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  1. OK, please don't flame me. I got through 18 of the 59 pages of the Medallion thread and 9 of the 34 pages of the Ocean Ready thread before I gave up trying to find an answer to my question. Our last Princess cruise in 2017 was "pre-Medallion" but have been trying to keep up with the progress of the rollout of this new cruising experience. We will be on the Emerald for the 4/14/20 Hawaiian round trip. I know that the Emerald isn't scheduled to be upgraded to MedallionClass until 8/16/20 so our cruise will not be a MedallionClass cruise. But on the Princess website for this booking it has a banner that notes "MedallionNet Wi-Fi Available". I realize that MedallionClass and MedallionNet are not the same but are intertwined. All the MedallionNet videos show passengers wearing Medallions. So, now to my dumb question. Will we need to sign up for and use Medallions for this cruise for the MedallionNet and the other things a cruise card use to do(open our cabin, buying drinks, etc.) or will we still be issued a cruise card at embarkation like we were on our previous cruises? Again, I feel like I should have been able to figure this out without asking but have always relied on CC friends to know the answers to things that have stumped me. Thanks ahead..... Virgil
  2. Thanks, jondfk... We flew into LGB and stayed in Long Beach for 2 days a few years ago before we did a LA to Vancouver cruise. It was absolutely the way to go!. Love'd it. We are/were looking into that for our upcoming cruise but we're coming from the East Coast and the fights home just don't work. We may fly into LGB and out of LAX. I second your support of Long Beach as a great way to start a LA embarkation! Virgil
  3. Thanks everyone. All the advice was very helpful and know how to plan things now. Virgil
  4. I am sure this has been asked before but just couldn't find it. We arrive in San Pedro at 6:15 AM on a Wednesday after an upcoming cruise. What's the safest earliest time to book a flight out of LAX? We don't like to cut things close when we fly. Would appreciate any and all recommendations. Thanks in advance. Virgil
  5. Check our CC signature. The Emerald was our first and is our favorite. Never been disappointed. Looking forward to our Emerald 2020 trip to Hawaii!
  6. We have stayed in E731 twice on the Emerald and never smelled smoke while the ship was actually cruising. Might be an issue when in port but we were not usually using the balcony when we were docked. Definitely need to hold your nose if you're doing laps on the promenade deck. Enjoy E731 if you have a chance to book it.
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