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  1. most states have disorganized health systems, no coordination
  2. Yes I have done it, definitely worth it.
  3. https://cruiseradio.net/cdc-rule-cruise-passengers-will-be-required-to-wear-masks/?fbclid=IwAR0rPe6xEDHs_6Z4Q32cMbnxDNyARvrNz0LfZ_u7F46MCSsw-I8FTXHJNJ0
  4. cdc mandates masks on cruises today
  5. Glad to here someone is enjoying a cruise, I miss it.
  6. still waiting cruise finished MArch 6
  7. you end up paying higher rate for the room to get your "perks."
  8. December Reflection cruise CC offer rate is higher than Senior Rate, beware.
  9. ours was recessed in the ceiling on Crown Princess last month, did not intrude at all but the mattresses sucked.
  10. no free rental chairs, we were at the Marriott beach by bus last week.
  11. just off Crown today full ship everyone seemingly healthy, had great weather. Also Airports were very busy coming and going as were the airplanes we flew on.
  12. Ship: Crown Class: Grand DEck: 11 Cabin #: B430 Accessible: No Connecting: No Problems: Quiet and near the elevator but the worst mattresses. We were able to get a barrel chair in the room. Room steward started out great but service went downhill. Never vacuumed, late to clean room. Ship showing wear, balcony bannister in need of redo.
  13. Because we were arriving in the after noon I decided to book a ship excursion and we had ship board credit to use. We took this excursion which included a snorkel and some beach time. The crew were great, we were divided in groups and they had snorkel vests, snorkels and masks. Beach time was an hour on Klein Bonaire. The boat was easy to get on and off which was my main consideration. Previously we had just taken the ferry to KLein and that was great if shore snorkeling is sufficient.
  14. went to mero beach yesterday by taxi, we had to wait to fill up which was a pain. Beach was very pleasant, not crowded, reasonable price for chairs, water was clear and lovely sand was hot, bring sand shoes.
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