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  1. Sailing on the Epic and have seen the bathroom/shower/sink configuration. I am not overly concerned, but wondering if there is some way to cover the doors of the toilet and shower so that they are not as opaque? Can you hang something in front of or over the door? I understand there is a curtain that you can pull to close off that area, but just wanted to know if anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks! 🚿🚽
  2. Thanks, All-ready2cruise. I know I can always get the info I need from you all!
  3. Thanks. I guess the person I spoke to at NCL either didn't know or gave me incorrect advice. Will try and contact them again and see if their answer is still the same.
  4. Hi All! Doing a TA in April on the Epic. Is it true that there is no bulk laundry service, eg. a bag of a certain weight for a particular price? This type of service has been available on other cruise lines (Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Holland America). NCL said they charge a minimum of $1.25 for each piece, even underwear and the cost just escalates from there. Is it $ feasible to do laundry on a 15 day cruise? I understand that you can do underwear in the sink...but the thought of wet underwear hanging in the cabin is not a pleasant one. Hate to have to bring enough of every
  5. Thank you, everyone. Some really good suggestions. Helps so much to have people with knowledge and the willingness to share. 👍😊
  6. Gong on a NCL TA in April. First one. Have always been on cruises where I usually know what the weather will be. Traveling across the Atlantic, from Miami to Barcelona, with many sea days, not sure what type of clothing to pack. I assume that the best advice would be layering...right?? Spain and Portugal the end of April should be in the 60's. Any help from veteran travelers would be appreciated. Thanks to all!
  7. Those questions are too specific to the line and/or ship. You should re-post them here:
  8. Thank you to all who answered. I really appreciate all of your help. Thinking of going on the TA cruise from Miami to Barcelona on NCL. A few questions to all who have been there before. Which cabin type would your suggest...we definitely want a balcony...but...are all the large balconies floor to ceiling entry? Is the spa balcony worth it or should we just add on the spa package? Will upgrading be cheaper than buying a spa package? Any suggestions for the specialty restaurants...we get 5 free. Thanks again...you all always give the best advice.
  9. Interested in going on a transatlantic (repositioning) cruise. Any suggestions or hints on what to look for? Which cruise lines are the best? Which give you the best bang for your buck? We are cruisers but have never done one like this. Any suggestions from more experienced cruisers would be welcome!
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