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  1. Got both Moderna shots but remember, the vaccine is not a guarantee COVID will not be spread (or caught) so the precautions (distance, hand washing, sanitizing, and mask) may be here forever. (just like it was in some Asian countries pre pandemic). I would much rather see this than having passengers standing over top of me, breathing/coughing on my neck, not washing their hands (even after using restroom), pushing to get off/on ship, taking bites of food or handling and putting plates back on display and every other inconsiderate act that has gone on ships over the years as the industry grew o
  2. Agree with depends on your personal need. We've been in Neptune 4 times and none of them were initially booked. For almost half the price, a Vista or Signature works for us as long as we have a balcony so we usually start there and have been upgraded (for a cost must less than initially booking) to a Neptune. Our last Neptune was on 113 day cruise and we found that it was nice but really too much space for what we use (depends on your personal needs) so we booked a Vista on our (supposedly) 128 day cruise which was fine. We did miss the lounge perks and being spoiled by the crew in there but
  3. Its probably for a different thread but we were looking into Viking World next time just to see the difference. Its more $$ but more inclusive and some folks seem to like (others not) this cruise line (We have never sailed on Viking..yet). For you it begins in US but ends in UK so may be worth it. For this cruise, we never had any COVID issues on board but HAL knew the difficulties coming up with getting into ports so that was the reason for disembarking. We had issues with internet and getting flights on our own (which were being cancelled as they were being made) and Aussie autho
  4. How is your DW doing? We sat at the back of the lounge with you in 2018.
  5. What I found interesting while everyone was complaining how well the Westerdam passengers were treated: As I waited over an hour for the transport bus to take us to the hotel in Perth, I watched Orlando's wife and son (who were already waiting when we got out of the terminal) still not having their ride pick them up before we left for the hotel. That told me our situation was different yes, but even the President's family suffered the same treatment as the passengers. It was chaos equally spread among the WC passengers.
  6. IMO. The difference in the current environment is there is no revenue coming in for CCL and its sister companies. They won't raise enough cash to continue operations this way and they only can take on so much debt with the remaining ships if cruising does not start sooner than later. So saving 20% now may sound good, but as a previous post mentioned, there is a risk of not getting anything back if HAL ends up in BK and your refund is cents on the dollar (if anything). I think its too soon to know what will be happening next year so I like being 100% sure I will keep 100% of my current money.
  7. Unfortunately I don't think we have even touched the problems this will cause the cruise industry. Its great that TUI will pay for your flight back home, but what happens after that in your hometown hospital and treatment or if you don't survive. Is that really worth the gamble to get on a ship? We've seen multiple ships that have already started to cruise and already have "cases" (whether false positive or false negative). People can't even follow guidelines on land now, how will we expect them to follow on ship in close quarters. Who decides that 10, 50, 250 people or 50%, 60%, 75% capacity
  8. That is the third item in your profile. The first is the amount of FCC for bookings to use. The second is future cruise deposits (if you booked a cruise with a deposit and it was canceled and that deposit was credited for a future cruise). The third would assume to be any future onboard credits given by HAL for cancelled cruises. Some cruises that were cancelled (before sailing) passengers are offered up to $250/pp ($500 cabin) onboard credits on a new cruise (in addition to promotional items).
  9. Haven't been on Zaandam but multiple times on Amsterdam (same layout) usually in a Neptune suite. Had a major issue on a 6th floor Vista Suite. Evidently just above deck 5 there are exhaust vents (trash or incinerator?) and if you happen to be above and aft of these you get a rotten odor on your balcony as the ship sails (and the exhaust goes up and back). Happened to us and about 2 or 3 other cabins in a row. In the photo the vent is circled in yellow and the rooms affected are below the red area. I think there may be vents on both sides of the ship and maybe also forward (not sure) and it m
  10. Agreed. I enjoy meeting new crew members on each cruise (and passengers) and possibly seeing them on other ships. That to me is more of an experience and "family" than having the same crew on each time. This last GWC was not the same as others and honestly, it wasn't the best crew (a few had never sailed on a ship). Obviously we retired a great Captain and to me the rest could be replaced by other crew that have as much experience and have not become "influenced". I witnessed a few of these people that are being requested as definitely catering to specific passengers and ignoring requests
  11. Could it be for selling purposes of certain ships in these locations?
  12. Yep I saw Ali posted pics of the Barge but it looked like supplies and HAL has not sent any official confirmation. Previously someone was told our luggage was sent on Princess to LA which turned out to be false. Just didn't know if anyone has received factual knowledge on luggage. Seems if they didn't already offload, they will be past MY ports to stop and do it before Suez. ty.
  13. Looks like they may be heading for Suez now. Did the luggage get offloaded near Singapore or are they still carrying it?
  14. Lets hope they arrive well before Christmas. 😮
  15. Does anyone know what the passenger ship in front of the Amsterdam is? Its between the cruise ship and tender 10.
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