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  1. They could ask for folks who have had Covid or have positive antibodies.
  2. I'd do it. We are 47. I'd spend a pretty penny too, on bar drinks and upgrade restaurants and in the casino. We don't normally do casino but for a free cruise we would.
  3. Well...now I am super glad to have booked the new Royal ship (Odyssey) for 2/22. No dry-dock delaying it from cruising as it's just being built. So we should be on that ship in 2/22. Knock wood!
  4. When hurricane Sandy hit, the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore was docked for several days and then they offered a 2 day cruise to nowhere for a great deal. It was last minute. We lived in MD and jumped on it with some friends. They just went out in the Bay....maybe to the ocean, I don't recall. And went back to Baltimore. It was fun and I'd do another. But just 2-3 days and not a whole week. I'd go nuts on 1 week at sea with no stops. And DH would probably jump ship as he has an even harder time with seadays.
  5. Had HAL Canada cruise for 7/20 that got cancelled. Had CCL Bahamas cruise for 10/20 that got cancelled. We preemptively cancelled a Celebrity ABC cruise for 3/21 while in refund window. Just booked a RCI S Caribbean cruise for 2/22 (Odyssey) and think we will be on that one and will be bummed if not.
  6. Could be spread by those who just contracted the virus right before sailing but too early to test positive. Like if in traveling to cruise port one contracts Covid within hours of being tested. I think they would test negative and then a few days later, while on the cruise, they are sick. Maybe if they did 3-4 day cruises folks wouldn't show symptoms until they are done the cruise.
  7. So....wait...my Oct cruise was cancelled. They aren't cruising in Oct, right? Someone (xDis) said through Sept 30 above but I thought it is now through Oct 31, no?
  8. question...if you buy the trip insurance can you then cancel it if you cancel the cruise before final payment and get refund for insurance? We had a July 2020 cruise booked since April 2019 and bought the insurance at time of booking. Then, when things started going sideways (Covid) and before our final payment, we cancelled the cruise. We got deposit back but they did not refund $184 for trip insurance. And I filed a claim dispute through our CC. They did their investigation and came back with 'you did not cancel within 15 day free look period.' So we can't cancel trip insutance? If not, may
  9. All cruises? My Sunshine cruise on Oct 31 hasn't gotten notice. And if you go to CCL's health sailing update dated today it still says through Sept.
  10. Oct 31 cruise paid in full. I am not bothering.
  11. We really liked the Fantasy class. They were least crowded and easiest to navigate. But I agree they were frumpy and time to retire. Fascination was our 1st Carnival cruise. Enjoyed her twice. Kind of sad...but time for it.
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