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  1. I was on Mariner Dec 20 - 23 and deck chair saving was alive and well - and so were the nice beds/popason ? chairs in the solarium. No one enforced it and people left bags - I watched because I wanted one of those beds - one sat for over 3 hours - I was next to it. but they had a paperback book, a bag and towels so no one bothered it. I'm planning to just move stuff or get an RCCL person to do it in March if I don't see anyone coming back after 15 minutes or so....
  2. I agree with this - our last Christmas time cruise on RCCL - we decided to hang back a bit - had a nice breakfast in the MDR - then went up to Windjammer for snacks - our luggage had already been taken. The lines were ridiculously long - and then one of the boarding vestibules would not hook up so all the passengers had to be routed out to the one that was working. People were so upset - it was terrible. I don't like all those lines so when I go in March (same ship) I'm not going to get in line - we are going to go sneak up to the Viking lounge and hang there until the absolute last minute.
  3. Another thought - you can order liquor to be delivered to your room as a gift. I have bought drink packages on most of the last 9 RCCL cruises but this next one on Mariner (Friday to Monday) I am going to try this out and bring my wine and see how it goes - probably going to regret it since we are celebrating a 21st bday. I've done spreadsheets on the last 4 and I have not drank enough to cover the overall costs and also, ended up bringing unopened wine home since I had it for "free" with the package.
  4. It's at $65 with a banner that says buy one get one 50% off which is shown (no discount off of the 65) so I will keep trying - thanks
  5. Yes, I've learned to just put it in the cart and go from there. I'm still surprised at the price jump - I'm going on the exact same ship so I guess I will play the waiting game - thanks all
  6. I like the drink package for the bottled water as well as the alcohol. I'm watching the cruise planner now for packages - they have a buy one get one 50% off on one of my cruises but it's still about $100 more than the buy one get one I booked a few months ago on this years cruise. I'm also going to check out Black Friday in case there is a deal.
  7. I booked my RCCL Christmas Cruise (pre-Christmas) for Dec 20, 2019 - Mariner of the Seas - in July - as soon as the drink package had the buy one get one 50% I bought it. So $185/per person (cabin). I usually check to see if any new sales come up and was looking at my March 2020 cruise - same ship - and now it is "on sale" at $65/day - advertised as buy one get one free - total price two people $460. (Note, the same price is now displayed on my December cruise ). Did I miss an announcement of a price increase? I've never paid more than $55/day for drinks packages - and have bee
  8. I just checked my Harmony cruise planner - 2020 cruise - $399 for the cabana. I thought I saw a thread where the cabana was $125? That is a lot IMO.
  9. I have never done such a long cruise - mostly 4-5 cruises but my 2020 cruise is 7 nights and I too am considering the dining package but I really enjoy the MDR - and I believe you can order Chops steaks for an upgrade fee so to save that money I probably won't get it. I have done both the bar tab and unlimited drinks - I prefer the package so I don't have to worry about it and can use my OBC to help cover the cost of the package. I did a spreadsheet and between bloody mary's/ mimosas at breakfast - beers and frozen drinks by the pool, wine with dinner, etc I am usually ahead with the packag
  10. Thank you ! It will be our first time on this one - we've been on Monarch, Majesty and Enchantment
  11. Did Mariner move to Port Canaveral? I am showing it's leaving from this port on my December cruise I am contemplating - Thanks
  12. I saw many families with walkie talkies - we also set up a designated meeting place (the library) if any of our kids got lost and we couldn't find them - they would go to the library and wait there and we would get them. You can designate any spot - it is just the point of them knowing if they become separated from you they should to go this point. You will know they are lost because you can't find them. It always worked for us.
  13. Thanks I am the queen of low price shopping - waiting for my drinks package to go on sale too.
  14. That's about the best explanation I have read regarding the cabana's - I may have to consider that for Harmony December 2020 - Thank you.
  15. We did the chefs table June 2018 on Enchantment - we were checking out our table in the MDR and he was standing outside the special area which we assumed was reserved - we snuck in taking pictures and told him how pretty it was and we got it for 50% off (he chose the date) my DD was not 21 so she had a sparkling soda in her champagne glass but they gave me her wine -it was very well done I’m both a foodie and a bit of a wine snob - the chef explanations and the use of native ingredients were a highlight. Also she has a severe nut allergy and they handled this extremely well. I’m not sure I wou
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