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  1. Well once again the haters have come out... so glad I posted 1. Yeah 6 drinks at dinner is highly possible, that’s formal dinner, not rushing and hanging out , I drank more than 6 diet cokes, 2. don’t think for a minute there weren’t multiple conversations w him, 3. Just like a regular bar I couldn’t believe he kept being served, if he did harm or get hurt I would think RC would not want that risk, 4. Isn’t this the place to post about “stuff’ , so this is not airing dirty laundry ..you have no idea who I or my family is... I think of this board as conversations w similarly interested people.
  2. Thanks Momma Bear got pictures and video, I am sorry is the reply. We get .. mine to him is constant and insistent..Never again.. you have got a problem here... I did not really know before the cruise how bad as in my house .. there really is no drinking...we just don’t for no particular reason.. those that did also have the package just had a good time trying out things they never had before, had real fun as well and did not go overboard..... he has apologized to the family on the cruise , and after in Disney.. still this kids got a problem... is our kinda adopted son.... we are all worrie
  3. Thanks so much for saying that Chipford , not logical for RC to not monitor.... too easy to lose $$$
  4. When we confronted him he apologized and did it again, this was way too much for him to control.... never had been on a cruise before, like to drink. And I know he even scared himself a bit as we went to Disney after and he was not a happy fellow but it still did Not make it better and he is def. not off the hook for this event, I am sure he will never go again can not afford it, as I said I paid for the group to go
  5. We DID talk to him , all 5 of us....all day ..each day and if the bar tenders looked.. slurring his words, difficulty ambulating , Overly friendly, we redirected him, moved him to other locations, took him to events, basically baby sat him as much as we could, even at dinner , 6 drinks. I counted.. being the loud mouth person I am I told him and the wait staff to not bring him more drinks... So he waited until after dinner went to a bar and got more. Yes I KNOW he must have a ETOH problem, and I am in recurrent conversation w him now about this, my wish would be that since this is all a
  6. I must say I am embarrassed to post this about my own family. Recently off the Indy stepson had purchased unlimited drink package and drink way too much. He must've had over 20 drinks and was clearly obviously way over his limit. I was really happy that the bartender at the bar he frequented stop giving him drinks and only gave him bottled water but my stepson was able to bypass this by going to different bars to get more drinks. The five other family members on the trip talked to him constantly about how much he was drinking and tried to get him to stop drinking and it didn’t work. He dran
  7. Of course a typical grieving family would take the valid path of I make a terrible mistake...not this crap, family and Gf are engaged in. I am on Independence have been since 2/13 and in looking around not one single kid has been near any of the windows, not not looking around. Or out nothing and there are plenty of kids, they are playing..... , not even interested... stupid double dumb ass GF either called her over or allowed her to follow and then did not have common sense or even a shred of logic to move her away..even worse, and more upsetting I went to the windows open and not open, i
  8. I doubt anyone is getting pleasure, for me, I really can not believe this idiot did this and the family is sticking by him.. and others that post have more ways to find out information than I do I feel I get the most updated data here that I can not find out on my own. I do not enjoy when posters are rude to other posters ..but apparently it is a highly desisted repeated behavior for some
  9. So, how will the legal proceedings evolve, is it like ours where there is a jury of “peers” a judge decision, ? have no idea of the laws , and what do you all think is the possibility that Royal, in the end, will cave, I hope they dont this event appears so oblivious to all except the family
  10. So who is doing the screening and pulse ox, and what pulse ox is too low.. we all better take deep breathes before we get our sats taken. lol
  11. I know why do I check , eh, no changes still waiting we cruise 2/13/20..... just can’t help myself, it is such a tease to even offer if they don’t reply... I have seen others posted they were denied the AM of. I think that’s horrible. Proof big buisness=ss does not give a sh - - if it is stressful, why did I think it would be otherwise.. can always be a optimist.. apparently it gets me nowhere but frustrated
  12. Well, purchased on line 1/16/20 received email, fromRCCL, it would be sent via email,or mail. I choose email, once funds left bank, funds left bank on 1/17/20, nothing has arrived. This was to be a surprise for my son. Called yesterday , literally waited 32 minutes to be on a call with a less than adequate rep, probably new , who put me on hold, I counted 5 times to figure out what to do after asking me the same questions over and over, finally she began to fill out a form, with a question... what were the gift certificate numbers... that is where I stopped after 1 hour plus of her. Asked fo
  13. Seriously cruise -vacation- lighten up. This is not a rule nor a law.... not everyone feels comfortable in a shirt w a tie or a dressy dress.. I think those who do look glorious beautiful handsome... but once we sit down does it really matter .... is it so important for the 5 minute walk to your dinning room chair to dress up
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