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  1. With two Elites what options are there to exchange one for say a bottle of wine or a coffee card?
  2. What are the prices of the specialty restaurants? If you get the package for 3 dinners how does it work with a la carte dining venues?
  3. what is the difference in the cabins? Are the extra sleepers uppers or does a sofa sleep 1 vs 2 people?
  4. is there a size difference or just the deck? The BA I am looking at is on deck 13, the BC on deck 10 both angled cabins mid ship.
  5. would love to know how it looks post storm
  6. would love to snorkel and find a nice beach, which is a better choice?
  7. Firepath, there are some great coffee plantations in Hawaii you might enjoy visiting
  8. Thanks I see it would be an extra $600 for this "promo"
  9. 4 offers for wifi, $50 shore excursion credit, Beverage package and Dining. but I assume gratuities are not included, what is the final cost for this package on a 7 day cruise?
  10. I have been on a ship delayed 2 days back in port due to a hurricane. We enjoyed calm seas off the coast of Cuba with a bunch of others, however the food became a little bit dicey as the chefs had to get creative with what scraps they had. It was also over Labor Day weekend.
  11. this stuff is way over my head but on my recent HArmony cruise the internet was slow. I thought internet on Royal princess in So America was faster.
  12. they told me they start raking at 3:30 in the morning, I think that was a joke but the beach was Clean with a Capital C
  13. yes but I found it somewhat disappointing
  14. Oh people dressed however they wanted. Formal night meant nothing in the dining room. also internet was slow
  15. a few more thoughts --never got a notice for the meet and mingle, don't know if it happened --chair hogs were rampant, no enforcement --chocolate buffet was during dinner, we almost missed it, ran from the dining room to windjammer
  16. Enjoyed our Western Caribbean cruise, we had a JS, lots of room and large balcony. Good location 7242 and wonderful room steward. We ate most nights in the dining room and had reservations anytime but used the suite check in line so we were always seated promptly. Had good service table 220 from Lisa. Only 2 sea days we tried the stay at the adult pool but it is near a very large smoking area and shade is limited. We enjoyed CoCo Cay but there were some jellyfish at one beach and the birds at lunch were a nuisance, still a great beach day. We went to all the shows but the headliner, I dont like jugglers. The shows were well done but the story lines were very abstract. The performers were wonderful though. Costa Maya we went to Tropicante, no seaweed or bugs, very nice day. Roatan we went to Tabyana with RCL, never crowded, beautiful sand and water, good snorkeling. Cozumel we took a taxi to Chankanaab to do some snorkeling. We had great weather, bought the $89 10 drink card when it was offered, took no photos as we have cruised over 40 times. Found the art auction guy annoying as we were told we could not enter without registering, what bs. The Windjammer was jammed and food got boring there. Found breakfast in DR not much better, tried Johnny Rockets and Park Cafe for breakfast, not impressed. I took a "tour"of Central PArk with the gardener and got bit up (only place I got bug bites). Embarkation was fast, luggage delivery slow. Getting off the ship we waited as long as we could as we had a 2pm flight home. Used Cortrans to get back to MCO, very good.
  17. had a great day today in roatan at tabyana, hardly anyone there. snorkeling was great and the beach beautiful.
  18. we took the ships excursion to Tabyana and were surprised at how empty it was. The beach was gorgeous and the snorkeling wonderful beyond the sea grass. I expected hordes of people to arrive but it never happened. It was nice and quiet and the service was great. Lunch was so so but here are decent washrooms. We had a great day at a fabulous beach with clear water and soft sand.
  19. day two arrived 3 hours late but will stay until 6pm, lunch wasn't ready until1. Breakfast in WJ was a mob scene, never again, we ventured down to park cafe nice and quiet there. Getting off the ship to coco cay was tough too as everyone was anxious with the delay. Weather was perfect though, some jellyfish but no stings that I observed. The birds at lunch are very aggressive, guard your food. Internet seems slow--fastest at sea, I think not, Princess is faster even in So America seas.
  20. Day one of western Caribbean itinerary and here we are back in port with medical issue. Embarkation was great, but luggage took 5 hours to get delivered. Muster was badly done in the Promenade. JS is spacious as promised and we were able to use the suite line at dinner for immediate seating service was very good in the dining room. Went to Grease and lasted most of it. Now we are sitting in port and will be late by at least 3 hours to coco cay.
  21. hey going on Harmony Aug 18 would love to know what day is chocolate buffet
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