived in and traveled quite a bit of the world. The prostitution and drug dealing right off of Via Garribaldi is unreal. That is a UNESCO site! The old town is largely boarded up buildings and wreaks of urine. And no site there could hold a candle to the sites we had already seen during our vacation. I would suggest you avoid Genoa and enjoy a day in lovely Portofino and SM.
  15. We'll be boarding the Esprit in a week for a cruise around the British Virgin Islands and French West Indies. Apparently the jet skis and submersible can't be used in the BVI, so they'll only be available one day on our itinerary. I'm hoping for a lot of kayak and paddle boarding time. I'm also hoping they zodiac us over to interesting points of some of the islands. On some islands, there is no excursion offered at all. There is one free of charge option at some others, safari bus tour of the island highlights. Lots of excursion options for divers. Mostly the offer is "independent exploration", which I'm fine with, as long as I'm not dropped far away from the area worth exploring. And as long as the water toys are available, I think I may be fine not leaving the yacht some days. We are looking at this not as a cruise, but more a yachting experience, so the lack of a veranda isn't concerning to us. I'm happy to report back in a couple of weeks, or perhaps while we are on board if you have specific questions and I happen to log on. Susan
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