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  1. How would the Amsterdam to Canada be for two 21 year old girls?
  2. Huh....my June 2020 Carnival cruise to Cuba got changed about 2 weeks ago to Nassau. We cancelled and booked a July 2020 HAL cruise to NE and Canada in it's place. Now I wonder if this had anything to do with it. Maybe they wanted to change some to fill in other ports before all these other ships got in the fray. SIL was also booked and had to cancel and they gave her a hard time getting her deposit back (she booked early saver).
  3. So $7 a day. That's $49 for my 7 night cruise. Just DH and I. If we do 3 bags during the week it is cheaper to pay the daily rate. If we just want to do 1-2 bags, then the $20/bag is the way to go.
  4. Thank you for posting. I just looked and saw the form for redemption of OBC. I just submitted. I am going to print out Expedia resie info where it lists the promotions and the page that shows included to bring on the cruise just in case. How does HAL do the drink package....a sticker on our card like Carnival? Do they do different color cards for level of loyalty like Carnival?
  5. That's what I called and asked but the person didn't know. When I click the 'make a payment' link it does say 'included' next to each offer.
  6. No, but I had posted on FB page for JH and he, or someone from his office, replied that the itin changed due to port closing for repairs. Though they also emailed me a letter stating itin changed due to port congestion. I see on some port schedule sites that 2-3 ships do dock in Cuba (2019 has 2-3 ships docking at times) so maybe they are repairing 1-2 slips and only have a slip for 1 ship. Because the schedules only show 1 ship at a time in June-July 2020.
  7. I called and they say they see we qualify but didn't really know the deal. But they see it on there. I see it but it reads like this (and I think we get $75 OBC): Early Booking Bonus - FREE Drinks, Dining, and More Early Booking Bonus - Receive these 4 offers when you book between March 4, 2019 - May 1, 2019: Signature beverage package, Pinnacle Grill dinner, reduced fares for 3rd and 4th guest, and 50% reduced deposit. Valid on select sailings departing between Summer 2020 and Spring 2021, excluding grand voyages and grand voyage segments. Signature beverage package has a daily limit of 15 beverages, which includes all beverages priced $9.00USD or lower. One complimentary Pinnacle Grill dinner per person. Reduced fares for 3rd & 4th is based on sharing a stateroom with 1st & 2nd guests. Discounted rates reflected at checkout. Valid on new bookings only. Restrictions apply; please see full terms and conditions for complete details. Exclusive! Up to $1000 Onboard Credit - Ends 4/30 Book a qualifying cruise on Expedia and get up to a $1000 onboard credit per cabin! Book and make a deposit between April 1, 2019 and April 30, 2019, for cruises departing on/after May 1, 2019 in order to qualify. The cruise must be booked, and the redemption form submitted, at least 21 days prior to sailing to be eligible for the onboard credit. Restrictions may apply, please see full terms and conditions below for complete details. On-board credit will be given in the following amounts: $500-$749 - $25 OBC; $750-$1499 - $50 OBC; $1500 - $2499 - $75 OBC; $2500-$3499 - $125 OBC; $3500-$4999 - $250 OBC; $5000-$9999 - $500 and $10,000+ - $1000 OBC. The cruise cabin price is the total price of the cruise only fare based on the first and second guest in the cabin and does not include insurance, government fees, taxes and port expenses.
  8. None of what would have happened? I see on Expedia all the perks they are giving and all my booking info. I see on Hal, after putting in booking #, much of the booking info but not MDR seating or the perks/OBC. I assume it will all be given on the cruise. Just like to see it typed on HAL cruise manager thingy. But I guess it won't. No biggie as long as I get these perks/OBC.
  9. Funny thing is there are still ships scheduled for port in Cuba. All through June and July 2020....MSC cruises.
  10. And we paid more for a Cuba cruise than a Bahamas cruise. Another poster mentioned $200pp more. I didn't look into that but I do know it was more when I booked my 6/22/20 Cuba cruise. Anyway, looks like maybe June and July itins were changed. Letter from CCL said due to port congestion but on FB they said port was closing for repairs. I booked past guest rate and was able to cancel, thank goodness. I will always book past guest rate for here on out. It is better to pay that little bit more and have the ability to cancel, IMO. SIL also was booked but ES rate. She had trouble cancelling without penalty but they finally did it for her. Changing fro Cuba to Nassau is a big deal.
  11. We just booked our first HAL cruise, for 2 of us, via Expedia. It offered us the drink package plus a dinner in the Pinnacle as well as OBC. I registered on HAL and put in our booking #. It pulled it up but I don't see these free perks for booking via Expedia. Where can I see these? Do we just make a reservation for Pinnacle once we're able (too soon right now)? Or would we need to do something special when making the reservation? Where can we see the OBC? I also don't see our dining time we selected (early seating). Nor a place to state whether we want 2 beds or 1 (do they have a place to select that?)? Where should it show the drink package?
  12. Thanks for sharing. We just booked this ship for 2020. It's our first on HAL. I have a few questions. First, do they assign you an arrival appointment time on embarkation day? Can we select that time somehow? If not, what's the earliest we can arrive? How far in advance do you need to make Pinnacle and Tamarind reservations? Can it be done on the ship and day of? Or should I do before the cruise? Do you know if the drink package, which is for drinks up to $8, will allow us to get a drink over that cost and pay the difference (ie: like a glass of wine for $13, we just pay $5)? Do you know how the sports bar is? Does it show many channels? Cabins...do the have hairdryers and mini fridges? Thank you!
  13. Is this true? I would rather do that.
  14. Where on deck 3 is it located? Forward, mid, aft? Edit...found my own answer. It is sort of forward but aft of atrium, just. It is next to cabin C3336.
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