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  1. Glad to see Getaway has them, grandson though old enough to find his way now always lead us to our cabin using the fish as his guide. This was one of many great memories on NCL with him.
  2. We do all of us on the same card (2 bed room) the boys then opt to either use thei own account once on board or a day before the end we o together and they pay whatever they ow in cash. Auto tips are always payed up front.
  3. I didn't know about that, my signature has been long gone :). Thanks
  4. Question I don't see which ship you are on? Where are you sailing from? That may make a difference. The Gem and others don't have a Haven bar. The Getaway and others have a Haven bar . All open sun decks will be very cold for if your sailing from NYC.
  5. We do this and scored an aft suite on the Regal for our Baltic cruise a few years ago. Awesome, though would never pay for a full suite on Princess, minis are great for us.
  6. I have moved things at the pool once. Saw a woman put 6 chairs together at the pool edge with books, slippers, towels etc. on each then leave. It was around 7 AM as I was going through a few hours later these chairs were still empty :(. Told the person at the pool he said just move which one I wanted so I gave him everything :). I swear I wasn't even done walking back and each chair was taken, one lady thanked me for freeing up seats for her. I was spoken to about this later in the week and did it again, each day for the last 6 days of our 2 week trip. My issue was with the spa they would save one of each chair then not be there. I paid good money to use the spa with my husband, bad enough they told us we could find seats in the shower area. These were not co-ed, why would I want to sit in a changing/shower area alone :(.
  7. Also in the spa, never again we booked the spa only once on the Dawn for Bermuda. Same group of folk's daily and it didn't matter how early we went they would each have two chairs one at the window and a heated chair. Worse part was they would come by save their seats and go to breakfast or lunch, one lady told me her and hubby went to lunch on shore but wanted their seats when they returned. Return trip to Boston I went early and could see nobody was there, great thought I. Nope every chair was saved. Staff was no help she said they must be in the showers :(.
  8. Thank you anyway so short a visit we hope NCL has something we would want to do.
  9. Thank you this sounds like an excellent choice.
  10. Thank you all, not a choice I would have made. They have added this port and cut time at another. Wonder why? Well the Getaway is a different ship for us and the kids are looking forward to the slides, ropes, and rock climbing so will make the best out of it.
  11. Has anybody on NCL had a port day in Norfolk, VA. before? We were informed this was added to our March 2021 cruise and need to sell this trip over again to the family. Sold them on this with a different ship for us the Getaway but now NCL made a port change. Thanks and as always stay safe.
  12. Has anybody on NCL had a port day in Norfolk, VA. before? We were informed this was added to our March 2021 cruise and need to sell this trip over again to the family. Sold them on this with a different ship for us the Getaway but now NCL made a port change. Thanks and as always stay safe.
  13. You as always are very helpful, I truly appreciate you experience with the Haven. We have not tipped our butler only once and that's because we saw him 3 times in a week. Day we arrived, day I requested soup and crackers for our son who was under the weather and I wanted him to eat (was like pulling teeth) I told him to keep it 3 hours and 2 calls later I went to the buffet and got him something myself, and on the last day to check on us :(. We tip him accordingly as with others. We also tip the pool side butler which I think may be missed sometimes. He brings around nice cold fresh fruit and keeps the coffee pot full :). Everybody keep asking good questions and sthrngary keep those answers coming. Have a great day and stay safe.
  14. Nope you are correct. I thought it had a roof when we booked because the Gem does just didn't think it through. By the time I found out it was way to late to change :). My boys would be very unhappy with me if I changed back to the Pearl for Bermuda (one of my favorite places on NCL). They already have everything worked out between them. Thanks Complawyer you said the sofa bed is comfy, hope so our 35 yr. old gets the sofa this trip. Keep posting folks family looking forward to the Haven and the separate dining venue. Though with suites we have had Cagney/Moderno for breakfast and or lunch which I was always happy with. Take Care
  15. Would have done it but they said all adults in the cabin must take the offer came to 554. so I know the boys may have a beer but mainly soda, hubby doesn't drink so just not worth it for us. Once on board will get them each a soda package because they will drink 3-4 a day.
  16. We are not doing the drink package in March they told me we had to all get the package in the cabin tax and tips came to 554.40 plus the only minor in the cabin needed the soda package (forget that additional cost). My husband doesn't drink our sons and myself do generally 1 maybe 2 so wasn't worth the cost for us. May have done the 3 of us if they let my husband take the soda instead, but they said nope. For the meal package we did take this for the first two but it is only 2 dinners each not the 3 we got in 2019. We put the boys as primary because we get the 2 loyalty dinners and will just pay in full for our grandson.
  17. Does anybody know if they have a Cirque du Soleil show on the Getaway? If not separate then do they have this with one of their current shows? Thought I saw reference to this below the theater but don't see the venue on the deck plans. Also if they do is this a pre-booking item with a fee? Thanks as always for any replies.
  18. Thanks again will do this. Can we do it at check in or the desk? Got my husband soda once on board had to go from the bar to the desk took me 45 minutes of waiting in lines.
  19. Thank our TA had them use some OBC for the service charges and asked if we wanted to use some of the balance for drink packs. We wanted to get soda packs for three and drink for just two they said no all adults needed to drink package for the cabin. Only two of us drink and neither of us would drink enough to even cover the price of one free drink promo. Guess we will wait until we board and book everything then. Haven't had any issues in the past getting seats or excursions, but largest ship has been the Gem until now.
  20. Question? When you have dining package how do you pre book? Don't they want you to pay when you book? We have a boatload of non refundable OBC and want to use this for shore excursions and specialty dining for our grandson and Teppenyaki. Can't book excursions because they want me to pay and want to use credit as well. Do plan on the Haven restaurant on other three nights.
  21. I'm lost, do we need both a photo II (license) and a separate photo with vaccination cards? There are five of us on this trip need to be certain once we are all vaccinated. Youngest not old enough yet, but will be in the fall.
  22. We generally pre-pay but when we have OBC we use this. I like this feature because we have less of a balance to pay after the trip.
  23. Our very first cruise was on the SS Norway, wow haven't heard that name in ages. Guess I'm dating myself :). Love the suite life on NCL though.
  24. We are platinum on both lines. Princess, we have cruised on Princess for Alaska 3 times and are planning a 2023 family trip as well. We choose this line for destinations and shore excursions, also we like their main stream food including more complimentary venues on ships we have sailed. NCL we sail mainly because they are our home port line either Boston or NY. Love freestyle and have to say they do an excellent job with the suite life. Don't like their shore excursions have had issues when we have tried them, left sour taste. POA was the only cruise not on the east coast, very nice. Next year we have NCL Getaway and Princess Grand 😁 .
  25. If coming in the day of your cruise have you looked at the Princess transfer? They pick you up at LAX and drop you at the pier, then after your cruise either back in CA. or if canal to FL. they take to to the airport. We have never had any issue with these Princess transfers and other than waiting for a full bus at the end it can save time and money.
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