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  1. I am getting out with them one way or the other.
  2. Since I am on a 14 day cruise (b2b 7 day cruises) I am waiting until HAL starts that kind of cruise. I am hoping once they do I can get a clearer idea of the price for a longer cruise. But sounds like you got a good price.
  3. Is the internet stronger if you go into some of the public areas rather than using in your stateroom?
  4. I hope you get an answer on this as I have the same question. Even though we are on a b2b 12/4-18/21 the only option I saw was for 7 days. We would like to do this but not at $299 twice.
  5. I don’t follow you saying price is higher than in the past. The opposite seems to be the case on what you posted. What am I missing?
  6. Thanks for the explanation. Glad to know we won’t get the boot after 15 minutes.
  7. My question has to do with the amount of time you can use it. Along with the price quote it says 15 minutes. 15 minutes total, 15 minutes in the water, or 15 minutes on a lounge chair? That is a lot of money to spend for 15 minutes a day. We would hardly get there before it would be time to leave!
  8. Looking forward to reading your reports and your review of the Nieuw Amsterdam. We sail on her 12/4/21.
  9. Thank you for your responses. I hope the hydrotherapy pool doesn’t get scratched as part of COVID concern.
  10. Can you book individual days in HAL’s Thermal Suite and Thalassotherapy Pool or do you have to book for the duration of your cruise? If individual days are available does anyone know the price?
  11. This discussion is interesting because on my last cruise I fell down the stairs and the medical office loaned me a heating pad for the rest of the cruise.
  12. How do you clear a cached page? I am sure it isn’t difficult but I am drawing a blank.
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