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  1. I am working on trying to get from Southampton to France the day we arrive in port from NY. Ferries are not a good option as the high speed ferries leave too early from Portsmouth. Has anyone taken a Cunard transfer to London and hopped a quick flight to Paris? We could take a car to the airport or the Cunard transfer but the flight I was thinking of leaves around 3. Is that enough time to get to the airport ? We can easily carry off self-debark ... Thx!
  2. axelskater

    Hand sanitiser aversion

    Ask a non-risk taker I carry my own sanitizer and pen. I also don't use the public bathrooms on the ship. As for touching handrails or elevator buttons - never done it, never well. Use my elbow for the button and don't touch the handrails ever even in heels. Have not eaten at a Cunard buffet in years either though I am not fond of the food anyway...but if I did I would just use a napkin to handle the serving utensils. These things are just a few extra seconds in life and no big deal but I have been on board during code red Noro breakouts and never had a problem.
  3. axelskater

    concierge lounge

    Lots : )
  4. axelskater

    New Dress Code Designations?

    Where else will I go? Well I don't have to be on a ship. For me Cunard was not about the ports it was about the voyage, the history, the things on board and the formality/elegance. There are 3 wonderful places for us to go within a few hours drive - The Greenbriar - jacket/suits required, dining, dancing, live music, and things like shooting, archery and other interesting things to try. The Homestead- same as above The Hotel Roanoke with its beautiful Regency Room - while not as formal as the places above, still elegant and wonderful. Society can move along without me. I will just enjoy a little taste of the past on land instead of at sea.
  5. axelskater

    New Dress Code Designations?

    I actually loved it. I won't bother with Cunard either if they change the atmosphere though the person who remarked the entertainment & enrichment were "nothing special" is incorrect. Cunard is probably the only upper-middle line with enrichment lectures, programs, full orchestra, strings & such. But alas, here in this thread anyway I am in the minority. We went to Alaska on the Eurodam in September - comparable cabin class as to what we sail n Cunard. The ship looked like it was decorated in the 80's, the music was loud and grating - which is fine for one venue but not all the clubs I would think. The entertainment which was pleasant - the "Kennedy Center" nights - were stuffed into a small afterthought corner. Alaska was beautiful. HAL was pretty awful. We booked another Alaska voyage on QE, then cancelled several weeks ago since I prefer the formality and tradition of Cunard and its dress code. The West coast of the US will bring out the less formal crowd. So we booked a TA on the QM2 instead to give it one last whirl. Everyone has their reasons for sailing a certain line. With me and Cunard it is the formality and the elegance. Take it away and it is Holland America - a sad clone of their heyday. No thanks. I also sail Disney, who may charge triple what most lines charge, but they offer something unique too - superior service, beautiful ships, and the best entertainment. Disney knows better than to change its product. If Cunard doesn't then I won't bother sailing them anymore. I am sure plenty of others will take our place and it will be a nice memory for us while it lasted.
  6. Thank you for that! Although it is a bit disappointing to not be able to make the high speed ferry the day we get in, I don't think I want to do a slower one to the Caen area port. I suppose 1 night in Portsmouth will be a necessity. I did not care for Southampton at all - but maybe we just went to the wrong areas! The Portsmouth Cherbourg ferry is so quick though, and the afternoon ferry to Caen looked like it was overnight....
  7. axelskater

    Queen Mary 2 May 10 transatlantic storm

    We hit a Nor'easter a few years back on the sailing before Christmas. 35-40 foot seas and when we docked in NYC that morning, 5 inches of snow on our balcony. It was fine - but not really my preference
  8. axelskater

    QG alcohol. Do you take it home.

    we leave it for the staff. Plenty of liquor at home : )
  9. The Happy Limo company waited for us in an area then pulled up when we texted them
  10. axelskater

    Will I be bored?

    I think my mom might have paid 25.00 for mixology or something like that. Not more - and she did get 4 mini drinks which was *ahem* more than enough for her
  11. axelskater

    New Dress Code Designations?

    I did actually cancel my 10 day Alaska on QE because the cost was so astronomical (which would not really be an issue if Cunard made no changes at all) and went ahead and used that booking towards a TA on QM2. That will be it for Cunard until we see how all of this shakes out. People can make jokes if they like, but for my money I want the formal experience. It is not about the ports, etc.; it is just the closest thing we can get to stepping back in time (orchestra, dancing, strings concerts, formality) - which is so rare now. The ship's atmosphere is what it is all about for us.
  12. I did not see an afternoon ferry so I will take a look at this Ouistraham one thank you. I actually used a car service who is still in operation on my previous voyages so we could have him waiting for us. We would self-debark so we would get off by 7-7:30am...and the ferry departs Portsmouth at 9. The ride took 30 minutes in the past.. The main thing I was hoping to do was to have the high speed ferry rather than a longer one, but I am just unsure of timing. The Eurostar could be a great idea but goes past where we need to be...I suppose it does not stop until Paris and our time will be spent in Normandy before flying home. I appreciate all of this wonderful information ad advice. I am looking at Portsmouth hotels and of course it is a while off so I have not really decided anything yet. Just looking to make sure I plan this one day the right way!
  13. axelskater

    New Dress Code Designations?

    That is not my experience in 15 voyages. My last 7 voyages were Grills but we enjoyed Britannia before that, and the specialty restaurants too. A nice mix of each. People often complain more easily than they praise. If you love your voyage you go home with great memories. Statistically you are not likely to write a review. People who are disappointed, be it real or imagined are more likely to complain and vent, if for no other reason than to commiserate and find others to validate that complaint. I guess that is Psychology 101. I have no complaints about the food, cabins, entertainment, majority of staff, cleanliness and upkeep of ship, afternoon tea, activities - like flower arranging or lectures, Grills areas, shops and library... My one and only problem is I like the formality of Cunard and don't want that to change. Everything else has always been great.
  14. axelskater

    Queens Grill dining is it better

    I have done 2 PG and 5 QG - I never really saw a difference except the suite size and I enjoy the vanity in QG. As for Off menu - the one thing I loved to order off menu are flambe desserts and both restaurants had fun coming up with different things to light on fire for dessert. The only other thing I have ever ordered off menu is risotto once per cruise. Never had any issue with either restaurant - they seem the same to me. It is the flowers, the cabin size and the nice vanity and large closet which make the difference.
  15. axelskater

    New Dress Code Designations?

    42. There you have it.