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  1. I I am so sorry this has happened to you. I resonate with your Comments about the pandemic taking away opportunities to cruise. We have a cruise booked but we have also had three cruises cancelled. One was at the beginning of the shutdown. I know without a doubt that I was in better physical condition at that time than I am now. I hope things will work out for you and your DH to cruise again.
  2. I sympathize with you. I have reconciled myself to the fact I won’t be able to go and do in the same way as previously but I love cruising and just being on a cruise ship makes me happy. Are you booked on a cruise at this point? You may have told me but I don’t remember. We have booked a 14 Day B2B that has limited ports which suits us fine.
  3. Cunard sounds like a great idea. We are already booked on HAL but will consider Cunard for another cruise. I love to dress up for formal nights so that doesn’t bother me in the least.
  4. Lots of good advice. Thank you. I have cruised many times but not since my balance went south. I will definitely speak to Guest Relations.
  5. Thanks for the responses. Looks like the ocean bar is our only hope. I was afraid ballroom dancing was a thing of the past simply because I couldn’t find a place where it would happen. I don’t know if the speciality restaurants were started after the ship was built or before but I have noticed on our last two cruises that they appear to be taking up space where in the past something else might have taken place. Guess we don’t need to brush up on our dancing skills.
  6. Guess I will have to hope with less ships sailing we get one of the two.
  7. For those of you who have sailed on the Nieuw Amsterdam where are the places for dancing? We are of an age where Disco type music does not appeal to us but slower rhythms and swing dancing does. Will we find a place like that on the Nieuw Amsterdam? What about dance classes? Does that ever happen on HAL’s ships?
  8. No I don’t mind you asking. I walk with a cane due to balance issues. I plan to get a walker for the cruise to use as an alternative to the cane when it would be safer. If the water should be the least rough getting on a tender could be difficult. However if the island tenders are wheelchair accessible then I might be able to manage. I don’t think I have ever seen a tender like that. Thanks for your help.
  9. I hope we do too. We don’t plan to do excursions in all ports but would like to do Grand Turk.
  10. Thanks to each of you. You have been very helpful.
  11. I have mobility issues and won't be able to board tenders. Our itinerary includes Key West, Grand Turk Island, Amber Cove, San Juan, and St. Thomas. Will we be able to dock at the pier for these stops? The cruise also includes Half Moon Cay which I believe you have to use a tender for. Is that correct? Thanks for your help. I don't want to book excursions without this information.
  12. I had to smile when I saw you had listed the Weehawken Ferry among your cruises. I lived in New Jersey a number of years and was a frequent passenger.
  13. I, for one, Hope they require vaccinations. I would feel much safer.
  14. Each state seems to be handling it differently. I am in Oklahoma and one of the problems is there hasn’t been nearly enough vaccine released. Hopefully that will change when Biden takes over but who knows. I have received the first shot but had to drive an hour and a half in order to get an appointment. Everything else was filled up. Now I can worry about getting an appointment for the second shot. I feel lucky to have progressed this far.
  15. Thanks for your responses. And thanks for suggesting booking excursions a couple of days before departure.
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