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  1. Just got a note from my TA that my Summit cruises scheduled for Nov 21 has been cancelled. I have been given the opportunity to move it or get a refund of my deposits or use my deposits as a place holder for something else. I moved my deposits to a Equinox Nov cruise
  2. Just had our TA change our Nov 20 cruise to Nov 21. Have the exact same cruise with all Original "Perks/OBC etc for 2077 less. I also have another 2021 cruise booked for next year but this will be moved as soon as the 2022 sailings become available,
  3. I have not as yet received anything for a May Cruise that was cancelled in March by Celebrity. On the other hand a cancellation of my Delta flight was IMMEDIATELY credited back to my Credit Card. I was even sent an email immediately after speaking to the agent confirming that the funds were sent back.
  4. The infinity shows her age a little bit. We just got off the Infinity at the end of November. Overall it was a great cruise. Absolutely no complaints.
  5. I have always paid only 900 deposit for suites. Did not matter which one..
  6. coolio


    Cane Garden Bay.. Great . Fantastic Beach . I do not remember what we paid for a shuttle .. However sure it was cheap to get there
  7. oops . Meant to say The China ones are priced a lot cheaper than the ones made in Italy or France
  8. The bags that are sold on Celebrity ships Brand Name.. Furla for example,some are made in CHINA and the real ones made in either Italy or France. The China ones are priced a lot cheaper than the ones made in China If you know anything about leather you will immediately see the difference
  9. I have always booked via a US based TA and I live in Switzerland. Never once did I ever have a problem. Any issues/ questions were quickly resolved via an email or a phone call.
  10. Try Kyss.. We have one of these and it comes with a chain and a lock built in.. Lock it on to any thing such as a beach chair and away you go. We have been using it for many years without any problem.
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