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  1. Help! Cunard gave me no info on where the cruise transfer picks you up at Newark airport in the morning. The Cunard rep just said “between 10 & 11” and didn’t even know where! Does anyone know which terminal at the airport or the time the Cunard transfer picks you up at Newark airport?? We are supposed to catch it tomorrow! Thanks all
  2. I am working on trying to get from Southampton to France the day we arrive in port from NY. Ferries are not a good option as the high speed ferries leave too early from Portsmouth. Has anyone taken a Cunard transfer to London and hopped a quick flight to Paris? We could take a car to the airport or the Cunard transfer but the flight I was thinking of leaves around 3. Is that enough time to get to the airport ? We can easily carry off self-debark ... Thx!
  3. Ask a non-risk taker I carry my own sanitizer and pen. I also don't use the public bathrooms on the ship. As for touching handrails or elevator buttons - never done it, never well. Use my elbow for the button and don't touch the handrails ever even in heels. Have not eaten at a Cunard buffet in years either though I am not fond of the food anyway...but if I did I would just use a napkin to handle the serving utensils. These things are just a few extra seconds in life and no big deal but I have been on board during code red Noro breakouts and never had a problem.
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