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  1. My most recent cruse was the Reflection March 13th, 2020 sailing that was terminated on day #4 and returned to FLL abruptly. We were 1200/1400mpassengers (I heard both numbers). It did not feel like the crew/staff was reduced - but then that was very early in this mess and they had contracts. The stunned look on the crews' faces and their willingness to go above and beyond to please us was so evident that tipping beyond my norm was easy even though the length of the cruise was greatly reduced from 10 days to 4.. They are victims in this mess too. I have never been taken care of better. Cleaning protocols were above and beyond expectations even in those early days. I felt safe in this crazy world. I showed my appreciation.
  2. Thank you so much. I loved the detailed review as well as the menu and pairings. I am surprised it was not better attended. The ones I have done have been as few as 6 and as large as 2 tables of I think 10ish.
  3. I'm following and enjoying your writing style and emphasis on the wines available. Be sure to ask your sommelier for a private tour of the Wine Tower in the MDR. That is a special treat. I am anxiously awaiting your impressions of the Veuve Clicquot dinner. If this dinner is the current incarnation of the Gourmet Dinner it's a lovely experience that I have enjoyed several times. I am hoping Reflection has one on the March 13th sailing.
  4. There are two lockers above the bed… each of them are 44.5 Inches Wide X 12 Inches High X 11 Inches Deep (so combined they span the whole 89 Inches across the headboard) https://www.dollartree.com/essentials-brown-collapsible-storage-containers-with-handles/237498 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1493244-celebrity-solstice-storage-s-class-ships/ Love your wine discussion. Lists would be nice.
  5. OK Post on the Equinox Feb 28th 2021 roll call. I'll see it for sure there.
  6. WOW that would have been great!!!! Is that your Mardi Gras cruise? PLEASE post if you were able to board and immediately go to your cabin to drop off your carry-ons and leave so the stewards can finish preparing them? PLEASE!!!!.
  7. I for one will anxiously awaiting that report. Lots of confusion on this issue. My roll call has been chatting about this for awhile. We sail on the Refection on 3/13/20 cruise. TYIA Mary
  8. Your homey fireplace and tree are WONDERFUL!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family
  9. Scottygirl1 A Reflection question if you do not mind. Were the passengers permitted to access cabins early to drop-off carry-on luggage, put valuables in the safe, pick-up the Sea Pass from the bed or mail slot in the corridor and exit the cabin to leave the stewards to the task of preparing them for the current sailing or did passengers get their sea pass at the check-in desk at the terminal and have wait for the announcement that the cabins are ready at about pm? Sorry David for hijacking the thread.
  10. I'm following too. Oh David this is so much fun to experience this adventure through your eyes.
  11. ...huh???? X will automatically upgrade the passenger to premium at $14 when the passenger could easily cancel and re-purchase the package at $12 per day?????? Leave it to Celebrity to give with one hand and take away with the other - that is coming from a loyal Celebrity cruiser who is getting fed-up. Q. Will guests who have already been charged the $14/day upcharge receive any type of compensation? A. Guests who have already been charged will be upgraded to the Premium Beverage package. Or they can re-shop and book the updated Beverage promo with no charge at prevailing rates.
  12. Hi Karen. Hope all is well. Miss cruising with you and Allan. Happy New Year too. Upgrading should not be considered a "change" but who knows how it might be interpreted onboard so I upgraded via the cruise planner today too. One less thing to worry about. If you do not see your classic package just ask Captain's club to add it - then you can upgrade whenever you like. Mary
  13. Thank you so much for such a prompt reply. I sent this info to my TA. Mary
  14. I have enjoyed your commentary as I followed along learning about the Equinox's enhancements through your eyes. I am booked on the Equinox for a 12 night March 13th 2021 sailing. I was surprised to read that Martin, the Cruise Director, said there is a another refit so soon in 2021. If that were to happen it would mean the Equinox would have to go out of service again and cancel a cruise. The CD is a good source for information but at the moment Celebrity and my TA are assuring me that they do not see any time blocked out for any type of drydock in 2021. Do you think possibly Martin was merely speculating or does he know something? I am particularly sensitive to a possible cancellation because in the space of six months this year Celebrity canceled my Silhouette cruise 2 times due to drydock related issues - 1st cancellation was because X needed more days to complete the Revolution. The 2nd cancellation was caused by to the Oasis crane accident in the Grand Bahamas which meant the Silhouette had to go to Cadiz, Spain instead. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Following Observations from the Breakaway Haven. Mary
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