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  1. This past Monday we received an email from HAL with the subject: Important Notification For Booking Number . . . . The email contained an attachment with this message: IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: This is a reminder that for Holland America Line sailings to Cuba, each guest must print out and complete the Cuba Travel Affidavit form available online at the following link: www.hollandamerica.com/Cuba-Travel-Affidavit This is a reminder that for Holland America Line sailings to Cuba, each guest must print out and complete the Cuba Travel Affidavit form available online at the following link: Affidavits must be printed out and completed prior to arriving at the pier and will be collected during the check in process before embarking the ship. Additionally, travelers to Cuba do need to bring with them a valid Passport; a Passport Card is not acceptable for entry into Cuba. We thank you for your attention to this very important matter and look forward to welcoming you on board. I see the link doesn’t include “book2”. When I initially responded, I had gotten the link from my browser history. I don’t know why the browser added the extra language!
  2. I just printed our Guest Affidavit for Travel to Cuba a few days ago. Once I found the right webpage, it was easy. I couldn’t use my iPad, so I went to my laptop. I always use Explorer when checking in on HAL’s website (a few years ago, I tried to use Edge on my new computer, but couldn’t make everything work. I called HAL and was told to use Explorer.). Try going to www.book2.hollandamerica.com/Cuba-Travel-Affidavit. Hope this works for you!
  3. Mtn2Sea

    Former HAL Nieuw Amsterdam sold for scrap

    The Nieuw Amsterdam III was also my first HAL cruise - Thanksgiving week 1987. I’ll always remember how fun it was to watch the horse race and how the winning team was so excited with their by-a-nose win.
  4. I’m using an iPad Air 2 and this morning I’m still having the same issue. I’ll just stick with Bolding, which looks good on my screen. 😁
  5. I’ve tried to pull the posting box back down & have now learned that I am able to change color (after learning I must pull the box back down at least three times) and I can now change font size if I keep pulling the posting box down three or more times until the size box works. Since I’m happy with the default size as long as I turn Bold on, I’ll be a happy camper. It took about 10 attempts to get back to default color/size for this sentence.
  6. I tried clicking in the box and then on the Size button and the page still scrolls up. I also tried typing some & then clicking on the Size button - page still scrolls. The Bold, Italicize & Underline buttons work fine. Oh well!
  7. I’m using an iPad and can now see the font, size and color options; however, when I try to select size, the screen scrolls down to the bottom of the page so I no longer see the font/size/color options. When I carefully scroll up to get back to the posting box and try again to select size, the same thing happens. Any suggestions? 😟
  8. Hope your sea days provide you much needed rest! I love all the details you’ve provided about your adventure to Machu Picchu, even your bug bites. Would you have done anything differently to try to avoid the pox other than bug spray?
  9. Bon Voyage! Hope everyone has a great time.
  10. Thanks for providing so many details regarding your Machu Picchu excursion. Loved watching the videos. You looked like you did pretty well with such a strenuous trip considering you’ve been sick!
  11. Oh, I so hope you get to feeling better. I was on the Zaandam in January for a South America/Antarctica cruise. People were coughing all around us and sure enough the cruise crud caught up with me. Fortunately I was able to bounce back fairly fast and only had one really bad day (& that was a sea day). Looking forward to your Machu Picchu report. We’re scheduled to be on this excursion in a couple of months, so I’m anxious to hear all the details you can give.
  12. Mtn2Sea

    Fax number for CCL shareholder obc

    Send your fax to World Cruise Reservations at (206) 270-6080. The regular voice number is (800) 522-3399. If you want email confirmation that the OBC has been applied, specifically request confirmation and give your email address.