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  1. I am glad you and your family are home and o.k. I was not surprised to hear accounts of Costa's performance. We sailed Costa several years ago and it was a disaster(tho nothing like yours) We had "mechanical problems" and our trip was cut-short, ports were changed or skipped al together, and not once did the captain or any officer make an appearance to explain. The officers were non existent the whole cruise, except at night when a couple of tables of officers filled up the bars. We vowed never to sail Costa and I hope that everyone will make the same decision, and we can run them out of the cruise industry for good. They are a hazard to their passengers and the industry as a whole.:mad:
  2. Hi, The car can pick us up about 11:00 and take us tothe port around 4:00 if that works for you. I will go ahead and make the reservation and let you know where and when you will be picked up. We want to go to the Harrison Cave and the Nature Preserve. If you want to see anything else we can probably work it in. In case you want to send me a regular e-mail it is suzannelane@att.net Suzanne and Terry
  3. Hi Roy and Gigi, Where are you staying? we are at the Silver Point Villa, tho I have no idea where that is. If we can arrange for you to be picked up we would love the company. I will get some more information andlet you know.
  4. Hi Everyone, I heard back from Johnson Tours. They offer two options a regular tour that picks up from the hotel and drops off at the port that leaves at about 9:00 AM The one I liked is Caves and Critters. It goes to Harrison Cave and the Nature Preserve to see the "green monkeys" it is $70.00/pp and last about 41/2 hrs. Entrance fees are included. The other option is to hire a car and driver who will pick us up whenever and take us to any place we want to see. The cost is $40/hr for the car and driver. If there were 4 of us it would be only $10/hr. Is anyone interested in either option? Let me know
  5. We are going to get to Barbados the day before too and are staying at the Sunbay Hotel. I am looking for a tour of the island for Sat because we don't get on the ship until 4:00 and I think we have to check out by 11. I am e-mailing Johnson Tours about a pick up at the hotel and a drop off at the port. I will let everyone know what I find out. It is getting exciting...isn't it!!!! Suzanne
  6. Thanks for the input. It is good to know that ports can change as I was looking into local guides. Now we wil probably do what you said and either use the ships tours or just explore on our own. we are excited to not be on the "Big Ship" and I think that the quiet will be really nice. From what I have found so far we are going to see some magnificant scenery.
  7. Hi John and Nieva, Thanks for sharing your trip. A tour of the island is a great idea. Did you find Barbados expensive for food and stuff. I tried to look at some restraunts but only found ratings by stars. In the past we have booked private shre excursions instead of using the ships. We have found them less expensive and in general better. Did you do any of that or did you use the ships. We love to snorkle. Did you use the ships snorkle program? It sounds really nice to be able to just go off the back of the ship. We are so excited about "sailing" instead of crusing. I am going to start doing some research on the islands we are going to stop at later this summer, we have a family renunion in July that is taking up a lot of my computer time. I will share what I find and maybe we can set up some shore excursions. Suzanne and Terry
  8. We will arive on the 9th too unless we can get a lot better air fare traveling on Thursday. We were in Barbados on a Big Red boat about 10 years ago and I really don't remember the island at all. I think it would be neat to stay at an all inclusive and try some snorkling or one of the other water things and then have all the meals, but I would also like to be close to town. I thnk I have a lot of work to do before December
  9. Welcom Marvin79 I think we are in for a real adventure with all the small places we are going. We love to snorkle and hope that we can find some awsome spots. Are you planning to go a day early to Barbados or are you going to fly-in and board? I think we will try to get in a day early because I don't trust the airlines. Have you been to Barbados?
  10. I am glad to hear that you are on your second Clipper cruise, that must mean that you liked it. We have only cruised on big ships and are not sure what to expect. Any information you could give us would be great. Thanks Suzanne
  11. Hello Everyone, We are Suzanne and Terry and we just booked the Royal Clipper to the Windward Islands in December. We booked so early because the price was right. If anyone out there is sailing on the Royal we would love to hear how your cruise was and if there is anything we should know about the ship. We have cruised alot but never on a real sailing ship. I think this could be something special!!
  12. I have not sailed on the Sun so I do not know about the 24 hr restraunts but we are booked on the Sun leaving London on Sept. 20 . Is anyone else on this cruise? I would love to hear from you or anyone who has done Northern Europe on the Sun. Dixie Doo
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