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  1. Mr&MrsBee


    Can OBC be used for laundry??
  2. Modern Luxury tv table from the 60's. Good show Lisa and Kelly
  3. Is there shower jel (body wash) on concierge om S class ships. Spouse brings own shampoo but likes body wash. Thanks for the info.
  4. Transportation box is on website but it is not functional at this time.
  5. Cabin 2107 is great. Have booked it on several cruises. Large balcony. Close to elevators. Bed by bath. One floor up to the Oceanview buffet. No noise. Same level as pool. We have it booked for our Dec cruise. Hope this helps.
  6. The Dec 13 cruise will embark from Miami and debark on Dec 22 in Ft Lauderdale not Port Canaveral.
  7. With the port changes in December two cruise dates are affected with the plans of some 5000 people for the 2 cruises. Does LLP care? Now instead of 5 miles to port make it 20 some. Late yesterday rec'd call from cruise planner who advised he would try work something out. He was very understanding and helpful. Losing faith in the management of Celebrity but not in the employees who are under the gun.
  8. Our dec 13 cruise is also affected lv from Miami and return to Port Everglades. Once before a situation happened and no one was around to assist. We were left in a parking lot by a Celebrity chartered bus that handicapped people could not get in. We were left in the hot sun with nowhere to sit before the next bus came. We have booked a Hilton Garden in Dania figuring we would be close to the port. Since we are driving the day before and need handicap help we are at a loss. We have a good parking package. Any idea how cost taxi or uber from Dania to port of Miami.? Last week our 2 cruises and excursions were cancelled by the cruise planner by mistake. It took 2hours plus on hold to correct the problem. Any ideas. The cruise planner has not returned by telephone call.
  9. We live in Sebring also. At SNL. We can have some chilly days in January.
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