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  1. Is RCCL going to refund money to Canadians that are booked on their cruises because they changed the rules about vaccinations?
  2. Hope you are going a day early. If there are weather problems you could miss your connection and miss the departure time. But then the the cruise line would have to look after you. We missed a embarcation once and it was going to be 3 days till the ship docked again [ not Viking]. They sent us to a resort for the wait and also got some money for all our problems Also 1 hour seems a bit short for Paris.
  3. Wonder if in 2 weeks anymore passengers get Covid-19 I do not think we will ever hear those numbers.
  4. What are Pfrincess Cruise Line's plans in regards to Florida Governor's wish to fine companies who request vaccination status?
  5. If you have had both doses, do you need to print both copies or or only the second one that says you have had your second dose? Thanks for the information. I did not realize that there were different forms to print. The one with the water mark I presume is more official.
  6. Went to Azamara website. New list of cancelled cruises Our Singapore to Athens May 13 2022 has been cancelled plus all Journeys itinerary previous. Appears to be low vaccination rates in the area
  7. Have insurance through pension plan, 90 days at a time. We are both over 70 The one time we went beyond the 90 days we flew home and then returned [we were RVing at the time] and started our 90 days all over again. This insurance is wonderful as it is very inexpensive [because of being a group plan] and it takes away the worries to have to get and pay for coverage every time we want to go away. Have used it once in Costa Rica and paid nothing out of pocket. Have been paying it during Covid with no hope of use but not of thought of cancelling because we would never be able to re
  8. My TA looked into that for me and yes they can be made into 2 twin beds but not sure how far apart they can be moved due to bedside tables having electrical etc outlets
  9. Hopefully this time it worked. If not send me your email address to trtog7@gmail.com and I will forward it to you. Hope to meet you on the cruise.
  10. There has been much talk about the 2 cases on the cruise, wondering about whether the 2 had lied about their vaccine status and the fact that everyone on board tested negative at the time I would like to know if anybody else tests positive in the next 2 weeks.
  11. Two people positive for Covid-19 on Millennium. With the length of the cruise, they could have been infected before getting on but still not testing positive. I am more interested in how many test positive in the next 2 weeks. This will show how well the precautions are working. I wonder if we will ever know how many positives are recorded after everyone is back home
  12. Looking at booking shore excursions from private operators. How do you find reviews of these operators?
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