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  1. @Saint Greg Get onboard already, will ya? I need this cruise! Sid's last week helped but I need to get into cruise mode! Happy to float along with ya!
  2. Awesome, as always, @sid_9169! Glad you (and we) don't have long to wait for the next cruise!
  3. I actually like octopus if its prepared properly and not rubber bands, like you said before, Sid... but grasshoppers, ants? Hard pass, thanks!
  4. @sid_9169 you should be done with work now... counting down the hours til the live part of the review starts!!! YAHOO!!!
  5. Just make sure you warn your cabin steward so he doesn't think there's a fire!!!
  6. Thanks @TravelGirlinDallas for the review! We're scheduled for the Dream on Dec 26 and can't wait!
  7. The added complication for me is that day 1 is Christmas Eve, Day 2 is Christmas Day... unlikely that any labs will be open and processing, so it reduces my window to 1 day, really! I may go for it anyway, but any of the true same day tests require prepayment anyway so it's not like I'd save money, just safeguard against false positives... argggghhhh!
  8. If you are cruising on Saturday, and fully vaccinated you need to have a negative test on Thursday or Friday... regardless of the time... so it's really 2 days, not 48 hours. And yes, the unvaccinated have 3 days, but they also have to be tested again before boarding... and have to have travel insurance... and can't take non-Carnival excursions...
  9. CDC changed the timing last week- if you are not vaccinated you have to have a negative test 3 days before, plus one at the port before embarkation. If you ARE vaccinated you have to have a negative test, either PCR (takes 1-3 days) or an Antigen test (results can be as fast as 15 minutes after testing) within 48 hours... however they don't count the actual hours, just the days... so if you are sailing on Saturday you can get a negative test any time after 12:01 on Thursday...
  10. Ask @Saint Greg about using CVS!!! He went to them for his Mardi Gras cruise pre-test and got his results on Sunday- after sailing on Saturday! Luckily he was prepared for this and had a backup planned. As for me, I checked all the CVS 's in the area of Texas I'll be in before the cruise and none of them had the Antigen test available that would give me same day results... they would only promise 1-3 days... when you have to have the test within 48 hours of boarding, this is too tight a window for me. As for stress, I'm a constant worrier when it comes to travel! So I just prepare as best I can to minimize the stress before I go!
  11. None that do the Antigen test… only the rapid test that takes 1-3 days to get results… not willing to take that risk.. plus, I’ll be in Texas for Christmas, same reason applies.
  12. So I guess I'm limited to spending $150 for the home test! I just checked Quest and they don't have any sites that include rapid testing within any proximity of where I'll be 2 days or less before we cruise... oh well!
  13. @Saint Greg if they haven't changed it since COVID (and I haven't heard that they have!) you can cash in any OBC by going to the casino at some point, put whatever amount on your casino account that you want to withdraw, play a spin or two on the slot machine then go to the casino cashier to cash out your casino account.
  14. John Heald already answered me to say don't count on the mobile centers at the port... if they are closed or run out of rapid tests there will be a lot of really disappointed angry people unable to get on their cruise!
  15. Yeah, but based on when I'm leaving I can see almost everyone on my cruise needing to do the onsite test which would be a huge mess! or they could run out- then what????? you'd have people showing up the day of the cruise hoping to be tested only to find out they can't board because the onsite test folks ran out! OMG that would be horrible! I'm just going to have to find an alternative... thinking about these home tests proctored by eMed that apparently Carnival accepts...
  16. So Carnival just announced that November and December cruises will require vaccinated guests to have a negative test TWO days before embarkation, not THREE. So for my New Years cruise I'm going to have to try and find a place that will provide a rapid test on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! Like either of those are happening! And even if they do, how rapid will the Rapid Test be on a holiday? This whole thing just keeps getting screwier and screwier!
  17. Yeah I'll have to plan for that... unless of course the COVID gods decide to invade a different planet by then and testing is NOT required for fully vaccinated folk... but I ain't holdin' my breath!
  18. Great... guess I'll have to rethink my testing plans for December, unless reviews indicate they've gotten a lot better by then!
  19. So @Saint Greg you STILL haven't gotten the COVID results from last Wednesday???? Over a week ago?
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