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  1. laumicmah

    Review of 10/6/18 Horizon Cruise

    We did not see any theater shows. The comedian was good. They had a latin band and a duo that did cover songs and another band I didnt pay attention to. They do trivia and bingo. They have stuff like the Love and Marriage show and some dance off thing at pool along with belly flop contest. They had a white hot party in the lobby where a DJ plays dance music and the CD danced on the bar and was funny. They had a Halloween dance party...Thriller dance. There was always stuff going on. They played big movies at night on the pool big screen. I think they had other parties too...that we missed. And there was karaoke every day.
  2. Thanks for posting. We did 3 day on Majesty last year. Some drink package questions...do they charge you taxes on your drinks while you are still in port (while in American ports)? Is the limit $12 drinks and then they charge you the overage if you order more expensive? Enjoy your cruise (would love to live in FL so we could pop on cruises whenever).
  3. Our cabin, on the Jan 3rd Grandeur cruise, will be deck 3 and right under the Centrum stage. Do you think that will be a noise issue in our cabin (if we go to bed around 10-11pm)?
  4. laumicmah

    Royal Carribean Drink Package

    Is it a $12 minimum? And do they add taxes when in American ports like Carnival does? I added it today for Jan cruise on Grandeur for $44/day.
  5. laumicmah

    Drink Package on RCCL

    SO there is a $12 limit. And you don't sing a receipt every time? Just did drink package on CCL and hated that receipt because we felt the need to put $1 on the tip line. I'd rather not get a receipt and just find a fave bartender to use most of the cruise and then give him a nice one time tip. Also, CCL charged taxes while in American ports. RCI does not...even my cruise that stops in Charleston, PC and Miami?
  6. laumicmah

    Weird/Bad Itineraries out of Northeast?

    Yep. We just drove 14 hours to port of Miami for a cruise and that was a bit much. We can drive 5 hours to my mom's, stay there a night and get up and drive 25 minutes to the port of Baltimore. Maybe even have mom drive us to avoid parking fees. We could drive to Jax port in about 7 hours but they have stinky itins and they are short cruises. Now I wouldn't do this itin every time. But it's not a bad choice every now and again.
  7. laumicmah

    Weird/Bad Itineraries out of Northeast?

    By the way, the cruise out of Baltimore that stops at Charleston, PC and Miami is a 9 day not a 7 day. We are booked for Jan as DH loved the itin. Me not so much. We live in NC and drive to Hilton Head 1-2 times a year and to Disney 2-3 times a year. So I was like "huh" when he wanted to book it. But A) we're from Baltimore and all our family is there (and we will be up there to take DDs back to college as soon as we get off the cruise). B) we never really get to Charleston so we're looking forward to that. And C) it also stops in Cococay (and Nassau but meh). D) it's more interesting than the 7 day CCL Pride that stops at Freeport, Nassau and private island and even the private island, Grand Turk and Freeport as Freeport is the worst and Grand Turk is almost as bad lately. Anyway, was told that they have so far down to go that they can only get to the northern area of the Caribbean. Like mentioned, you'd have to do 12 days or so to get better ports. And we're pushing it to be able to do 9 (DH getting off work).
  8. So my Jan cruise on her will be the 9 nighter. Do you think we'll have menus #1-9 of your menus or they could be different?
  9. Following as we will be getting on Grandeur on Jan 3. Looking forward to more. Have fun!
  10. laumicmah

    Is Pier up at Coco Cay yet?

    Hopefully done by Jan 9. We'll be there that day on Grandeur.
  11. laumicmah

    Just off the Horizon

    When is the last time you were there? We had a great visit not long ago too. But I heard that hurricane damaged a lot, making water rocky and the locals took over from CCL and they now are in charge. The free chairs now are very few. They set up pop up canopy things with tables and sell stuff like drinks and snacks and chairs and snorkel gear. The wild dogs are rampant. The seaweed layer is just as you walk in the water (with the rocks). It's a lot different than just 2-3 years ago.
  12. laumicmah

    Just off the Horizon

    Just wouldn't do 6470 or 6465 (they are the only 2 inside Havana on deck 6). On deck 5, cabana cabin or inside, I'd go as close to the elevators and ocean plaza as possible. So I, personally, would never do the inside 5230 or 5229 nor would I do cabanas 5228, 5232, 5338, 5340, 5227, 5231, 5237, 5239. And I'd aim for as close to elevators as possible (though maybe not very first next to elevators...JMO). Deck 7 or higher, I'd do any. And the cabana suites on deck 5, even though they are close to band stage, I'd still do because they are soooooo SWEET. I may also do any of the aft extended balconies, even deck 6 cause those ore also SWEET.
  13. laumicmah

    Just off the Horizon

    We could only remember 2...Ready Player 1 and Avengers Infinity War. Sorry. I think there was a horror movie too (for Halloween theme) cause I remember saying something to my friends that it might be too scary for their kids.
  14. laumicmah

    Just off the Horizon

    The indoor Pig and ANchor is a bar with a pub menu that is pay extra. Then outside is the BBQ window that is free but only open lunch on seadays (and late docking in port days). The Wok is up above aft Lido, tucked away. It's a pay Asian restaurant for dinner and free Wok for lunch (you order at table). And there is an Italian place up there too, free pasta bar for lunch and pay Italian for dinner. At least...on the Horizon it's set up like this.
  15. laumicmah

    Just off the Horizon

    I did not see any food menus in the Havana. They did have coffee set up in there in the mornings. Not sure what kind was in it. Around the corner, though, in the ocean plaza was a buffet with breakfast (where we ate most mornings) and lunch (never looked at it for lunch as we enjoyed the Guy's BBQ (around the corner from there) and the wok up above Lido and Guy's Burger on Lido pool deck and the Seafood Shack on Tides pool Lido area (also pizza was good one day). Have fun. We're sailing out of Baltimore in January on Royal. We booked a 3 night dining package to get the specialty places since we saw how good they were on Horizon (I know different cruise line but figure it's all about the same). Good to try off site parking. I don't think I mentioned in my review how expensive the parking was. Nearly choked when we paid the ticket as we left.