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  1. We’re on Jupiter now. I have heard anywhere between 600-700 passengers are on the trip. I am not aware of any opportunities to stroll off the ship with a Viking rep as you would likely come in contact with people “outside the bubble” which goes against what the bubble tries to accomplish. I am new to Viking but it doesn’t appear as though there is any more entertainment than what prior Viking cruisers tell me. There’s plenty of music at various venues on board. Chef’s Table has a California menu, an Asian menu, and I think an Indian menu. We’re going to the first two but missed out on the Indian menu. Weather has been very overcast each day, but regardless of rain in the forecast there has been none. Good touring weather. Temps in the 50’s Hope this helps.
  2. My question really has two parts: 1- What is the policy of cancelling excursions? We are on the August 17th Jupiter cruise and our My Viking Journey site says that there are no longer changes allowed regarding excursions until you are on the ship. 2- Due to the recent information regarding quarantining of people who are on the same bus as a positive passenger, would you think the policy regarding cancellations of "bus trips" would be more lenient. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. My wife and I are also on the 8/17 cruise. Obviously there is some degree of anxiety, but we're forging ahead with our plans. Only change is I think we may steer clear of crowded bus trips. Just seems not to be worth the risk.
  4. Thanks all for your responses. There will be no jeans packed for dinners.
  5. I have read several differing opinions on this subject but was wondering what the general consensus about jeans in the dining room is. I think that the Viking company line states no jeans in the dining room, but I have seen many people state that there are many people wearing jeans in the dining room, and it is fine. I"m not talking about ripped jeans, but "dress jeans" with appropriate collared shirts and shoes. Thanks in advance for your responses.
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