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  1. I just got off the Grandeur of the Seas and we had a 3 night dining package. We used it to try all 3 specialty venues and even went to Izumi another time (4/9 nights in specialty venues) and DH said he wished we got the full dining package and went every night to specialty places. They were soooo much better than the MDR (and buffet). I say this as another Disney dining fan (we are DVC and go to the World 3 times a year and a big focus for us is the dining...love food and wine too).
  2. I called HAL and we can't get past guest deals.
  3. Can you get a past guest rate for a HAL cruise as a Carnival VIFP past guest? We have 9 Carnival cruises but want to try HAL for first time. How do I get a past guest rate on HAL....or can I?
  4. Following. We were on the Grandeur that stopped in PC on the 6th, the day you boarded....from Fishlips...
  5. laumicmah

    Possible 4th Person Cancelation

    Good luck to you. If they tell you something that doesn't sound right, maybe hang up and call back for another rep. (if you used a travel agent I think they will have the right info).
  6. laumicmah

    Possible 4th Person Cancelation

    I had 3 booked in a cabin, one being my son (22). We cancelled son right after final payment, like 78 days out, and got his fare refunded less $100 for change fee. They also made us move cabins into a 2 passenger cabin. When I called the week before, to ask what the cancel fee was, they said we would not have to move cabins but then the 2nd rep made us. And because my 2 girls (twins 20) were in cabin they had to be next door to us so we had to move ours too. ANd got crappier location for same fare we initially paid. We booked on a cruise.
  7. laumicmah

    Drink Package

    About $50/day plus tips.Lowest I saw it on sale for my cruise at $44/day plus tips (also saw $50, $47). Can book it and then cancel and rebook if it goes on sale for a lower price.
  8. laumicmah

    Mariner - December movies

    Will they show new movies, like Aquaman? Will be on Grandeur on 1/3.
  9. Me too...with the notifications.
  10. Been having this issue since last night. I cleared my cookies but no help
  11. laumicmah

    Izumi $49.99 - No longer a la carte?

    From RC blog... The hot rocks are available on all Vision, Radiance and most Voyager class of ships (with the exception of Adventure of the Seas) have hot rock and sushi. Quantum Class ships have sushi, hot appetizers and noodles. Oasis class have Hibachi and sushi. Mariner and Independence are the other 2 Izumis with mostly Hibachi. posted in Oct 2018
  12. laumicmah

    Izumi $49.99 - No longer a la carte?

    So can we, or can we not, go to Izumi as one of our 3 night dining package nights?
  13. laumicmah

    Review of 10/6/18 Horizon Cruise

    We did not see any theater shows. The comedian was good. They had a latin band and a duo that did cover songs and another band I didnt pay attention to. They do trivia and bingo. They have stuff like the Love and Marriage show and some dance off thing at pool along with belly flop contest. They had a white hot party in the lobby where a DJ plays dance music and the CD danced on the bar and was funny. They had a Halloween dance party...Thriller dance. There was always stuff going on. They played big movies at night on the pool big screen. I think they had other parties too...that we missed. And there was karaoke every day.
  14. Thanks for posting. We did 3 day on Majesty last year. Some drink package questions...do they charge you taxes on your drinks while you are still in port (while in American ports)? Is the limit $12 drinks and then they charge you the overage if you order more expensive? Enjoy your cruise (would love to live in FL so we could pop on cruises whenever).
  15. Our cabin, on the Jan 3rd Grandeur cruise, will be deck 3 and right under the Centrum stage. Do you think that will be a noise issue in our cabin (if we go to bed around 10-11pm)?