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  1. In that case Azamara is definitely not for you. I really can't see us doing anything other than MSC Yacht Club as the ship within a ship concept is just what we liked. You can dib out into the big ship area to see the shops, shows and do a spot of gambling then return to the peace and quiet of Yacht Club. Best of both worlds! 🙂
  2. He was really good and seemed to know his stuff. I thought there'd be a sommelier in every YC on every cruise? Have a fabulous cruise - I'm very jealous! Frantically looking now for future cruises to book 🙂 🙂
  3. Hi Beamafar, I have learned so much from Cruise Critic - it's an invaluable source of information so you know exactly what to expect before you board. 🙂
  4. Hi Captain John, wine at dinner was really good. For the life of me I can't remember what the name of the red I was drinking was called but it definitely was from Bordeaux and was delicious. They also served a cracking Pinot Noir which I think was from Burgundy but I could be wrong. The wines in general were very good and again I had an excellent Sauvignon Blanc from Chile but can't remember the name. The sommelier was excellent - he was from Serbia and really knew his stuff. All his recommendations were spot on (pity I can't remember them!!). Yes, we couldn't make eye contact either at
  5. Beginning in 2020 - I bought the package prior to embarkation and it was about £60 each I think but well worth it.
  6. We've been on Azamara twice - in a suite and in a verandah stateroom. The suite experience on the Quest was excellent and compared favourably to Yacht Club with regards to service from the butler, continental suite which was amazing, access to the speciality restaurants and access to the spa area. We didn't pay full price for this cruise we got it on 2 for one and a half basis as I hate paying full price for anything. No private pool but with just 600 odd people you didn;t really need it and there were no children. Great atmosphere and some great people. However the entertainment was shockin
  7. Hi there Mafig, yes there are two Cirque shows. We went to Sonar and it was excellent - last about 40 minutes. Booked prior to boarding on the MSC website but you can book on the app once onboard. Butler meets you either at your suite or in the TS lounge and escorts you into the theatre to your sea. We had just the cocktail and show and it was around £15.00 sterling I think. You can have a meal which costs around £30 I think. Food was excellent, no complaints at all. Always hot and thankfully just enough of it so that you weren't overface or felt over full. Ship didn't f
  8. HI Georgia_Peaches - sorry yes the bracelet is to call the priority elevators can you believe. We used it when there was no one waiting as we didn't want to confuse or upset anyone!! It also allows you access to your cabin and through the entry doors on each level of YC. It's great if you want to get off the ship and go direct to Level 4 disembarkation, just press the bracelet against the activator by the elevator call buttons and away you go, straight down to 4 without stopping! If you are on level 18 like we were and n eed to get to 4 then it's a hell of a lot of stops down. Have a fabul
  9. We are regular cruisers on Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Azamara, however our cruise line of choice will now be Yacht Club on MSC. Totally blown away by everything on this week long cruise around the Baltics. My husband has usually had enough by day 5 and wants to go home, however on this occasion he says he'd be happy to stay on the ship for another few weeks so it must be good! Embarkation was a breeze, found the Yacht Club tent and our luggage was whisked away. We were then escorted to the Yacht Club seating area and offered champagne, a paper and some nibbles. We waited t
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