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  1. It really seems that corporate America does not care....Everything is about the almighty $$$....We are doing our first Azamara cruise next week on the Journey for 16 nights and have been following the Azamara topic for months....We are both Celebrity Elite and have loyalty benefits taken away from us on Celebrity, RCl and now have had more taken away because we are going to sail on Azamara; I know that Azamara is just a small cog in the big RCL picture and really has no say on what goes on but stop taking away our benefits..Sorry for venting..Happy sailing.
  2. Now that's something interesting & different...Thanks
  3. Thank You...Great pictures; love the shot of the difference between Reflection and Journey.
  4. Fatfish

    Flight time

    I'm booked on Jet Blue from San Juan to Tampa at 11:18 am...I'll find out..
  5. Just in case anybody is looking for a battery operated (3 aaa not included) with a dim backlight etc. I bought this from Amazon 2 days ago and it's great; only $13...Hopefully I am allowed to post this link.. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WGTFFLH/
  6. This is one wine only that was on that was on the Ultimate list for Pursuit in June..
  7. I agree about the $12 a bottle with the Ultimate....I had thought about getting the Ultimate for my DW but may just but bottles...Thanks for your postings.
  8. Thanks...I have been getting some emails but with the salutation Dear Jacqueline, I'm a Jeffrey.....I emailed them and hopefully it will be corrected....It's shown on my account etc as Jeffrey...πŸ˜‚
  9. I just did a quick check and your right but I don't think it's consolidators as I looked at one that I use in USA....It maybe a large group booking or somebody has group place blocked...jmo
  10. Thanks....Hope it isn't Cabin 7121..😟
  11. Thanks uktog..Looking forward to our 16 nights on the Journey in the Caribbean on Nov 21...
  12. Fatfish

    TA Balcony Deal

    $2399 pp with $382 obc...in USA
  13. Date bid offer received Checked myself 9/13 Date of cruise, 11/30 Journey length of cruise 7 nights LCV level Discoverer Cabin type booked inside Cabin type bid for Oceanview Verandah minimum bid bid made $200pp $500pp ’strength’ of bid (weak etc) Weak success or otherwise. Did not bid
  14. Date bid offer received....Checked myself 9/13 Date of cruise,11/21/2020 Journey length of cruise... 9 night LCV level Discoverer Cabin type booked Inside Cabin type bid for Oceanview Verandah minimum bid bid made none $200 pp $1000pp ’strength’ of bid (weak etc) weak success or otherwise. Did not bid
  15. I keep getting emails addressed to " Jacqueline" and I'm definitely not her....I've tried to unsubscribe and resubscribe but I'm still her...😭
  16. Wow...Looks Fabulous πŸ‘©β€πŸ³
  17. I found this will looking at Pursuit in South America ..... It appears that the rate is available for all Pursuit sailings from Nov to March 2020 except Jan 5, 2020 ... I booked the 21 day on March 2, 2020...
  18. Interesting..Nice to see something is still around..
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