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  1. If we were going on the cruise we would be booking hotels in Copenhagen for a week before the cruise, to explore, there are airplane flights to book, pet sitters, excursions in each port that we have time on our own to explore. We would be spending 2 days in St Petersburg, and how secure are the tour excursion folks going to be toward coronavirus safety??? we have to put trust into this issue, and Russia does not have a reputation that we feel confident about. I concur with what Traveling2Some has to say. We had a trip planned to the Galapagos Islands last April, 21 days in Peru, E
  2. We used Cruise Certificates, so they were just credited back to our account. Yes, maybe 2022 will be the time for this cruise.
  3. We booked a Baltic cruise in 2019 for August 2021, and decided today, rather then plan on making airfare and hotel plans, with the pandemic world wide, we do not see the cruise occurring, and if it did, our ability to tour the various cities safely looks questionable. We booked with one of the big box stores, I called and got through immediately. The representative mentioned that my cancellation was understandable and quite common. They mentioned that folks were booking for fall 2021, nothing sooner, nor not much longer out at this time. We had been looking forward to this cruise for
  4. Yesterday the CDC put a halt to cruise ships coming or leaving US ports for 100 days. Guess the cruise ships don't want to take action to address the Coronavirus issue, so the CDC has to come in and do so.
  5. Sure, but this does not happen, employees are dismissed, just get the shaft, never happens. After this is over, the CEO's will get awarded hugh bonuses, because things have turned around. Or many times in a bankruptcy, the courts allow them to award themselves bonuses for hanging in there and closing down the Business. I have seen this too many times.
  6. Sure, as well as a lot of other companies, like various cruise lines, no company is invencible. be careful throwing money at stocks, now is not the time to buy, I look for a 15,000 target on the Dow, before this is over. Some may not like the sound of this, call me crazy, but I have seen this scenario play out in 1987, 2001, 2007-8, and again today. Soon you will hear about the bond defaults occurring: companies, cities, states, countries, airport, etc. The unemployment rate will increase, no one is going to want to buy a new car, house, major expenditures. Good luck.
  7. What about Ford, F, its at $4 1/2 today, you can only lose $4 1/2 per share, v.s. $7.77 a share today for NCL. I wouldn't buy either one today. Yes, the markets will eventual move back up, and understand it may take 5-10 years to do so, as well as never get back up to the price where you purchased these at. Patience, its not time to buy yet, folks get sucked into buying on downturns, we just started down, we have a long ways to go, before the market bottoms, and longer til they start heading back up. Years.
  8. What is going to happen to the CEO's salary packages, which include perks, bonuses, etc?, or are they excluded from this???
  9. Just because the price is low, does not mean its a 'good buy'. We call this a 'suckers play'. Wait, and you will find out why.
  10. Will see won't we. This information may already be priced into the market.
  11. Anyone who believes what he says, gets what they deserve. Good luck there...........
  12. Go for it, you can always buy them on the secondary market at any time.
  13. Look at Boeing, BA, they had plane orders for years. A botched plane, a halted travel industry, factories laying off, cancelled plane orders. That high flyin' stock was up to almost $450 a year ago, today $155, and I wouldn't touch it now. Circumstances can change real fast sometimes. The cruise/travel industry is going to be in trouble for some time. I don't see the government bailing them out, they are foreign registered ships, mostly all foreign workers, why would our government care about them.
  14. Oil was about $65 in early January, I think you are 3 months too late for that move now. There may be more long term gains on the upside, then downside. $25-30 is usually a buying range, rather then a selling range. How much downside is there at this price?????
  15. I use to be a commodity broker, and traded oils, still trade them, we will always need oil. Use to trade PTEN, but it has really fallen out of bed, good company, but doesnt mean it cant go bankrupt. Good luck with COP!✌️
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