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  1. We were on the Koningsdam in December and on out last evening we chose to eat at the Canaletto. Our server was Magdalena, who also introduced us to her twin, Herlina. They are fantastic young ladies who made our dining experience most memorable!
  2. Last week I called to make a payment for a cruise next year. The message indicated the wait was 60 minutes. I hung up since I had other things to do. The next day I called again and received the message that the wait was 68 minutes, but this time I was given the option to receive a call back. I chose that option, but when they stated the number they would call back, it was all wrong. The option to use a different number was offered, so I chose that. Right as I was finishing inputting my number, I heard someone say hello. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to get through to an agent until I read this thread!
  3. Yes. We then briefly discussed the Coronavirus situation. In the past, my wait time for an agent has been 10-15 minutes at most. The long wait time is what prompted me to ask about people calling about canceling their cruise.
  4. Yesterday I called the travel department for the Big Box Store in order to make a payment for a cruise that leaves in January. After hearing the message that the wait time was 60 minutes, I hung up since I would be unavailable in an hour. When I called today, the message indicated the wait time was 68 minutes. When I spoke with an agent, I arranged the payment and then asked if they were getting many calls from people trying to cancel their cruise. She said she didn’t know about other agents, but one third of her calls that day involved cancellations, one third were from people asking if upgrades were available since people were cancelling trips and the remaining third would be considered normal calls.
  5. About 5 years ago, we did the Embera excursion. Some people really, really like this excursion. I really enjoyed parts of it, and would rate the overall experience a 7 to 8 out of ten. Although the bus ride was a little long and at times the ride was a little rough, I enjoyed seeing the countryside. Being a “boat person,” I really enjoyed the canoe ride. The following comments are based on the canoes used 5 years ago, but I would assume they are still being used today. A number of people with some physical limitations took the excursion and managed getting in and out of the canoes, although they obviously were having some difficulty and took extra time; however, I never heard anyone saying anything about wishing they had not come. As my photos will show, you board the canoe at the bow from the riverbank. If you are the first to board, you have to step over the seats as you move towards the other end of the canoe. One person took the first seat early in the boarding, which made it more difficult for the rest of us as we moved to the back of the canoe. If you manage to be be one of the last to board, you avoid the hassle of stepping over the seats, but will experience water spray as the canoe travels to the village. We’ve done two partials and one full transit. I thoroughly enjoy watching the passage through the locks and would be happy to stay aboard the ship the entire day; however, not everyone (like my wife) feels the same way. Additionally, you do miss the opportunity to see new things if you stay on the ship.
  6. On our Caribbean cruises last month, we were able to preorder chilled soup for the next night. Pretty much the chef’s choice on the type of fruit. They were all very good.
  7. We were in cabin 8188 on the Koningsdam last month. Only balconies on that deck are fully covered. I could look down and see people standing at the rail on the lower decks, but that was about it. The vast majority of the deck is covered. We loved the size of our balcony!
  8. Looking forward to reading your upcoming adventures. Safe travels!
  9. We were on the Koningsdam earlier this month and the dining steward in Sel de Met told us they were converting to a fixed price next month in an effort to increase the number of diners. We were so full after the entree we couldn’t even think about dessert.
  10. Have you specifically requested wire hangers? On our world cruise, the laundry kept sending items back on wooden hangers until the cabin steward told me to request wire hangers on the laundry sheet. Periodically we’d send hangers back to the laundry to free up space in the closet.
  11. I was on last week’s cruise, which included Thanksgiving. That week always has lots of kids and is not typical of most HAL cruises. I agree the bread on the Veendam was very good. Better than any other HAL cruise I’ve experienced. I’m currently on the Koninsdam, where the bread is more typical.
  12. The scenery on this cruise is just outstanding! You’ll love it. Whenever you can book an excursion to see penguins, go for it - very memorable.
  13. We were on the Zaandam in January 2018. Originally, I booked an outside because of the significant cost difference between an OV and a balcony. We later received an upsell offer and I was able to get a port side cabin (we were going east to west). The upcharge was still significant, but I’m glad we did it. Much of this trip is about scenery viewed from the ship, so being able to see a lot from the cabin was a big plus. We still viewed a lot from the public decks, but we saw more than we would have otherwise seen because of the convenience of being able look out from the balcony. Personally, I think a balcony on the Antarctic Cruise is a bigger plus compared to an Alaskan Cruise. Regardless, I would encourage you to book this cruise while it’s still available.
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