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  1. With current news reports of the Covid virus mutating similar to the regular influenza, a vaccine will be about as effective as the current flu vaccine, 40-50% effective and will require an annual shot. The vaccine is not going to prevent transmission completely.
  2. Thank you Nancy. Since I also sent you an email, I tried to delete my post here. I really appreciate your input and will check out Oceania!
  3. Petoonya, I know that you are a big fan of Windstar. We were booked on one of the Pacific Princess 10 day cruises out of Papeete that has been cancelled. We were so looking forward to it, mainly based on many of your informative posts! My only fear with moving over to Windstar would be the motion on the boat. My DW suffers from motion sickness and uses the patch fairly well on our larger ship cruises. She has warned me that if she has a really bad cruise due to motion sickness, it will be her last. Seeing as I don't want to jeopardize all of our future cruising, I'm really concerned about the smaller ships and especially the sailing ships. What would your advice be with respect to motion on the Windstar ships? Many thanks for your input.
  4. FYI to all, United has just extended their deadline for no fee changes and cancellations until June 30th.
  5. One important thing to watch is the number of new cases in China which have been dropping dramatically over the last two weeks. Here's a reasonable perspective from a respected doctor who teaches at Harvard. He cites the data from the Diamond Princess as more likely reflecting the true impact of the virus. It will be a matter of time until world governments come to grips with how to handle the virus without shutting down the tourist income that is so important to their economies. Some peace of mind for those booked later this summer, but for those booked in the next several weeks, the biggest concern remains missed ports and more sea days because of port authorities taking a very conservative approach to incoming visitors. https://slate.com/technology/2020/03/coronavirus-mortality-rate-lower-than-we-think.html
  6. We were on the Crown in early Feb. and the max speed that the Captain spoke of, or we saw on the ship's info page, was 19 knots.
  7. We have 11 Princess cruises under our belts and recently sailed on the Celebrity Silhouette and of course had a great cruise. One other difference that we missed was the interaction with the Cruise Director's staff that we typically find on Princess. The typically young and outgoing staff who facilitate many of the activities onboard(trivia, game shows, etc.) make the trip more enjoyable for us. I know it's a one data point comparison, but the CD's staff on Celebrity were almost invisible. Anyone else experience this difference?
  8. Thank you Petoonya and TBK. I appreciate your response and all of the other helpful information that you've posted here on the FP/PI forum. It will all come in handy for our trip this Fall. Bruce
  9. Hello All, We are two couples venturing to Tahiti in the Fall to board the Pacific Princess for a 10 day itinerary. As suggested by many, we are flying in 4 days early to spend some time on Moorea prior to the cruise. We're considering reserving an OWB and have settled on the Sofitel as it is quite a bit cheaper than the Hilton and we're just not sure about the Intercontinental with the recent strike and quite a few poor reviews lately. Does anyone have experience with booking an OWB at the Sofitel and making special requests. We would like to each make a reservation and still be located next to each other. Are they very accommodating with requests like these? Are there some specific OWB numbers that we should request? I believe I've seen #217 mentioned as a good one. Thanks for any advice or experience you can share. Bruce
  10. Itinerary now showing for Feb 5th doesn't look correct as it shows us staying in Bonaire for 4 hours extra and then still getting to Grenada at the originally scheduled time. I think the planning group is still working on this and the impact it will have to the itineraries. Best to keep an eye on your itinerary over the next several days if you are on the Crown soon.
  11. Looks like maybe I caught it in the middle of changes? Seems to be changed somewhat for sure, but not as drastic as a port elimination.
  12. And now the Feb 5th itinerary has changed again. Grenada back in, just different port times at the front end of the itinerary. Guess we'll need to "Stay tuned...."
  13. And now it has been changed back. Maybe someone changed it too soon? Will have to keep my eye on it.
  14. Just checked our Feb. 5th itinerary and it's already been changed online. Grenada eliminated, other port times changed. This must be a problem that that don't anticipate fixing soon, similar to the Caribbean Princess a couple of years ago.
  15. After reading the recent post regarding the current Crown itinerary(elimination of Princess Cay due to propulsion issue), I checked my itinerary for the Feb. 5th sailing and it is already changed online. No notification from Princess yet. Grenada eliminated and other time changes for the ports we are scheduled for, some longer, some shorter. If you are on an upcoming Crown Princess cruise, best to check your itinerary on the Princess website.
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