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  1. Canada deserves to be the recipient of any sniping directed its way as Canadian decisions have been politically motivated , politicians being interested in eventual voters who can be either won or lost in the long term.
  2. I received it as well, with only those 3 countries listed that you mention but I am not interested in jumping through hoops. Not frustrated. Simply pressed delete, then had a latte.
  3. Having been to Charleston South Carolina on 2 separate cruises, it is such a delight with its combination of superb historical architecture and friendly, helping folks.
  4. North America has about 40 000 traffic deaths yearly....and apparently we continue driving our vehicles.
  5. Initially I had said. " No way to cruises "......but I can become ill anywhere. Just use common sense, stay safe and enjoy life.
  6. A very good suggestion that you have presented. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued a strongly worded letter to the company that makes one of these hand " sanitizers " regarding its claim that it can prevent viral diseases like influenza, Ebola and others. Cleaning one's hands thoroughly seems to be a reasonable option, but what to do about door knobs, grocery carts , etc. create their own pitfalls. Perhaps carrying around a lucky teddy bear or a four-leaf-clover is the future.
  7. Live And Learn indeed. We always book inside cabins....budget-minded being the euphemism for " cheap " and we always bring earplugs if the venue dictates the circumstances. Sleeping pills is not an option for us.
  8. I completely agree with your suggestions. Greyhound gets you there too. A bus tour gets you to the highlights, and of course you don't have to worry about parking, etc. Driving to Niagara Falls from Toronto requires that you drive on the Queen Elizabeth Way, the Q.E.W., which is extremely busy. Much better to take a bus or train. We rented a car for the day while in Niagara Falls, to also enable us to visit beautiful Niagara-on the -Lake which is worth a visit. Forget about driving across the bridge into New York State....the border is clogged with vacation
  9. We were in Westmark Hotels in Whitehorse, Dawson City, Fairbanks, and Anchorage and of course we were at The Denali Lodge. I love eating BIG meals, thus the meal plan was a great idea for us. The expensive items on the menu such as porterhouse and rib-eye steak, prime rib, and Alaskan crab were my favorites. Large salads and HUGE desserts were much appreciated. Gratuities / Taxes were included in the meal. A smaller sized menu was served aboard the Dome Train . Having the restaurants in the hotels and close to the Denali
  10. I agree with you 100 %. On our recent Nieuw Amsterdam cruise/tour....Whitehorse, Dawson City, Fairbanks, Denali and Anchorage, considering the alternatives and having read a ton of reviews, we have no regrets. More posh digs always seem more attractive , but we weren't spending the rest of our lives in Westmark hotels. We had excellent location, cleanliness and very good meals at the hotels. I'm certainIy not a cheerleader, but I give HAL an A+ based upon the organization, tour leader and educational enrichement of the whole experience.
  11. We had the same experience 5 years ago, and agree with pascal030. Once arriving at the Montreal Cruise Ship Terminal, the distance to the VIA train station, located beneath the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, is quite short. We have taken pleasant walks previously through the historic Old Montreal in 25 minutes, rolling our luggage, Cruise Terminal to the VIA train station, if like us, you hate queuing for the taxis. Or alternatively, take a 3 minute subway ride . It took our bus 3 hours travel time, Quebec Cruise Terminal to Montreal. And sin
  12. Travelling in the reverse direction, we had ended our cruise, Montreal to Boston about 6 years ago, but here is our experience...…. The bus from South Station to Montreal's bus station ( located above the subway station ), took 7-8 hours. Considering the low cost, no hassles about airport lineups, and that you are transported directly to downtown Montreal with its great selection of hotels is a viable option to aircraft travel. Enjoy your travels !
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