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  1. Hi! Does anyone happen to know who are the current Haven Bartenders on the Escape? We cruise Feb 7.
  2. Thanks for the list of officers on the Escape. Does anyone know who the Captain is? Thanks in advance!
  3. It's a job. It's a choice we all make to take/keep it or not. That said, being nice, kind, friendly and compassionate goes a long way to making the lives of our colleagues, customers, loved ones, etc nicer - so why not? :-) One other thought....and yes I am throwing wood on the fire to spark discussion: Maybe it would raise crew member morale, increase their happiness, ease the discomfort of their low-paying job if they were given a 10% discount or a free appetizer/dessert by land-based companies in recognition of their service?
  4. @frank808 - Thanks for the info!
  5. @sverigecruiserTack så mycket!
  6. Prego! Cheers! and thanks!
  7. *sigh...another elevator question* I should have paid more attention to other posts, but since this is here - thanks in advance for the help! Can anyone clarify which elevators this override works on? Just the foreword bank? Only a specific one in the foreword bank? I guess there isn't a YC specific elevator or else overriding wouldn't be needed.
  8. Indeed a most important question! Thanks for confirming @hamrag. You don't happen to know which sort, do you? From my side, I can say most Amercicans call everything sparking "champagne" and consider Prosecco an equal alternative. My favorite is cava, but champagne is nice. Prosecco is OK-ish in a pinch (and free), but I have no idea what to think about Spumante. I see MSC serves it a lot. Is it sweet? Which of the above does it most closely compare to? (Please don't say sparking Moscato). YAY bubbles! My favorite sound!
  9. I too booked yesterday for the Seaside, but in Dec 2019. I have the same question actually. I haven't yet found the other thread mentioned above.
  10. Thanks everyone for the insights! Happy cruising!
  11. Looking for first hand knowledge.... Where does one go to rent a cabana in the Yacht Club? (We're booked in that class). I assume it can't be done till onboard.
  12. Hi - Can any recent Seaside guests (or anyone who knows) share the list of Theme Nights? We're cruising Feb 9-16. I'm wondering what - if anything - special to pack. Thanks!
  13. Hi - Didn't see this anywhere else, hope you can help. I saw that there is some sushi and other seafood offerings in the Champagne Bar. Does anyone know if that is included for Yacht Club guests? If anyone has the "by the glass" menu for the Champagne Bar it would be awesome if you could share. Thanks!
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