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  1. I find this interesting "huttles headed to the ship will depart about every hour beginning at 8:00 AM, with the last one departing at 1:30 PM." Um, 1:30 PM is not "every hour" if you start at 8:00.......
  2. Amazing how Carnival shows you calendars for each offer you select, and also details the offer, and I don't even have a high opinion of that cruise line. Royal needs to step up
  3. The price for our Musica cruise next month is 10 for $28, 20 for $38, and 40 for $49 I would generally pack enough socks and underwear for the 9 day cruise, plus hotel stay the night before. I wash t-shirts. I bought the 10 item one for our 7 day cruise. I might buy the 20 item one for this cruise.
  4. I am 61, my wife is younger. We are booked in a free Seriously Suite in May, through URComped.com
  5. The access key screen is not tied to a cruise. If you look at the image, it says "book a voyage", so the offer is for a future booking
  6. It looks like it lets you use it to book another cruise
  7. Someone mentioned Pina Coladas on the Easy Packaged (included with Aurea experience) You can not order an alcoholic one with the package You can order a virgin one, and then order rum, and mix it yourself
  8. We are booked on an Elite Cruise on Mardi Gras for the first scheduled public cruise, Aug 31-Sept 9 from Copenhagen to Southampton with stops in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, and Germany. So, a quick 7 countries, counting the endpoints. We were already booked on a casino offer on the Sept 9 - 23 Transatlantic from Southampton to New York, with stops in a few Spanish and Portuguese islands before heading across the Atlantic. Before then we are on RCCL Freedom of the Seas from San Juan in November, and in February, MSC Musica for a 9 day cruise from Buenos Aires with stops in Argentina, Ur
  9. It looks likes LHR is 67 miles and LGW is 90 to Southampton It is over 300 miles from my house to the cruise port in Galveston, so I think that might be a bit too far for the private car service. :)
  10. Has anyone gone on an elite cruise involving Southampton? Do they offer free private car service from Southampton to Heathrow? The one that I have just got offered has the first scheduled cruise for Mardi Gras from Copenhagen to Southampton from Aug 31- Sept 9, 2020. We are already booked on the Sept 9-23 Transatlantic, but will probably cancel that for this. For the cruise from Copenhagen, I got a balcony and $1000 in free play. We did our first Elite trip in January on Vista from Galveston, so free parking. We had a choice of 2 shore excursion or a spa credit ($150 each, I think).
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