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  1. I am not sure where I lost it but flew from Anchorage, rerouted to MSP and then changed flights to PHX. I filed a lost item report with the airline, got numerous "we are looking for it" emails each day and then they said they found it. I paid for return postage from wherever it was found (I still have no idea). The FedEx guy said it had been sent from Alabama. Almost bought another on Amazon Prime day but left it in my cart, did not check out. Whole process took 10 days, I feel lucky!
  2. if I cancel a cruise I put down $100 to hold (non refundable) can I transfer the deposit to another cruise?
  3. nuts! won't be open for my cruise next month
  4. with south beach closed for now is the tram even running?
  5. my cruise planner gave me the ability to choose dining times for each night. do they honor these? I thought you just showed up anytime.
  6. with south beach closed is there any decent snorkeling?
  7. itinerary is very important, next comes the ship, then price
  8. my clamshell was cancelled as well for 8/19 cruise
  9. I have seen a group of teenagers wear them to the show at night
  10. I have seen it on elevators, going to the pool, spa , etc. would you do this? Once my key was in a bathrobe in the spa, someone took it by mistake, I had to go to the desk on a formal night to get a new key, that was embarrassing.
  11. are there bathrobes in the js on Harmony?
  12. some excursions disappear and I assume they are full, but are some spots held back for booking once on board?
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