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  1. We did the south itinerary in December & loved it - great beaches & the ship was wonderful with fabulous crew & passengers. We booked a caribbean cruise on the Star Flyer while onboard - that was how much we enjoyed it 🙂
  2. We stayed here in December before our Clipper cruise - great location & only about 10 minutes from the craziness of Patong. We stayed 3 days which was enough tbh to rest before our cruise - Phuket is not the place we would choose for a main vacation but fine to get in the mood for the main event 🙂
  3. We were on her in December - lunch is buffet & I really enjoyed it with different selections everyday. Dinner I think had 3/4 different choices for the main course - always something there to enjoy for us anyway. We found the food good & enjoyable - dinner was pretty much similar to the food we had on Celebrity but on a much more beautiful ship in a much better environment.
  4. Weather not great - ceremony moved indoors. My friends are there & I live across from Southampton & very windy.
  5. I booked through a big box US agent & just cancelled my 2020 edge cruise - deposit refunded & in my bank within 5 days. One of the reasons I try to book with a US travel agent.
  6. Got this a few days ago - We have important information to share with you about a few of our upcoming sailings on Celebrity Infinity®. Kindly note that the following sailings have been chartered: February 10, 2020; February 15, 2020; and February 20, 2020. Changed to a March Edge cruise which was a good deal & they gave me $100 obc for re-booking another cruise
  7. I have booked the sailing from the 10th February 2020 on the Infinity - showing in my planner but disappeared from the website - maybe another sailing they have charted ?
  8. We did this cruise in November 2 years ago - we had great weather apart from the last fjord in the south island - great cruise & beautiful country
  9. I agree - we just booked a 5 night cruise from Miami & saved £150 + drinks package + $50 onboard credit
  10. Yep - I am elite & my partner not but I exchanged for 2 coffee cards & they put one on each cruise card no problems.
  11. I recently booked a Princess cruise through a US travel agent - it was £400 less + the free drink package than the same cruise I booked with the £1 deposit promo here the other week. 3 days after booking it was cancelled for this reason so I cancelled my original booking as well - I understand the price differences but this was too much. I am Elite with Princess but enjoy Celebrity more now so book these with a US travel agent with no problems.
  12. We got ours from a stockbroker - it has dived a lot this week so could be a good time to buy
  13. Just off the Crown (great cruise btw) & exchanged mini bar for 2 coffee cards - they put one on each of our room cards. I had an old card with about 10 punches left so gave that to some fellow passengers who used it with no problems.
  14. I tried for a cruise in 2020 & today received this response "Unfortunately we cannot add the benefits at this time, as this can only be done within 90 days of departure. However, I have added a diary entry and will get this looked at shortly after 9 February 2020"
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