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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you, especially when I saw someone stated earlier that the family is also suing for the toddler’s future earnings.
  2. Also if the toddler stood on ground level, there is no obstructed view. She would’ve been able to see fine. There was no need to lift the child up over the railing to see.
  3. I’m not an RCI stockholder and I also don’t want to see RCI profits go towards this ridiculous lawsuit. Clearly, Royal is not at fault and should not be held accountable. The grandfather picked up the child and held her out passand over the railing through an open window. The grandfather is negligent. As stated in one of the other posts, the grandfather picked up the toddler to give her an unobstructed view. If the toddler stood on deck level, based on some of the previous pictures and from what I recall, there are no obstructed views and all the glass windows at ground level are
  4. Very sad indeed but that seems to be the way of the world now. What use to be considered common sense must be spelled/written out. It’s CYA.
  5. February 22, 2020 on the Harmony out of Port Canavoral. It was a fun trip - not knowing this was going to be our last cruise for quite a while 😫. There was talk of the virus but no one was too concerned at the time. Royal Caribbean as well as the passengers were aware and were being cautious. No matter where we were on the ship, Royal staff were constantly cleaning and reminding pax to wash their hands more frequently. After disembarking, we went to Orlando for a few more days. Got home on March 3rd, and the shut down started on March 16th.
  6. We are booked on the Bliss and have 4 club suites on Deck 12. Can the balcony dividers be opened up since our rooms are all in a row? Thanks.
  7. Thank you. You’ve given me a wealth of info.
  8. No, not at all. Kids are great. Looks like the spa spa balcony rooms are sold out for the dates I’m looking at. Do you know if NCL have day passes for the use of the spa.
  9. Bear with me. I have never been on an NCL ship before so I am at a loss. What is Spice and the water feature you mentioned? I am planning to do this in January or February so I’m hoping there will not be too many kids onboard during this time of the year. Even wondering if this itinerary is of interest to families with kids.
  10. Thank you. I will keep what you say in mind when making our decision. Since we are going to be in the tropics, I wonder if the pools are the ship will be enough or will it be super crowded....
  11. Thank you ALL for your answers. We are thinking of doing a Panama Canal cruise in 2022 so all of your answers are a great help. We've cruised pretty much exclusively with RCL but what's listed for Panama Canal on RCL isn't cutting it for us this time around. NCL seems to have more dates and ships for us to choose from. Currently looking at the Bliss. This trip will be for four couples. Will need to discuss with all of them before a decision can be made. I welcome anyone to chime in and let me know of their experience on the Bliss and NCL as I'm sure I have more questions that I have not
  12. So if I get a spa balcony, I would have access to the thermal suites to use. Silly question, but would I also have access to use the pool in the spa area? As the Vibe, it would be a nice perk but it doesn’t sound great to have to push and shove your way to try and get a pass especially when it’s first come, first serve. With RCL, we are given boarding times within a certain window to board. This eliminates a back log of passengers all coming in at the same time. It seems everyone wants to get there first. I’m surprised that NCL does not have something like this i
  13. Hi, thank you for the quick responses. the vibe area - what are the fees and what’s it mean to be first one on?
  14. Hi, Looking to the future and considering the Bliss or Encore. Can someone explain the spa balcony rooms to me. If I book this type of room, are spa treatments included? If so, what would it be. Also saw something about Thermal Suites. What is this? Also how many pools are on this ship. Read somewhere that there are some dedicated to be used by Haven suite passengers only. Is this true? Sorry for the questions but I've been true a true RCL cruiser. Looking to expand now. Thanks, Jan
  15. Hi, I just got off of the Harmony on Sunday and I did do the Guac class. We were given the lunch menu and told that we could pick anything off of the menu that was given out to us. I had the steak quesadillas and husband had pork tacos. We had a choice of a margarita or beer to drink. It was held at Sabor which is on Deck 6 at the Boardwalk. Don't know about the other Guac classes held on other ships but for the class we attended, the ingredients were already prepared and the guy who did the class pretty much put all the ingredients together and all we did was mash it up and add more spic
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