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  1. Hope your sea days provide you much needed rest! I love all the details you’ve provided about your adventure to Machu Picchu, even your bug bites. Would you have done anything differently to try to avoid the pox other than bug spray?
  2. Thanks for providing so many details regarding your Machu Picchu excursion. Loved watching the videos. You looked like you did pretty well with such a strenuous trip considering you’ve been sick!
  3. Oh, I so hope you get to feeling better. I was on the Zaandam in January for a South America/Antarctica cruise. People were coughing all around us and sure enough the cruise crud caught up with me. Fortunately I was able to bounce back fairly fast and only had one really bad day (& that was a sea day). Looking forward to your Machu Picchu report. We’re scheduled to be on this excursion in a couple of months, so I’m anxious to hear all the details you can give.
  4. Mtn2Sea

    Fax number for CCL shareholder obc

    Send your fax to World Cruise Reservations at (206) 270-6080. The regular voice number is (800) 522-3399. If you want email confirmation that the OBC has been applied, specifically request confirmation and give your email address.
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    Posting Toolbar - Whaddaya See?

    I only see version 2 on my iPad, regardless of how I hold it. I do like how quickly I can preview a message.
  6. Bon Voyage!! Have a great trip.
  7. Bon Voyage! Enjoy your time aboard.
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    How to post pictures ??

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    How to post pictures ??

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    How to post pictures ??

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  11. After much thought, we finally called and made reservations for the 2019 Grand World Cruise on the Amsterdam, which leaves January 22. Thanks Jacqui for all the work you do in keeping these boards interesting and fun to read.