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  1. We bought one on day 2 on Independence last year and on Anthem on day 3. Both times $90. We thought it was a nice deal. We just noticed a little sign on the bar and asked.
  2. Thanks. I knew I was really pushing it...LOL
  3. This makes me wonder: What if my DH and I are Diamond but our two 20-something kids are not? Can they be linked or is it only done for a spouse?
  4. OK I got two "go aheads" from my post so I will go ahead and bid on the RoyalUp. Just didn't want to loose my long awaited Diamond status over a bigger suite! Thanks so much for your quick replies.
  5. I am still confused about the cruise points. We are cruising next month and currently have a junior suite. We will turn diamond on this cruise. I just received a Royal Up email to bid on some higher category suites. If I do that and end up getting a higher category suite do I only get 1 cruise point per night? I have read this is the case but I am wondering since I already am booked in a JS with 2 points per night if I would keep them? Could someone clear up my confusion? I won't bid if it means we will not reach Diamond status getting only 1 point per night.
  6. Should be no problem at all. We have had quite a few 10:45-11:00 flights out of FLL after a RCCL cruise. We make sure we carry our own luggage and get off the ship early so we don't have to stress.
  7. Just purchased the Surf AND Stream internet package for two devices for 18.99/day. Came down a few dollars for Black Friday I guess.
  8. Thanks all. I think I will wait for Black Friday and see the price. We usually share a one device package but going to splurge this time and get 2 devices. $10.99 for one device was a good price. We normally sail 5-night cruises and the cheapest I have seen was $11.99.
  9. What is a good price for "Surf and Stream" for two devices for a 5 night cruise? My cruise planner is showing a sale price of $22.79. Is that a good price? We usually get Surf and Steam package for ONE device and share it but this time I think TWO devices would be easier for us to manage. I don't think we can text each other if we only have the ONE device package right? Not interested in a drink package or drink/internet package. Thanks for you input!
  10. Yes, this is what I get each time I redeem. I have never gotten any notification that it is in my on board credit account. I was nervous the first time that it wouldn't be credited, but I've redeemed on each of our sailings since and never had a problem. Once we would get to our cabin I would check our account on the TV and the credit was always there. No need to stand in line at pursers desk.
  11. Yes,, keep checking. I saw BOGO on my planner but didn't purchase, then went back in the next day to purchase and it was gone. Then BOGO reappeared a couple of weeks later, just a few days before our cruise.
  12. They served them on our 2016 Anthem cruise. They also had a huge tray of pastries. Lots of raffles and giveaways. I won a bottle of champagne. Well attended and a fun group of people.
  13. Explorer 2002 - celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary. All my siblings and husbands and kids, 22 of us. What a fabulous ship at that time, we all had such a great time. The kids were in heaven.
  14. Other places to get breakfast on Indy is the Promenade Cafe and Sorrento's makes made to order breakfast sandwiches. We liked the MDR best. There are two entrances, one for buffet breakfast only, one for table service. The table service side allows you to order eggs to order (only scrambled at buffet with an omlette of some sort available each day on the buffet) and other things on the menu but you can still use the buffett too so that was perfect for us.
  15. We've bought them on the Indy in 2016 on the first day! There was a sign on the bar in Schooner bar so we bought one. On Indy in 2018 we didn't see the sign till day 2 and bought it. This year on Indy it was advertized on Day 3 in the cruise compass but was available Day 2 in the Dog and Badger Pub. I asked about it and they sold me one. So do that! They give you a card which is a punch card and they cross off each time you get a drink. You don't need your sign and sail card at all to use the card. Very simple. Worked easy in the dining room too.
  16. Whoops! I neglected to say that the past 3 cruises we purchased the "10 drinks for $75 card" available at all the bars on day 2. It's $88 including tax and gratuities and covers any drink up to $12. Since our martini's and scotch are $12 a drink this saves us $4.50 per drink. We just got off the Indy on Thursday. I also take advantage of the $2 Mimosas in the casino every day from 10am-12pm and my DH enjoyed the $5 bloody Mary's at the Windjammer bar from 10am-12pm every day. Also tried the $8 drink of the day special each day. So between the drink card, the drink specials and bringing on two bottles of wine we had more than enough drinks and spent way less than the drink package which would have been $500+ for our 5 night cruise. Our bar bill this cruise was $250.
  17. We used two iphones, an ipad and a tablet on the one device package.
  18. Not worth it for us. We cruised many times before the inception of the drink packages so we know what we spend on the average for drinks on our cruises. The price of the drink package is well over what we would spend on our own. We bring two bottles of wine at embarkation and don't deny ourselves any drinks and still come out way ahead. Plus we aren't on the ship when in port. I don't like feeling I have to drink a certain amount of drinks a day to get my money's worth.
  19. We received a notice in our cabin first day that our reservation would be at 6:30 PM at Giovanni’s table. Rather than assume evening 2 reservation was at Chops for the same time I walked over to Chopsafter dinner to inquire. They have no record of a reservation. So I booked it at that time. Glad I checked. Do not assume.
  20. OK we paid $1400 (including taxes/port fees) for two for a balcony guarantee for 5-night Indy cruise. Got assigned 9242 2 weeks after reserving so no upgrade there. Since then got two Royal Up email offers. The second time I offered $300 total ($150 each) for a Junior Suite upgrade. I JUST received an email tonight saying our offer was not accepted.
  21. Hello All, Just wondering if shampoo and body wash is still provided in the cabins? We are in a regular balcony cabin on the Indy.
  22. We've purchased BOGO many times and we have tried a few times on a few different ships to change that first night and it was not possible. It might be easier for them to change the second night which is always formal night? I would assume there is a big demand for specialty dining that night. But I wouldn't count on it. It's a great deal, just enjoy it.
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