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  1. We are booked on an Elite Cruise on Mardi Gras for the first scheduled public cruise, Aug 31-Sept 9 from Copenhagen to Southampton with stops in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, and Germany. So, a quick 7 countries, counting the endpoints. We were already booked on a casino offer on the Sept 9 - 23 Transatlantic from Southampton to New York, with stops in a few Spanish and Portuguese islands before heading across the Atlantic. Before then we are on RCCL Freedom of the Seas from San Juan in November, and in February, MSC Musica for a 9 day cruise from Buenos Aires with stops in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil..........Overnight stop in Rio for Carnival (Feb 24-25). The RCCL was via URCOMPED.com, which gets you trips based on your offers from other Casinos. You upload copies of your offers and they get you cruises or land base trips. The MSC trip is in a suite with Aurea experience, due to a the first cruise URCOMPED got us, in June of this year for trip from Genoa, Italy on the new MSC Bellisima
  2. It looks likes LHR is 67 miles and LGW is 90 to Southampton It is over 300 miles from my house to the cruise port in Galveston, so I think that might be a bit too far for the private car service. :)
  3. Has anyone gone on an elite cruise involving Southampton? Do they offer free private car service from Southampton to Heathrow? The one that I have just got offered has the first scheduled cruise for Mardi Gras from Copenhagen to Southampton from Aug 31- Sept 9, 2020. We are already booked on the Sept 9-23 Transatlantic, but will probably cancel that for this. For the cruise from Copenhagen, I got a balcony and $1000 in free play. We did our first Elite trip in January on Vista from Galveston, so free parking. We had a choice of 2 shore excursion or a spa credit ($150 each, I think). By the way, you can use your Carnival and other casino offers to get free shore casino comps or comped on other cruises. A couple of weeks ago we finished an MSC cruise from Genoa. MSC matched my NCL status and gave me black status (Not great, but you do get a chocolate ship and a free meal). urcomped.com is the site where I got this cruise, and an Royal Caribbean Cruise in Nov from San Juan. On the MSC cruise, we needed a $400 deposit, but got it back in cabin credit. We did not have to pay any port fees/taxes for that. For the RC cruise, we had to pay the tax/port fees, but no other deposit. Both of these were comped balcony. I played enough on MSC Bellisima to get a cruise of up to 10 days in a suite with the "Aurea" experience. MSC has 3 different experience levels, Aurea includes the most.
  4. When do you get the pre-cruise gift? How? (on the ship, by mail)? We are on Vista from Galveston this Sunday (Jan 13) Apparently no free drinks until 6AM the next morning due to some law, although I don't know why that would affect non-alcoholic drinks
  5. I don't even know why they bring up the buffet in the discussion 🙂
  6. yeah, but if both of you are black, then she will have to find someone else for the other free one 🙂
  7. I think they really need to clarify this better in the terms. Just say one dinner for 2 per cabin, or per card. I do not see what difference it makes who are the
  8. We have an Elite cruise out of Galveston in Jan How do you find out which port the free excursion is in? How do you get the pre and post cruise gifts? What are these gifts?
  9. Why would you make such a guess like that? Gap says "Gap gift cards can be used at any of the Gap brand stores includingGap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. Our Gap gift card is sent in a special envelope with your personalized message by mail within 3 to 5 business days or can be sent immediately by email if you prefer."
  10. I haven't driven there from Port Of Miami, but I was at RSW last month for a stay at Seminole Immokalee I also used to live in Clearwater, so I've been on the route quite a bit. You should have plenty of time to get to RSW. Sunday should be great
  11. The bars indicate signal strength, not speed. What was the speed?
  12. reallyme

    Cuba Visa's?

    Russian Citizens don't generally need visas to visit Cuba, so why does Carnival indicate everyone needs a visa?
  13. Hub is to communicate with people on the ship with you. It is useful in tracking down friends and family members
  14. I am confused about what this has to do with Legend.
  15. I don't think it is mean to remind you it clearly states "must be in the guest's carry-on luggage."
  16. So, on the outbound flight, what did you do about the person in your seat?
  17. Saw "Zumanity" in Vegas the weekend before last. They used Scotch.
  18. It's happening May 1, so when will there be an official announcement?
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