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  1. Amazing how ship board staff are so good and mainland staff so terrible. Is this a LLP influence? Sorry to say but thinking of saying good bye to X. Hopefully getting our money back soon from the great Celebrity Ponzi scheme. If I buy from X I am charged immediately. Yet wait months for a refund. Time to quite blaming the virus and put it where it belongs.
  2. Celebrity keeps the money to make their financial sheet look better at your expense. If our cruise is cancelled we do not want cruise credit. Just give us our money back. fed up with X and our problems on our last cruise. Certainly not the same as it was in the past.
  3. I believe the Port of Tampa will have cruise ships sailings until mid April thus no cruise in Dec. of 2020. Hopefully we will get our money back and then no more Celebrity for us. We have had many enjoyable cruises and met some wonderful people. LLP has changed all of that.
  4. Time for LLP to **** or get off the pot in regard Tampa sailings!!!!
  5. I sailed on the USTS Simon Buckner to Bremerhaven in the early 60's and returned on the USTS Gordon.
  6. More cruisers are becoming vocal about the poor performance of LL.
  7. I agree with Happy Cruiser 6143. Celebrity cannot b trusted. A weak CEO who has an even weaker staff is at the helm. Time for a change.
  8. We opted for FCC. Still waiting after 17 weeks. Response we are working on it.
  9. The previous comments sounds like our exprience with X. Keep getting the run around. Everyone is polite promise to do something but nothing happens. Celebrity One Touch is a joke. All talk no action.
  10. Sorry but we have lost trust in Celebrity as we are our some $4000 as of now. Celebrity is good at lip service, All talk no action. At this point will be looking at other venues.
  11. Celebrity has not responded to the TA.
  12. After 3 mos Celebriy has not trans $ to acct. Several people keep promising but nothing gets done. Any advice?
  13. How do I get Celebrity to transfer the FCC to our Dec cruise? It has been 3 months TA has requested it. I have talked to sevral people who they will it but it is never done.
  14. Yes I got something free from Celebrity, A good case of frustration to be polite.
  15. Maybe LLP should more time issuing refunds and FFC instead of this rubbish!
  16. Our. TA applied for our FCC and said it is taking 4-6 to hit the account. Please folks be loyal and patient with Celebrity. They could care less about you as they are currently exhibiting.
  17. We received our FCC to apply to our booked cruise. Waited 11 weeks, Took certificate to our travel agent to apply. He told us celebrity is taking 4 to 6 weeks to process to the balance. In the age of electronics why such a wait? How can staff on the ships be so good and have a poor staff stateside?
  18. I was sent an email with verticals numbers and dollar amounts to give to our travel advisor.
  19. Finally after 2 plus hours of being on hold and told they could not help I called Celebrity engagement center and with in 30 minutes the FCC was solved and emailed to our home. Faith has been restored in X.
  20. Sent CelebrityOneTouch an email asking about FCC since cruise was cancelled 11 weeks ago. Automatic rely said they would read my email in 3 weeks. Very sad performance. Cruise with Confidence. HA HA HA
  21. That is what happened to our May cruise. After we cancelled the and took the FCC option. Then the next day the FCC of 125 was given. Is this the right way to treat loyal cruisers??
  22. Tired of Celebrity failure to deliver. Had 2 cruises booked May 3 2020 and Dec 13 2020. May cruise was paid infill in Feb for the May cruise. May cruise cancelled with understanding we would receive a FFC. Still waiting. No one at X can help after waiting hours on phone. Tired of listening how great X is. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Not the case of Celebrity. Losing all confidence in Celebrity.
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